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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Dhan Yogas, Chapter VII, Part – 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

7. Specific Dham Yogas

7.1 Aajivan Sukhi Yoga: This yoga is formed when there are three planets in their own sign, Lagna is Vargottam, and strong Jupiter is in lagna aspecting 4th lord. Such a native always remains happy and prosperous.

7.2 Akhand Samrajya Yoga: This yoga is formed when Jupiter is strongly placed and at least one of the lords of 2nd, 9th, 10th, or 11th is posited in a Kendra from Moon. The native with this yoga has a legendary rise in his financial status in later half of his life, there after his position remains undisturbed and he leads a long & fortunate life.

The native has a strong Lagnesh Jupiter posited in 10th house. He also has 2nd lord Saturn and 9th lord Sun in Kendra from Moon with Moon strong both in Pakshbala & Digbala. Thus Akhand sarajya yoga is formed. He had a humble beginning. He was born & initially brought up at Shantiniketan in Kolkatal. He worked as professor of economics at jadavpur and at Delhi University. In 1971, he joined school of Economics, London and later returned to trinity college He aws awarded Noble Prize for Economics in 1998 and “Bharat Ratna”  in 1999. His books have been translated into more than 30 languages. Today he enjoy a very eminent and wealthy position in international society.

7.3 Amar Yoga: it has two variations us under

1. All Kendra houses have either all malefic or all benefic planets to cause this yoga. In the former case, one owns landed property & real estate; and in the later case, one becomes rich & affluent.

2. When Sun is posited in Aries/ Leo in one of the Lakshmi sthan, Moon is in Taurus/ Cancer and Venus is in 8th/ 12th house, this yoga is formed. It nullifies all the possible evils in the chart of the native.

7.4 Anthya Vayasi Yoga: This yoga is formed when the planet owning the sign in which the lords of lagna & 2nd together with a natural benefic are placed, is strongly placed in lagna. The native born with this yoga acquires wealth through various means towards the last part of his life.

7.5 Ashta-Lakshmi Yoga: This Yoga is formed when Jupiter is in a Kendra and Rahu is alone in 6th house. This yoga makes the native happy, healthy and wealthy.

7.6 Bahadura-Vyarjana Yoga: If Lagnesh is posited in 2nd, 2nd lord in 11th and 11th lord is in Lagna, this is yoga is formed. The native will earn lot of money and will amass a good fortune. The reral value of this yoga depends upon the strengths of the lords concerned.

The native is grandson of famous Sh. GD Birla. He is famous industrialist and is chairman of Aditya Birla group of industries. His chart shows lagna lord Moon in 2nd house, 2nd lord Sun in 11th house, and 11th lord Venus is placed in Lagna with exalted Jupiter. He has done C.A. & M.B.A. also. All the planets are strongly placed. The native has amassed good fortune and is earning lot of money.

7.7 Balya Dhan Yoga: This yoga is formed when lords of 2nd & 10th houses are conjunct in a Kendra and are aspected by lord of Navamsha occupied by the Lagna lord. A native born this yoga acquires immense wealth from the early part of his life.

7.8 Bhratru-Mooldhan Yoga: This yoga has two variants. Either the lords of Lagna & 2nd join the 3rd lord and is aspected by a benefic: or the 3rd lord should be in 2nd with Jupiter and is conjunct with or aspected by Lagna lord. In either case, the native earns money through brothers and/or relatives depending upon the strength of concerned planets.

7.9 Chaturmukh Yoga: This Yoga is formed when Jupiter is posited in a Kendra from 9th lord, Venus is in Kendra from 11th lord, and lords of lagna & of 10th are together in a Kendra. One born in this yoga will eradicate enemies and be successful in all undertakings. One will be wealthy, respected and long lived.

The native was a great industrialist, educationist & philanthropic person of Maharastra. In his chart, Jupiter is the 9th lord himself, Venus is in a Kendra from 11th lord Saturn, and Lagna lord Mars conjoins 10th lord Saturn in 10th house. He was pioneer in plastic & nylon yarns. He was very rich, respected, honoured person who lived for more than 90 years. He was awarded “Padma Bhushan” in 1971 and “Udhyog Ratna” in 1989.

7.10 Data Yoga: This yoga is formed when Jupiter is in lagna, Venus is in 4th, Mercury is in 7th, and Mars is in 10th house. This makes one a very affluent and generous person.

7.11 Dhandhana Yoga: This yoga is formed when the Moon is located in its own Navamsha or that of its bosom friend and is aspected by Jupiter (in case of a day birth) or by Venus A(in case of night birth). According to some astrologers, irrespective of whether birth is of day or night, placement of Moon in a favourable Navamsha, under the aspect of Jupiter or Venus or both, being Karaka of wealth & splendor, causes this yoga. This yoga gives huge wealth to the native. Bereft of aspect of Jupiter/Venus, the Moon in an inauspicious house, makes the native poor.

The native is an industrialist and son of another big industrialist, Dhirubhai Ambani. He was born in day time, his Moon is exalted and is in Navamsha of Jupiter. This Moon is associated with 8th lord (of legacy) Sun & 9th lord Mercury and is in mutual aspect with Jupiter in 5-11 axis. This yoga has conferred huge wealth to the native.

7.12 Go Yoga: This yoga is conferred only when Jupiter occupies its Mooltrikone sign (Sagittarius from 0 to 13 degrees) with 2nd lord and lagna lord should be in exaltation. The native born with this yoga hails from a respectable family, very wealthy and powerful equal to a king. However this yoga is very restrictive as Jupiter will be in his Mooltrikone only for less than six months in a period of about 12 years.

7.13 Kalatra-Mooldhan Yoga: The strong 2nd lord should conjoin or be aspected by the 7th lord and Venus and the lagna lord must be powerful to confer this yoga. The native should become rich through direct or indirect efforts of his wife.

7.14 Kanduka Yoga: This yoga is formed when 10th lord is in 9th house, 2nd lord is in lagna, and benefic are in 2nd & 10th house. This yoga makes the native very wealthy, & charitable; but has materialistic approach to life and seeks enjoyment, comfort & luxuries of all types.

The native is a famous cricket commentator and ex-cricket player. In his chart, 10th lord Saturn is in 9th house, 2nd lord Mercury is in lagna, 2nd house has Venus and Jupiter & Moon are in 10th house. So all conditions of the yoga are fulfilled. The native is rich, charitable but  has materialistic approach to life.

7.15 Kshema Yoga: This yoga is formed when lords of lagna, 8th, 9th, and of 10th are in their own signs. The native born with this yoga is very rich, happy, long lived and supports one’s family & relations.

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