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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Yogas Related with The Sun & Moon, Chapter VIII, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal
2.2 Vasi/Voshi Yoga: When any planet other than the Moon & Nodes, is posited in 12th from the Sun (and none in the 2nd from Sun), this yoga is formed. Like in the Vesi yoga, some scholar call two variants- Subh-Vasi and Papa-Vasi. The native with a Subh-Vasi yoga is a rich & famous person who has eloquence, good lerning, sharp memory, charitable nature, good physical strength, patronage of rulers and works for the government. The one with Papa-Vasi yoga is untruthful, cruel, ugly looks, excessive lust, poor intelligence and has to struggle hard to earn livelihood. Here again most of the astrologers treat Vasi yoga as a benefic regardless of the nature of planets constituting the yoga.

Like Vesi Yoga, this yoga also has 31 variants depending upon the number of planets occupying the 12th place from the Sun. The results of this yoga will also vary as per the nature of the planet concerned. The Mansagri does not attribute good results to this yoga. May be because a planet in 12th from the Sun does not normally enhance the significations of the Sun or the house where the Sun is posited and is proceeding towards its combustion. It further gives the results of individual planets as under:

i) Mars: Inclined towards Scientific education, doing good to others, but hostile to mother.

ii) Mercury: Good learning, sharp memory, but not wealthy, and may have poor health if afflicted.

iii) Jupiter: Illustrious, wise, wealthy, but a hoarder.

iv) Venus: Servile, works for government and earns royal favours, energetic, but lustful and cruel.

v) Saturn: Kind hearted, matured looks, exhausted, and addicted to other’s women.

The native has Sun in the 8th house and in 12th from Sun are Mercury, Venus and Mars in fixed sign of Venus aspecting lagna. Mars gave the native an inclination to scientific studies. Venus made him an IAS officer in 1958. He was Secretary government of India from 1988 to ’93. From 1993 to 2001, he was chief Election commissioner. Since 2009, he is member of Rajya sabha and union cabinet minister.

2.3 Ubhayachari Yoga: This yoga is caused when planets other than the Moon (and nodes) occupy the 2nd and 12th houses from the Sun or the Sun is hemmed between the planets. The native with such a yoga is of strong physique, of very high status, wealthy, handsome, blessed with many comforts/ luxuries, and shoulder many responsibilities. These result accrue particularly when benefics cause this yoga. When malefic planets cause this yoga, one is sickly, servile, destitute and wicked. Depending upon the various planets on either side of the Sun, there could be many variants.

The native is all time great cine genius, actor, director & producer of Hindi films. He had 2nd lord Sun in 5th house. In 12th from Sun, are Venus and Saturn both producing Mahapurush yogas separately and in 2nd from Sun, is Jupiter in its Mooltrikone sign with Mercury. This conferred excellent Vasi yoga making native very popular and all time great cine personality of India. In 1988 he was honoured with “Dada Saheb Phalke” and “Padma Bhushan” awards.

2.4 Ravi Yoga: This yoga is caused when the Sun is in 10th house, while 10th lord with Saturn occupy 3rd house. Such a native are experts in scientific subjects and are respected even by rulers. He attains great reputation in his life time.

3. Lunar Yogas
3.1 Sunafa Yoga: When a planet other than Sun, occupies the 2nd house from the Moon, (and no planet is there in 12th house), the Sunafa yoga is formed. Depending upon the number of planets occupying the 2nd house, there could be 31 variants as under:

i) Only one planet occupying 2nd house- 5 combinations.

ii) Two planets occupying 2nd house- 10 combinations.

iii) Three planets occupying 2nd house- 5 combinations.

iv) Four planets occupying 2nd house- 5 combinations.

v) All 5 planets occupying 2nd house- 1 combination.

This yoga is generally benefic and bestows on the native a very high status immense wealth, virtues, intelligence, fame, self earned fortunes, and contentment. Different planets causing Sunafa yoga, produce different results. As per Mansagri, briefly these results are:

i) Mars: Native is valorous, cruel, fierce, wealthy, a king or commander, averse to hypocracy; his son takes to agriculture.

ii) Mercury: Well-versed in scriptures, fine arts & music, handsome, eloquent, highly intelligent and earns well.

iii) Jupiter: Excellent scholar, widely renowned, very wealthy, blessed with good family life, minister to the king, a preceptor, immersed in religious pursuits, and long lived.

iv) Venus: Native is very efficient, scholar, good looking, honoured by rulers, blessed with wife, splendor, houses, lands, vehicles and comforts/ luxuries.

v) Saturn: Clever & skillful, wealthy & contended, respected & honoured by his folk, but not favourable for mother of the native.

This is a very typical case of Sunafa yoga, where the 2nd house from the Moon is occupied by two strong natural malefic, Mars and Saturn. This chart should be studied with Mon lagna, where in 2nd house becomes the Maraka house as well. Combination of Mars & Saturn makes a person firm, of balance mind and matures more than age and temperament. Strongly placed in 2nd or 10th, it makes one praised in public esteem and a great personage. Mars in 2nd to Moon makes one a valorous commander. The native is a great martyr for the cause of freedom and is known as “Shaheed-a-Azam”. He was hanged by Britishers on 23 Mar 1931, during dasha of 8th lord Mercury (from Moon).

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