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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Yogas Related with The Sun & Moon, Chapter VIII, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal 

1. Introduction

1.1 In Vedic astrology, The Sun and Moon are called the celestial couple and treated as highly important planets. However, in true sense, neither of them is a planet. The Sun is a star, around which our solar system revolves and the Moon is a satellite of our Earth. They are also called luminaries, although the Moon does not have its own light and simply reflects the light of the Sun. Yet they play a very important role in astrological parlance. The Sun, though not a malefic, is a Kroor & Seperative planet with a very disciplined & no nonsense attitude. It represents soul, father, vitality, morality, and intuition. The Moon is benefic when waxing and represents Mana, mind, inclination to do a thing, mother and affection among others.

1.2 The Sun and the Moon alongwith lagna are three basic tripod around which the life of a native revolves. The Chandra lagna is considered almost equivalent to rising lagna and almost all yogas are seen from the Moon as well as from the rising Lagna. The yogas which are formed with the Moon as their prominent constituent are known as Chandra or Lunar yogas. Customarily, The Gajkesari yoga discussed in chapter 6 is not considered as a lunar yoga in the astrological classics. According to sage Parashar, the great quality of lunar yogas is that they definitely produce results, in preference to the other yogas.

1.3 The Solar or Ravi yogas are the ones in which the Sun is of primary importance. It is said that when the planets constituting these yogas occupy their exaltation, own or friendly signs, the native born with these yogas, rise in fame, wealth, stature and comforts. The Sun being the King of planets requires one or more non-luminary planets to act as per his orders. The strength of the planets and houses have to be mixed for the particular type of effect. In any case, there will be a royal or governmental touch in it.

1.4 All the planetary yogas involving Sun or Moon are governed by Naisargika or natural strength of planets and that of the signs. These yogas occur in horoscopes frequently. Therefore they require careful assessment. The Sun, being the King has the maximum power followed by Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn. Strength of signs (or Rasi bala) is maximum for dual signs, followed by fixed and movable signs. These yogas have the following special features:

i) Sun or the Moon must be strong and play an active part directly or indirectly.

ii) The quality of these yogas depends on the strength of Sun/ Moon, nature & strength of planets involved and the houses & signs which they occupy.

iii) Planetary cooperation based on majority rule is one of the considerations.

iv) The yogas arising involvement of more number of planets, must dominate the yogas connect with lesser number of planets.

v) The Rahu or Ketu are not considered to be a constituent planet of these yogas.

vi) Assessment of such yogas requires consideration of natural power of planets, sign strength, Rashi bala and of Ashtak Varga.

2. Solar Yogas
2.1 Vesi Yoga: This yoga is formed when any planet, other than the Moon, occupies the 2nd house from the Sun. Some of the scholars if a natural benefic occupies the position 2nd from the Sun, it is called “Subh-Vesi Yoga” and if a malefic does, it is called “Papa-Vesi Yoga”. However generally, this yoga is considered as a benefic yoga only. The Sun is a planet of strength & energy, dominance, dignity and high administrative capability. The planets in the 2nd house from the Sun, in their own way, help the Sun to carry out its function. Such a native is truthful, kind hearted, virtuous, having a tall stature, with balanced outlook, & good memory, and moderately wealthy. If only benefic constitute this yoga, native is eloquent, wealthy and annihilator of his enemies. If only malefic do so, native is lazy, destitute, with squint eyes, and associate of a wicked people.

Depending upon the number of planets causing this yoga, there could be 31 variations to this yoga. Rahu & Ketu are not considered as constituent of this yoga. The results of this yogs will also vary according to the nature of constituent planets and the sign of the house in 2nd to the Sun. The results of this yoga according to the planet will in general be as under:

i) Mars: Valorious in battle, renowned, and expert in fire power.

ii) Mercury: Sweet tongued, intelligent, handsome and capable of befooling others.

iii) Jupiter: Of a steady nature, truthful, wise, undaunted in battle.

iv) Venus: Renowned, fearless, respectable, with many virtues.

v) Saturn: Interested in business, cheat others of their wealth, and malice towards his preceptors.

The native was the famous, and forceful preceptor of modern times who advocated his own unique, though controversial, method of “Sadhna” or spiritual pursuits. He had a very powerful Vesi yoga with four planets (excluding Moon) in the 2nd house from Sun in a strong dual sign of Sagittarius. He was forceful due to presence of Mars, intelligent due to Mercury, virtuous due to presence of Mars, intelligent due to Mercury, virtuous due to Venus and became extremely wealthy due to presence of Moon & Mars, by contributions of his numerous followers (Saturn). This happened in the 8th house from Lagna. This made him pursue a path at variance with the usual accepted norms. Jupiter in 8th from Moon, indicates struggles as well as fluctuations in his fortune. However exchange of houses between Moon and Jupiter takes away sting out of bad indications.

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