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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Raj Yogas, Chapter V, Part – 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

7. Some Common Raj Yogas

7.1 Amsavatara Yoga: If Jupiter & Venus are in Kendras, lagna is in a movable sign and Saturn is exalted in a Kendra, this yoga is formed. The yoga bestows unsullied name & fame, versatile learning, fond of sex pleasures, passions under control, authority of philosophy and great kingship or like him. The emphasis is on unsullied/ pure reputation and royal nature.
The native was King of Britain from Dec 1936 to Feb 1952. He had Jupiter and Venus in 10th house and Lagna, which are in movable sign. He had exalted Saturn as well in Lagna. Thus he had Hamsa, Malavya and Sasa Mahapurush yogas. Buddha-aditya yoga in 2nd house aspected by exalted Jupiter made a learned & wise King. 10th lord Moon conjoin with 2-7th lord Mars to make him very rich.

7.2 Bheri Yoga: This yoga is formed, when Lagnesh, Jupiter and Venus are in mutual Kendra; and 9th lord is powerful. Alternatively Mercury & Venus conjoin in 1st, 2nd, 7th, or 12th house with strong 10th lord. This yoga makes one long lived, ruler, income from various sources, religious and happy with wife & children.

The native is a popular leader of Russia. He has lagnesh  Venus in lagna (Malavya yoga), in mutual aspect with Jupiter posited in 7th house 9th lord Mercury in digbali in lagna in friendly Libra, and is strong being Vargottam. He also has Chaamra, Parvat, & Shrinath yogas as well. There is exchange of 3rd lord Jupiter with 7th Lord Mars. These yogas made him a popular, very wealthy, unorthodox, and prosperous head of a great nation. His political rise started with beginning of Jupiter dasha and on 31 Dec 1999, during Jupiter – Mars dasha, he became President of Russia. Since then, till date, he is ruling Russia with a firm hand either as President or the Prime Minister.
7.3 Chaamara Yoga: This also has two variants- exalted lagna lord occupying a Kendra and aspected by Jupiter; or alternately two good benefics conjoin in lagna, 7th, 9th, or 10th house. This yoga confers on the native Kingship or honour through a king, eloquence, long life, wisdom, and knowledge of several subjects.
The native had exalted lagna lord, Saturn in 10th aspected by Jupiter from 4th house, forming Chaamara yoga. He was a very popular leader of China and took his nation on the path of progress & development. He had some other very good yoga also in his chart. Like Chatusasagra, Gajhesari, Sasa & Malavya Mahapurush yoga.

7.4 Chandika Yoga: It is applicable for only for four fixed sign Lagnas, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius. If the lords of Navamsha occupied by 6th & 9th lord combine with Sun and the fixed lagna is aspected by 6th lord, this yoga is formed. Here a combination of good and evil forces is blended to give a good result. The native will be aggressive, famous, holds political power, be a minister or equal to him, wealthy, and have long & happy life.

7.5 Chatusasagara Yoga: This yoga is caused when all the Kendra are occupied. The Kendras are pillars of any horoscope and occupation of all of them strengthens the chart immensely. This yoga destroys numerous afflictions in a chart. The native will enjoy great name, fame, wealth, & status (like a King). His reputation like a famous king will travel to the confines of the four oceans and is blessed with long life, good health & good children. However all Kendra does not have equal benevolence.

For illustration, please refer to chart No. 18 of Mahatma Gandhi, who had seven planets in Kendra and the other two-Sun & Saturn were posited on either side of the Lagna.

7.6 Danda Yoga: This yoga is different from the one with same name in Nabhas yoga. It also has two variants. If Venus aspects Jupiter placed in 3rd house, while 3rd lord is in exaltation; or alternately all planets are posited in 3rd, 4th, 6th, 9th, and 12th signs, this yoga is caused. It makes native reputed & able administrator like a king, and is very rich, pious & charitable.

7.7 Dhwaja Yoga: This yoga is formed when all malefic are in 8th house and all the benefics are in lagna. This yoga makes the native a great commander or leader whose orders, multitudes of persons follow.

7.8 Ekavali Yoga: If all the seven planets are posited in six houses in a serial manner starting from lagna or any other house. This gives the native universal name, fame and rerputation. He may or may not get enough wealth. For illustration, please refer Chart No. 2 of Pt. J. L. Nehru, who had all the planets from lagna to 6th house. Similarly Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing had all the planets from 6th to 11th house.

7.9 Jaya Yoga: When 6th lord is debilitated and 10th lord is deeply exalted, Jaya yoga is formed. Such a native will be happy, long lived, victorious over his enemies and successful in all his ventures.

7.10 Kaarika Yoga: When all planets are posited in 7th, 10th and 11th houses, this yoga is formed. One born with this yoga even in an ordinary family attains kingship and has a great following.

7.11 Kahala Yoga: This yoga is formed when lords of 4th & 9th houses are in Kendra from each other and Lagna lord is also strong. Alternatively, if 4th lord is exalted/in own house, conjunct with or aspected by 10th lord. The native is daring, stubborn, head of an army or state, receive favours from king, generous, and happy in later part of life.

The native had 4th lord Mercury and 9th lord Mars in Kendra (7th & 10th) house and lagna lord Jupiter in 11th (his debility is doubly cancelled by Moon & Mars). He also met the second condition as 4th lord Mercury is exalted and is aspected by 10th lord Jupiter. He was commander of allied forces during 2nd World war and later President of USA from 1952-60 during dasha of 4th lord exalted Mercury.

7.12 Kalanidhi Yoga: This yoga is formed when Jupiter in 2nd, 5th or 9th house is joined or aspected by Mercury and Venus. The native is clever, praise worthy, learned, fearless, enjoy a very high status, revered by kings, given to sensual pleasures, and immune to diseases.
The native had exalted Jupiter in 2nd house in mutual aspect with Mercury & Venus posited in 8th house. He was very upright, honest, disciplined, revered, held several high post including Prime minister of India and had a very sound heath till almost the end. He is the only person to have received highest civilian award of both India and Pakistan.

7.13 Koorma Yoga: This yoga is formed when benefics occupy lagna, 3rd or 11th houses or alternatively 5th, 6th & 7th lords are in their exaltation, Mool-Trikone, own or friendly signs. It makes one world famous, reputed, princely status, courageous, leader of men, helpful to others and of mild temperament. This yoga indicates fame, reputation & influence but not much wealth.

7.14 Kuldeepak Yoga: It has two variants. If 3rd lord is placed in 9th/10th house with 9th/10th lord in lagna; or alternately Mercury, Jupiter & Venus (any two in Lagna) and Mars in 10th house, cause Kuldeepak Raj yoga. Such a native attains high status through self- efforts and bring up the name of his family/clan.
The native was famous Rani of Jhansi, who fought valiantly against Britishers during first war of Independence. She was born in an ordinary family but rose to be the famous queen and brightened not only the name of her family but of all Indians. She had 3rd lord Jupiter in 9th house with 9th lord Mercury in lagna to denote Kuldeepak Yoga.

7.15 Kusum Yoga: It has two variants. Either Jupiter in lagna, with Moon in 7th and Sun in 2nd house; or Saturn in 10th house with Venus in a Kendra in a fixed sign and a weak Moon in a Trikone house causes this yoga. One with this yoga is born in aristocrat family of illustrious lineage, attain high status in the society, blessed with all the enjoyments, has unblemished glory and is charitable.

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