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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Raj Yogas, Chapter V, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. Introduction

1.1 The word “Raj yoga” literally means royal union, which means a yoga that gives happiness like a king. These yogas are so called because they elevate the status of a native and bestow on him name, fame, power, honour & happiness like that of a king. Even the humblest of human being would at least like to avoid & shun disgrace & dishonor, though he cannot achieve fame, recognition & position in the society. Only a handful of people shoot up to brilliance, achieve power, fame & success in their respective fields. According to astrology it is the Prarbdha/ luck denoted by 5th & 9th houses, which measure the degree of success that one achieve in his/ her life.

1.2 The Raj yogas are formed by the association of planets and the houses they rule. These are directly related to one’s profession and bring immense enrichment to one’s life resulting in name, fame, recognition & honour. According to Parashar, four Kendras/ angles (houses 1, 4, 7 & 10) are Vishnu-sthan (abode of lord Vishnu), while three Trikones (houses 1, 5 & 9) are Lakshmi-sthan (abode of Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity). If a lord of Kendra establishes relationship with the lord of a Trikone, it leads to Raj yoga of a very high order and is very auspicious throughout the life of a native. Thus 11 different Raj yogas are formed. Again as per Uttara Kalamrita, when there is mutual relation between the planets of following six groups, they form auspicious Raj yoga:

1. Planets in their exaltation, own houses, friend’s house and Trikones (1, 5, & 9) houses.

2. Planets in Kendra (1, 4, 7 & 10) houses and Vargottam.

3. Planets aspected by or conjoined with benefics, and those that are between benefics.

4. Planets posited in their Mooltrikone signs.

5. Planets moving towards their exaltation.

6. Those that own both a Kendra and a Trikone house.

1.3 There are 25 Raj yogas of highest type. Then there are over a hundred other Rajyogas. Thus it is seen that Raj yoga is not a specific yoga. They are a group of various auspicious yogas formed in a chart bestowing name, fame, power & happiness to the native. The Raj yoga analysis includes:

1. Type of Raj yogas present

2. Number of Raj yogas present

3. Aspects of Raj yoga forming planets

4. Time of fructification, and

5. Ways of utilize full impact of the Raj yoga.

1.4 There are a number of combinations of Raj yogas present in a chart with various degrees of results. Just the mere presence of a Raj yoga will not make one a king. There are a number of positive and negative factors that play their roles in personal life style of a native. Benefics like Jupiter, Venus, waxing Moon & Mercury play positive role while malefic like nodes, Saturn, Mars, waning Moon & afflicted Mercury play negative role. Moon in its various placements has a huge impact on these yogas either as a great facilitator or as a barrier depending on its strength.

2. Yogkaraka Planets
2.1 Yogkaraka planet for any rising lagna is the single most auspicious planet, which forms Raj yoga by itself. It has the unique property of simultaneously owning two houses-one of which is a Kendra, while the other is a Trikone house. This distinction is fulfilled by three planets for two lagnas each. Mars for Cancer lagna is lord of 5th (a Trikone house) & 10th (a Kendra house), and for Leo lagna is lord of 4th (a Kendra house) & 9th (a Trikone house). Venus is Yogkaraka for Capricorn lagna being lord of 5th (a Trikone house) & 10th (a Kendra house), and for Aquarius lagna, being lord of 4th (a Kendra house) & 9th (a Trikone house). Similarly Saturn is a Yogkaraka planet for Taurus house) and for Libra lagna, being lord of 4th (a Kendra house) & 5th (a Trikone house). The Yogkaraka from Moon lagna is equally important as Yogkaraka from Janam lagna.

A Yogkaraka planet has a greater functional efficiency than any other planet of the same lagna. During its dasha, it gives auspicious results even if placed in an evil house. When such a planet is associated with another planet in a chart by way of placement, association, aspect, exchange of house or Nakshtra, or by being its depositor, it energize the later to be equally benefic.

The native has Yogkaraka Mars in 4th house aspecting 7th, 10th & 11th houses. During dasha of lagna lord Moon (depositor Mars), he was appointed scientific advisor to government of India and received “Padma Bhushan” and “Padma Vibhushan” awards. But in dasha of Yogkaraka Mars in 1997, he was awarded “Bharat Ratna” and was elected President of India in 2002.

2.2 For certain lagnas, a set of two planets, acts as auspicious combination as Raj Yogkaraka planets. For example for Aries lagna, Sun as 5th lord & Jupiter a s 9th lord (both lords of Trikones) act as Raj Yogkaraka planets. For Gemini lagna, Mercury as 4th lord & Venus as 5th lord (of Kendra & Trikone) are Raj Yogkaraka planets. For Virgo lagna, Mercury as 10th lord & Venus as 9th lord (Kendra & trikone lords) act as Raj Yogkaraka. But Jupiter as 5th lord & Venus as 9th lords (both Trikone lords) do not act Raj Yogkaraka because the 2nd sign of Jupiter falls in 8th house. For Scorpio lagna, Moon as 4th lord & Sun as 5th lord and Sun as 5th lord (a Kendra & Trikone) act as Raj Yogkaraka. For Sagitarius lagna, Sun as 9th lord & Mercury as 10th lord, and Mars as 5th lord A& Sun as 9th lord act as Raj Yogkaraka planets. Similarly for Pisces lagna, Mars as lord of 2nd & 9th house, and Mars as 9th lord & Jupiter as 10th lord also act as Raj Yogkaraka planets.

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