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September 8th to September 14th, Lunar Forecast by Jessica

We have entered into the last week of this Moon cycle where all remaining light will fade into complete darkness.  We entered the Temple of Leo through the last New Moon, and now we are in the last days of completing this cycle.  Symbolically, this represents a time where we must  surrender to letting go of what is not making it on to the next stage and to allow ourselves to be enveloped by a state of unconsciousness; a place where a new life form yet not revealed awaits emergence.  Much that has been illuminated in these past few weeks will also fade, and some things will just simply die away into the darkness of the coming New Moon.  The seed potentials birthed weeks ago are in their final transmutation phase into the next stage of their life.  We are completing the ideas, plans, and projects, and we are seeing what has made it through and what simply did not make the cut.

This current half-Moon phase is about readjusting our consciousness and awareness in regards to our current situations with those seeds planted back 3 weeks ago in the last New Moon phase.

On Saturday the 8th, the Moon in Gemini joins Jupiter and squares the Sun and Mercury in Virgo.  

That’s a whole lot of mental energy going on!  Both Gemini and Virgo, in their own way, can get distracted by the details and bogged down in the mental gymnastics of it all.  This weekend, we are going to certainly be feeling how busy we are, how much we have to do, and how many things are requiring our attention to think about and make decisions on.  Those things we have been putting off, or just simply not able to get to, are ready and ripe and demanding some focus.  The pressure is on to focus and expand upon what is necessary now to continue clearing space and preparing for the new framework.   Gemini wants to go out and experience more and more and try out this and that, while Virgo is saying “hold on, there is work to be done right here first”.  This time will require us to be juggling all the new information, details, and potential opportunities coming in while simultaneously working on making adjustments to what is currently in demand for our attention.  Just breathe and remember to have a sense of humor through it all.

On Sunday the 9th, the Moon in Gemini trines Saturn in Libra and gives us the opportunity to harmonize our perspectives with those around us. It’s a time to be open to offer and receive supportive ideas to further our processes of releasing that which no longer serves us.

The Moon moves into Cancer today, aspecting Neptune and Chiron and then Pluto.  It is a good time to attempt to soften and sink into the space within where we feel our compassion and our personal need to be open, to be vulnerable, and be tenderly moved by those around us.  Otherwise, we may find ourselves in overwhelming power struggles that we may simply not have enough defenses for.  The image of reaching out your hand and allowing someone to pull you up (or vise-versa), comes to mind.

On Monday the 10th, the Moon is in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn and squaring Uranus.

It is about paying attention to the details today with Mercury exactly joined with the Sun in Virgo, and doing what is necessary in acquiring the intended results.  We are in a time of purging and healing, and the Moon opposite Pluto in Cancer/Capricorn is reminding us that we must take the time and responsibility to process through all that has surfaced into consciousness.  We must allow the repressed, and the suppressed, to be acknowledged and addressed.  There is work to do deep within our womb spaces. We simply cannot digest all of the toxicity (on all levels) that we are exposed to without consciously taking responsibility to each build our immune systems.  Take time to retreat and find your center from where you can successfully navigate through all the eruptions and changes upon us.

On Tuesday the 11th, the Moon in Cancer squares Saturn in Libra, and we can feel into how we affect others and how they are affecting us.  Our influence on each other and this planet needs some serious attention, and we are being asked to make adjustments and basically clean up our acts where necessary.

The Moon moves into Leo today, aspecting the North Node in Scorpio and the Sun in Virgo.  We have the chance to creatively explore into the depth of our desires and what is our most meaningful purpose here now?  What are you contributing physically, materially, emotionally and mentally?  As we know every thought, deed and feeling plays in to the whole of the reality we experience, pay attention…and then move from that space.

On Wednesday the 12th, the Moon in Leo joins up with Venus (the feminine) and squares Mars (the masculine)

 Today, we can feel an intense tension between our need to totally express and experience ourselves from our most personal and unique self, completely unleashed and up against our instinctual and impulsive desires (Mars in Scorpio) to be consumed by and to consume another (may it be person or thing).  Today there is a wild energy in the air, and there will be much roaring, pouncing, clawing and purring about!   It is a show of the masculine and feminine hungry with desire, and it doesn’t matter if you are male or female. Both forces within will be provoked and alerted into action and expression.  Leo is the agent of Life, and Scorpio is the guide through death and rebirth.  Today there will be a match between these powerful forces of existence and survival. The key is to find the pleasure and the joy in the rawness of the experience.

On Thursday the 13th, after yesterday’s play-housing about, we continue on the creative exploration of personal pursuit with Moon still in Leo. But today with the support of Saturn, we can feel a bit more definition and perhaps constructive limitation narrowing us in a bit.   With Jupiter in Gemini aspecting as well, there is still plenty of room to move and explore about, but by knowing our boundaries, we can be aware not to get too far out when it’s time to return homeward.   Today is a day to focus on self-love and appreciation and from that place, shine your light and love out upon your guiding path.

On Friday the 14th, the Moon moves into Virgo, and there is a shift in the air. The last of the light has just about completely dissolved, and we are returning in.  There is a calling to return to the stillness and the silence, where integration of all that has been released and all that has entered can find its place in the new scheme of things.

Virgo is the triple Goddess, symbolizing Maiden, Mother and Crone.  This is where we are.  We have been moving through innocence and immaturity, the inner child and the nurturer, and we are reaching towards the acquisition of the wisdom and centeredness inherent in the journey of the initiated one.  We will move further down into this process as we enter the New Moon in Virgo tomorrow, but for now, we are in the transition state of ending, finalizing, and letting go of, for some, possibly inflated ego desires and unattainable hopes and wishes born out of the high aspirations of Leo.  Leo set the stage of this past lunar cycle, under the watchful eye of the Virgo Sun.  Humility was bound to occur.  Now we are settling into a more grounded realistic view as we approach the new cycle.  We are coming down from high upon the temple towers of Leo, through the humbling halls of self-purification, self-reflection, and self-improvement, for the good of the whole. Going to the bottom where Virgo dwells upon the earth, close to the soil that supports and nourishes it.

Upon our knees, we prostrate before all and no-one.  We are humbled in our own image of self, as a masterful, infinitely creative human being in the face of immeasurable limitations – to be dealt with… Welcome the Virgo New Moon.

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