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Astrology Forecast for September 2012

2012 September Astrology ForecastHold onto your hats, or should I say britches, for the month of September!  

I say britches rather than hats because Mars has moved into Scorpio, which is more associated with the root, base chakra than the head; that is for sure.  That coupled with Venus moving into the sign of Leo (square Mars) for the majority of the month will make for many lively, perhaps “dangerous,” episodes within our relationships, both business and personal.  For here we have the masculine and the feminine “squaring” off, sparring, challenging, and vying for power and control.  It will be important to keep in mind that though this may manifest as men/women going at odds with each other, on a deeper level it is indicative of the INNER masculine and feminine within each of us operating at cross purposes.

In order to more fully understand the battles that may be waged this month, we should also consider the broader framework within which they are operating.  First, we know that Uranus in Aries has been, and will continue to be, in square with Pluto in Capricorn until the end of 2014. 

This is a long-term evolutionary impulse originating in the mid-60s that calls for a redefinition and owning of our own personal authority, as opposed to earlier stages where it was only necessary to look, listen, and learn from external authorities in order to obtain personal success and satisfaction. 

External authorities in the form of governments, religions, parents, and partners will continue to “let us down” in order to help fulfill this evolutionary need.

Uranus in Aries is indicative of a newfound sense of individuality that is emerging within human consciousness that wants the freedom, space, acknowledgement, and right to sovereign, autonomous self-determination. 

This can, in itself, indicate a rigid adherence to our own point of view, radically imposing ourselves and our needs/demands upon other people.  It is a period wherein certain self-absorbed, narcissistic forms of behavior are in a way necessary to face, confront, and break free from the old, confining, and limited laws, rules, and dogma that previously dictated our life decisions.

Next on the stage of life comes the Moon’s nodes which have been in the signs of Sagittarius/Gemini (north/south) since January of 2011, now moving into Scorpio/Taurus until February of 2014. 

While the last year and a half have been about opening our vision to new, vaster horizons and entertaining new hopes and goals, the next year and a half will be about implementing these “with a little help from our friends”. 

“No (hu)man is an island” and we do not fulfill our visions and dreams within a void.  We will need the help, cooperation, and hopefully, love of the other to truly realize ourselves.

Taken into account, these factors alone create a situation where we are both struggling for true, free, self-expression and realization that can be at odds with other’s opinions, needs and desires, while at the same time needing them to manifest a new reality! 

Add to that Mars and Venus squaring each other this month, and it surely has the temperature rising more than a few degrees in the oven of our lives.  Venus in the sign of the Lion/ess indicates the feminine will forces in full bloom, wanting respect, admiration, acceptance, power and recognition.  There are bound to be fiery, dramatic displays of righteous indignation at any attempt to control, direct, or otherwise smother the intense creative will forces of her at this time.

Act 4: Mars in Scorpio!  The masculine drive to master the forces beyond its control can also serve to fuel confrontations that “test the metal” of its determination, strength, and endurance.  This aspect reflects unconscious emotions and desires rising up that can overwhelm the conscious, composed, rational control we often use to measure our responses and reactions.  We may find ourselves reacting to people and situations that trigger deeply buried resentments, memories (from this life and others) and fears that we simply don’t know how to handle.

We can become obsessive/compulsive in our need to have things “our way”, particularly while the Sun remains in Virgo until the equinox on the 22nd.

So, taking all these factors into account, just what is the universe/life/our “highest self” trying to pull on us now, and how can we best manage it?  The image that first comes to mind is the flint (masculine) and rock (feminine) that, when rubbed together, create the spark that starts the fire.  Whether the fire is used to light a candle or fire the pistons in an engine, it creates movement, change, and evolution. 

One purpose of our human experience is to make the unconscious conscious, and pleasant or not, conflict, particularly deep, emotionally challenging conflict, does just that.  This is a month where it is therefore possible for each of us to come to know ourselves on ever deepening levels, become more conscious, and make our future choices and decisions in closer alignment with our innermost soul intentions than at previous (perhaps more pleasant) times.

I encourage you to “enter the ring”.  It would be a waste to avoid, hang out in the corner, be stomped on, or worse, “numb out” through a variety or combination of addictions. 

The path of least resistance during these periods is to be like a turtle and draw ourselves back into our small, cozy, little shells and wait until it is all over.  To separate, run or hide from the call to stand up and love ourselves enough to assert and stick with it will define our personal (and collective) future.

You don’t know how bad you really want something or someone until a threatening situation takes it/them away.  You come to know yourself better under pressure, so take the heat of the blacksmith’s (life’s) oven and hammer to know and shape yourself according to your highest self-expectations!

For some, the challenge will be to stand up and shout rather than cower and hide. 

For others, the challenge will be to not stop shouting, ram-rodding their issues and needs down the throats of their perceived enemies!

 For this, too, is a sign of weakness and lack.  As humans, we often overcompensate for our weaknesses by “grandstanding” ie. overdoing, overreacting, and causing undue hurt and anguish through violent defensiveness.   Let’s not forget also that there is mental and emotional violence as well as physical.  

If you find yourself in the position of wanting revenge against a perceived perpetrator, it is a call to look even deeper within yourself to find where you have shorted yourself that you have unconsciously drawn such pressure to you from the external world to change.  The “middle way” between over-aggressiveness and cowardice is the knife edge we walk this month.

So first of all, give yourself (and everybody else), a good pat on the back.  We’ve made it to the big leagues! 

We’re waking up to ever more potent and powerful energies of both destruction and creation within ourselves, and it is a matter of having the most awakened consciousness to contain and direct them. 

 As sure as it is time for us to take our rightful place as co-creators in the magnificent arena of creation, so too do we get to play with fire that can possibly burn us (and the house down!).

By knowing ourselves, our limits, as well as our fullest capacity, we take what we can properly manage and recognize when it’s time to say “No, that’s not my dragon to tame.”
We each have our own special unique quality and gift to share with the world.  As such, we are none of us, everything.  

This month can serve to help each of us see what we are cut out and not cut out to do, so we don’t have plumbers posing as pilots, writers, soldiers, or dancers, astronauts etc.  As we each come into full consciousness and take our places at our stations, we will magically find that every station is filled on spaceship Earth, and we are set to sail! 

May you find your station with the least amount of trauma and turmoil as you make your way through these sometimes stormy waters. 

Big days of change this month are: 3, 7-8, 10, 15, 17-18, 22, and 26-29

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