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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part – 105


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Professional Success-

P- The success of a native professionally will depend upon the strength possessed by lord of 10th & the planets Jupiter and Mercury.

If there is also a benefic aspect on the said planets, there will be praise & appreciation of the native’s activities.

P- If the dispositor of the three benefic Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are posited in 6 or 8 or 12th house, there will breaks in profession and failures.

P- Lord of 10th in exaltation indicates that the native will become a favourite of the King or become a Minister.


Y-1- If no planet is standing in the house of profession (10th) and there is also no aspect to that house and the lord of 10th is posited in dusthana (6 or 8 or 12th house) poverty is indicated.

Note: The existence of this Yoga from Ascendant, Moon and Sun, may be looked into before declaring the effects.

Kahali Yoga-

Y-1- Union between lords of 9 and 10th, conjunction or mutual aspect or aspect of one on the other causes Kahali Yoga according to Sages.

In brief, Kahali Yoga indicates professional success in addition to other auspicious effects.

Long life-

Y-1a- Lord of 10th in 10th whilst lord of Ascendant is posited in Ascendant, itself along with Jupiter indicates fairly long life.

Y-1b- In the above Yoga, instead of Ascendant if Jupiter stands in 10th, the native will enjoy worldwide reputation.

P- Moon in 10th confers on native the luck of having a bath in Ganges; failing that he will possess wealth and will be doing religious charities.

Professional Reverses-

Y-1- Back listed in business If lord of 10th is in 8th house, or debilitation or the dispositor of Lord of 10th is likewise badly placed, such native will be back listed by King or Government.


Y-1a- A powerful benefic in 10th house inclines the native to look at the various possessions from a spiritual angle and realize the worthlessness and instability of the various things or enjoyments on the plane and develop a renouncing spirit and gain what is called Gyana or Knowledge which the Hindu Sages extol.

Y-1b- A malefic in 10th inclines the native to look at everything from a materialistic angle.

Bath in Ganges-

Y- Rahu or Sun in 10th indicates charitable inclinations on the part of native and bath in Ganges, at least once in his life time.


Y- Saturn in 10th in Pisces indicates that the native would take up the order of Sanyasa or renounce the world.

Note: A similar sloka exists in Brihat Parashara Hora where in the Maharshi says that the native would suffer Financial poverty.


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