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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 98


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effects of the Tenth House

P-The significations and significators of the 10th house are: (1) Trade (2) honour from the Sovereign (3) riding a horse (4) athletics (5) Government work (6) service (7) agriculture (8) doctor (9) fame (10) depositing of a treasure (11) sacrifice (12) Pre-eminence (13) elders (14) talisman (15) incantations (16) mother (17) magnitude of moral merits (18) medicine (19) thigh (20) gods (21) accomplishment of a spell (22) prosperity (23) adopted son (24) a lord (25) road (26) honour (27) honourable living (28) a prince (29) fame (30) teaching (31) seal (32) supremacy (33) subjection and (34) the intension to command.

Now we will discuss the effects of the 10th House.

P- Actions, ruling powers, fame, rain, living away, acts of public utility, honour, profession, knees & servants be mainly considered from the 10th house.

Paternal happiness

Y-1- Should the 10th Lord be endowed with strength and occupy his exaltation sign, his Navamsa or his own sign, the native gets extreme paternal happiness, enjoys fame and performs good deeds.

Notes: The Tenth House is studied to have the knowledge of the native good and evil deeds, native’s influence, father, fame, his obtaining a governmental office, pride, knowledge of Shastras {Books of Learning}, governmental favour and honour, his subordinate, employees etc. Religious deeds like yajna etc are also related to the 10th House. The means of livelihood which do not violate tradition and the moral values of the concerned society are also studied from the 10th House.

N- The Sage has indicated to study matters relating to the father from the 9th House. The 9th House is a trine from the Ascendant. Indeed, the word trikona or trine is an indicator of the mutual relations. Therefore, when we study the relations of the father, we will have to consider the 9th House also. But the matters personal to the father are to be studied from the 10th House. Therefore, the Sage has given some indications with regard to the father from the 10th House also.

Y-2- If the 10th Lord is devoid of strength, the native be told that he will face obstructions in his work.

When Rahu occupies an angle or a trine he will perform Jyotishtoma Yajna (Vedic religious rite) etc.

Y-3- When the 10th Lord is in conjunction with a benefic planet and is situated in benefic house, the native will ever gain through royal patronage and in business.

There will be opposite results in a reverse situation.

N- If the 10th lord is with a malefic or in a malefic sign, the native will be a loser in his undertaking and will not serve the worthy person.

Bad deeds

Y-1- If the 10th and the 11th House are occupied by malefic planets, the native will indulge in bad deeds and will bring bad name to his men.

Y-2- The situation of the 10th Lord along with Rahu in the 8th House, makes the native averse to the people, a great fool and a doer of evil deeds.

Notes: This combination is auspicious with respect to the leather shoe industry, L.I.C. and Mining Industry. In most of the other profession the job will be coloured in wickedness or vice. The native will be inclined to earn his livelihood by having recourse to antisocial activities s smuggling, theft etc. When the 10th Lord is situated in the 8th House it brings obstructions in the field of earning one’s livelihood; there is the fear of punishment also due to unlawful activities.

Y-3- If the 10th Lord is combined with Saturn and Mars and placed in the 7th House and the 7th Lord himself is with a malefic, the native will be disposed to indulging in carnal pleasures and to filling his belly.

Notes: The tendency to indulge in unlawful, immoral deeds will be increased, when Saturn and Mars will have conjunction with the 10th Lord in the 7th House, the house of trade and business. The person is engaged in satisfying his base desires of food and sex only.


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