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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 99


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Auspicious yogas

Y-1- Should the 10h Lord be in his exaltation sign and a conjunction with Jupiter, when the 9th Lord is in 10th House, the combination will confer on the native honour, wealth and valour.

Y-2- The native will have happiness in life when the 11th Lord has gone into the 10th House and the 10th Lord into the Ascendant House or they both have gone into an (angle) sing or should the strong 10th Lord be placed in Pisces in conjunction with Jupiter, (applicable only when Venus sign is in 10th house i.e. Venus is the 10th lord, which will be exalted, and Jupiter is in own house placed in 12th house.) here is no doubt that the native will have the blessing of having good robes, ornaments and happiness.

Inauspicious yogas

Y-1- The Sun is conjunction with Rahu, Mars and Saturn being placed in the 11th House makes the native, a failure in the performance of his duties.

Notes: 10th House significator is the Sun, and due to malefic influences on Sun, the native will loss his self confidence and will power, hence poor performance.

Virtuous Actions

Y-1- The native will be spiritual, learned and wealthy, when Jupiter and Venus are situated in Pisces and the Ascendant Lord is endowed with strength and the Moon is in her exaltation sign.

N- Here the Jupiter is the significator, and with Jupiter and Venus combination, the native will be spiritually and materially wealthy.

Y-2- If the 10th Lord is situated in the 11th House, the 11th Lord in the Ascendant and, Venus in the 10th, the combination makes the native a possessor of precious stones.

Y-3- The 10th Lord being placed in an angle or a trine in his sign of exaltation and being conjunct with or aspected by Jupiter, the native will be endowed with worthy deeds.

Y-4- The 10th Lord placed in the Ascendant House along with the Ascendant Lord and the Moon in an angle or a trine makes the native interested in doing good deeds.

Bad actions

Y-1- If Saturn together with a planet in his debilitation sign occupies the 10th House, and the Navamsa of the 10th House is also situated with a malefic planet, the native is bereft of actions.

Y-2- When the 10th Lord occupies the 8th House and the 8th Lord the 10th House together with a malefic planet, the native will indulge in wicked deeds.

Y-3- In the event of the 10th Lord being in his sign of debilitation and both the 10th House and the 10th from the 10th House (or the 7th House from the Ascendant House) being under the occupation of malefic planets, the native will face obstructions in the accomplishment of his actions.


Y-1- If there is the occupation of the Moon on the 10th House and, from there (from the 10th House) in a trine i.e., in the 5th or 9th House is placed the 10th Lord and, the Ascendant Lord is in an angle, the native will be endowed with fame.

Y-2- Should the 11th Lord be there in the 10th House, the 10th Lord be endowed with strength and, they have the aspect of Jupiter, the combination will give to the native will be endowed with fame.

Y-3- If the 10th Lord is placed in the 9th House and the Ascendant lord is placed in the 10th House and 5th from the Ascendant is the Moon, the native becomes an illustrious person.

Public utility service

Y-1a- If the lord of the 10th house is weak, and associated with malefic planets, this yoga indicates frustrations in efforts in completion of the task.

Y-1b- When the lord of the 10th house, Jupiter and Mercury are strong the native is engaged in the service of others.

Y-2a- These three planets, when strong and aspected by natural benefic, make the native particularly engage himself in acts of helping public causes.

Y-2b- If however, these are in 6th, 8th, or 12th house re badly aspected, there is absence of such acts.

Y-3a- If the lord of the 10th house, or the lord of the Navamsa occupied by it or the lord of the sign occupied by it is located in the 8th house, the native gets devoid of acts of public utility.

Y-3b- If Rahu or Sun is in the 10th house. One has sacred baths in the Ganges.


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