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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 82


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets and 8th House

The following are the effects produced by planets posited in the 8th House.

Astrological savants are of opinion that there should not be any planet favourable or unfavourable, in the 8th house. Because any planet whether he is a natural benefic or malefic may produce unfavourable result in one way or other. This is also a fact that the standard of beneficial or malicious result depends on the nature and strength of each planet. There is no doubt about it that the result will very according to strength of planets positing in the 8th house.

The native may die when the humour indicated by death-inflicting planet is irritated or the state of the bodily humours become unbalanced.

(a) If the 8th place is aspected by Sun death due to fire.

(b) If the 8th place is aspected by Moon watery disease.

(c) If the 8th place is aspected by Mars death may be caused by any kind of weapon, or surgical operation.

(d) If that house is aspected by Mercury it may be a serious type of fever that cannot be easily diagnosed.

(e) If Jupiter is the cause of death the suffering will be due to cough and cold or any such disease relating to phlegm or digestive organ.

3. If the waning Moon be posited in the 8th place and is aspected by powerful Saturn the native may die of disease of anus, eye or any wound caused by a weapon.

Sun in the 8th house

It is needless to repeat here that Sun signifies father, soul, head, nobility etc. When he is situated in the 8th house the native may suffer from bilious ailments, he may lack personality, vitality, energy and vigour, because Sun naturally stands for energy, vitality, pomp, grandeur, greatness and nobility. Naturally when this planet is in the 8th house he will be afflicted, in consequence the native will be narrow-minded, mentally weak and sickly, he may die of epilepsy, paralysis or Sunstroke. An afflicted Sun may be the cause of loss of brain power.

Sun- Renouncing spirit; frequent changes; diseases caused due to poison; lucky; talkative; too many travels; mean mentality.

When Sun occupies the 8th house and is aspected by Saturn and there is no aspect of any benefic on Sun the native under that circumstance will pass through many vicissitudes of life, may suffer from worries and anxieties almost all through his life. His professional career may be adversely affected.

In a female horoscope the planet seated in the 8th house may cause widowhood.

Moon in the 8th house

Moon represents mother, mind, lungs nutrition, morality, etc. If the planet is situated in the 8th house the native is likely to be sickly, his mother may not live long or she may die during the childhood of the native. If Moon in the 8th house is aspected by three malefic or is situated between malicious the child’s mother and child itself may die at any early age. This is called Bal-ristha.

Moon in malefic sign-Death in young age

Jupiter in quadrants from Moon or Ascendant- Long life.

Moon may be the cause of lunacy if he is aspected by powerful Saturn, Mars or Rahu, this configuration of planets (viz Moon’s relation with Saturn, Mars and Rahu) may be the cause of epilepsy, piles and indigestion.

If the 8th house is a watery sign and Moon is posited there with Jupiter being unfavourable due to ownership of a malefic house the native may suffer from asthma, phthisis, consumption etc. He may be susceptible to cough and cold only in case Ascendant and its lord are well-disposed in a favourable sign.

Mars in the 8th house

Mars among other things denotes physical strength and energy, activity, effort, brothers and sisters, sinews, muscular tissues, weapons, strife, war, litigation, accidents, etc.

Mars-Widower or widow; death will be due to accident in water or through weapons or sickness due to vitiation of blood; poverty in 1st year; sufferings due to piles; weak constitution.

If Mars is situated in 8th house it indicates sudden death owing to surgical operation, piles, fissure, plague, cholera, dysentery, small pox, meningitis etc. He may be involved in a litigation or debt.

Mars in the 8th house may cause wife’s death in case of a male and if he is associated with 8th house in a woman’s horoscope the husband may die.

If Mars in the 8th house is conjoined with a malefic the native may be fond of women of bed repute, in case of a woman the lady may be illegally attached to a paramour by discarding her husband. This is also termed as Mars Dosha.


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