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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 83


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mercury in the 8th house

Mercury represents learning, education, wisdom, intelligence, art, tongue, power of speech, nerves, humour etc.

Mercury- Evil-minded; profession where cruelty is exercised; happiness.

When the planet is situated in the 8th house the native may be dull, his educational career will not be smooth running [there may be many obstructions], his manner of talk or conversation may not be convincing, he may be attacked with such diseases that can not be diagnosed easily.

When Mercury in the 8th house is strong and is not associated with or aspected by any malefic the native may be wise, prudent, well-mannered, but afflicted Mercury in the 8th house may be the cause of many evils and worries.

In the horoscope of a woman afflicted Mercury in the 8th house causes unhappy incidents in the family and her husband may have to bear the brunt of those evil events.

Venus in the 8th house

Venus is a significator of marriage, wife or husband, attachment, material pleasure, sexual act, passion, love, beauty, elegant eyes, fire arts, scandals, venereal diseases etc.

Venus-The native would be serving under a person credited with many good deeds or charities, but the native himself will be only half as charitable; eats meat; evil looks; sinful.

Phala dipika writes that Venus in the 8th house makes the native a long-lived and rich, and a ruler of earth. Astrological savants are of opinion that only powerful Venus in the 8th house can give the aforesaid good results. If he is weak the native may have to face scandals, he may be adulterous,may visit public women, may be addicted to wine and women, may suffer from venereal disease etc.

When the planet is in conjunction with Mars or they are related to each other in any other way there may be loss of life partner at his or her premature age and the native may be a man of loose morals.

Venus with Saturn in the 8th house may make the native impotent.

In the horoscope of a woman when Venus is posited in the 8th house and the 7th house and its lord are not favourable the native’s conjugal life is totally marred. This is also a sign of premature death of the husband (or wife).

Presence of Venus and Saturn in the 8th house may cause diabetes, kidney trouble or inflammation of prostate gland.

In the horoscope of a woman the native may suffer from diseases of ovary or uterus or both if Venus is situated in the 8th house.

If Mars is conjoined with Venus, she may have to undergo surgical operation due to those ailments.

Jupiter in the 8th house

Jupiter-Pilgrimages; long life; good name, happiness from wife and children; lustrous body; charitably inclined but poor.

Jupiter in the 8th house is not a benefactor for the native. He may not have any child at all or his children may die premature death. In a woman’s horoscope Jupiter in the 8th house may cause abortions, of her children may die early. The native may be mean-minded he may earn his livelihood as a menial, he will be untruthful and a religious hypocrite, he may be dependent on others and lead a miserable life. But Jupiter in the 8th house gives long life to the native.

Saturn in the 8th house

Primarily Saturn is the indicator of death. He signifies sorrows, afflictions, disappointment, miseries, meanness, demoralization.

Saturn- Wanders far and wide; bad luck; troubles and sufferings in young age; Some happiness in middle age; very happy in old age.

Eighth house is astrololgically termed as `Randhra’, The term means a hole or a bore of a tube through which all poisonous substance may get in or get out. Saturn controls that hole or bore. If he is in joyful mood he allows the vicious instincts in a man to get into that bore and sends back the same after proper sterilization, thereby the planet takes the responsibility of moulding a sinful person into a `sadhaka’ i.e, a true devotee. So, a beneficial Saturn is a blessing in disguise. He withholds at first, later to deal in double measure. When Saturn is the ruler in the horoscope he makes slow plodding ascent and the promise of success early in life is scant. But as the years roll by the arc begins to curve upward the native rises to prominence in life.

Initially Saturn stands for worries and anxieties, impurity, insincerity and sinful acts. So, when he is in the 8th house the native may have to suffer from serious type of miseries and worries, he is to struggle hard to ward off obstacles that beset on his way to prosperity, he faces monetary stringency, develops nsty habits, every effort in his life may be thwarted by enemies or by some sort of impediments about which he never thought of before their exact appearance in the field of action. Saturn in the 8th house place makes a man cruel, peevish, and dishonest. Afflicted Saturn in the 8th house may be the cause of suffering from colic pain, gout or rheumatism, idiosyncrasies, windy ailments, defective eyesight (vision) and tooth trouble.

When Saturn is afflicted by Sun the man becomes depraved and dishonest and struggle in his life knows no bound.

Saturn in the 8th house gives long life to the native but if the planet is conjoined with Mars death may occur due to surgical operation, if he is in conjunction with Venus the native may be impotent. Of course if Saturn and Venus are aspected by a benefic the native may be sexually normal.

In the horoscope of a women Saturn in the 8th house deprives the native of mental peace in conjugal or family life. Moreover she may be a widow. This unfavourable result more often is experienced when that Saturn and Venus are in conjunction with Mars.


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