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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 94


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Relationship with father

Y-1- If lord of 9th from Ascendant is powerful or the significator for 9th is aspected by benefic, the native will greatly adore his father.

Y-2- If the Ascendants at birth, of father and son, arer in 6th or 8th of each other, there will be bitterness between father and son.

Y-3- If the Ascendant of son happens to be the 9th or 2nd from his father’s Ascendant, son will adore his father.

Auspicious Yogas-

Y-1- Wealth- If lord of 2nd is in 11th, dispositor thereof in 9th whilst lord of 9th is conjunct or aspected by lord of 10th, the native will become very wealthy.

Y-2- Respect from King- If lord of 4th is in Ascendant conjunct with lord of 9th and aspected by Jupiter, the native will be honoured by King.

Y-3- Prosperity- If lords of 2 and 9 either stand in or aspect the 11th, there will be gain of conveyance and prosperity.

Y-4- Wealth through brothers- lord of 3 in 3rd, whilst the lord of 9th is a benefic himself, placed in a benefic sign or navamsa or varga aspected by a benefic, the native gains wealth through his brothers.

Y-5- Prosperous children- Jupiter in 5th whilst the lord of 5 is placed in 9th conjunct or aspected by a benefic indicates that the native will have very prosperous children.

Y-6- Wealth- Exchange of signs between lords of 3 and 9, whilst Mars is placed in 3rd, indicates wealth from distant relatives.

Y-7- Luck through enemies- Exchange of signs between lords of 9 and 6 indicates luck through enemies.

Y-8- Wealth- Whilst the lord of Ascendant is powerful, if Venus or Jupiter or lord of 9th is placed in 9th or anyone of the aspect the 9th, there will be growth of prosperity slowly but surely.

Y-9- Prosperity- If the 9th and Ascendant or their lords are occupying malefic varga (classifications) or are being aspected by Saturn, luck and prosperity will be destroyed.

Y-10- Lord of 11 in 9, lord of 9 in 1st whilst lord of ascendant is in 11th, the native’s prosperity will be more due to his good deeds in the previous birth.

No Wealth-

Y-1- If lord of 9 is in 9th with a number of malefic, whilst the lord of Ascendant is weak, the native will have no wealth.


Y-1- Lord of 3 in 9th in company of Sun indicates that the native will have connections with women other than wife.

Death of father-

Y-1- If Sun and Moon are placed in 9th whilst the Ascendant is strong, death of father in early ages of a native is indicated.

P- In a horoscope where the lords of 1, 2, 4 and 9 are placed in quadrants or trines, death of father, mother and self should be expected in major period or sub period of said lords.

Death of native- If both the lords of Ascendant and 7th are placed together in a quadrant or trine, native’s death is likely in the Major period of the dispositor thereof.

Many wives: If lords: of 9, 5 and 7th house are weak and are posited in 6 or 8 or 12th (individually or severally) and if no benefic is posited in 5th, the native will have Many wives or girl-friends.

Son out of wedlock- If a native has no children at all, but has a powerful lord of 5, he will beget a son out of wedlock when the lord of 5 (during transits) is being aspected by a powerful malefic transiting n enemy sign.

Bondage- Bondage of the native will occur during the major or sub period of strong Saturn, lord of 6th and lord of Ascendant, provided they are placed together in quadrant or trine.

Significations or Matters concerning cows may be decided from Jupiter.

Significations or Matters concerning buffaloes may be decided from Saturn.

Significations or Matters concerning goats may be decided from Rahu or Ketu.

Significations or Masters concerning horses may be decided from Sun.

P- The honour enjoyed by a native is indicated by the 9th house, its lord, Jupiter, Venus and Sun, or the strongest amongst these. On the strength of the strongest of these, will depend the honour, and respect enjoyed by the native.

P- Depending on the same strength, happiness from father and good luck of the native has to be sized-up.

P- If there is exchange of houses or signs between 9th and 10th lords, great luck and honour are assured.


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