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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 93


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Y-14- Father’s death When?- Father’s death and performance of obsequies in that connection should be predicted in the sub period of Maraka planet or lord of 10th in the Major period of Malefic conjunct with lord of 9th.

For Aries and Cancer Ascendants, death of father is possible in Major period of Jupiter, who is in dusthana (6 or 8 or 12th house) with aspect of a Malefic.

Father’s death is also possible in Major period of the significator for father posited in evil houses (6 or 8 or 12th house) or Malefic in conjunction with the significator for father.

Father of the native should be presumed to have died before birth, if lord of 9th and significator are conjointly placed in 9 or 5 connected with lords of dusthana or enemy or Malefic.

Death of father immediately after birth is likely if lords of 4th and 9th are together with connection of strong Malefic(s).

Y-15- Son greater than father- If the lord of 9th is in exaltation, own house or Moolatrikona, the native will bring honour to his father by his good deeds and charities.

If there is exchange of signs between lords of 5th and 9th and the planets occupy exaltation etc., much good luck in the matter of father and children is indicated.

Y-16- Prosperity- Lords of 1st, 4th and 9th conjointly placed in 11th or friendly house indicates great prosperity and luck.

Y-17- Religious leanings- From the 9th and its lord and from the planets connected with them (especially with reference to the strongest of the lot) determine the native’s Ishta Devata (family deity) or God, according to his religious leanings.

Happiness –Y- If lord of 9 is in 9th whilst Venus is occupying the 4th, the native will enjoy happiness in many directions throughout life.

Wealth –Y- Venus in conjunction of a benefic in 9th indicates that during the major period of lord of 9th, the native will be amassing wealth.


Y-1- Lord of 4th in 2nd or a benefic placed in 9th house, whilst the 9th happens to be a sign owned by a benefic, indicates that the native will own a conveyance of a decent type throughout life.

Y-2- The native will never own a conveyance, if both lord of 4th and Jupiter (individually or severally) stand in malefic signs and or in 6 or 8 or 12th houses.

Y-3- Moon in 2 or 4 (which happens to be a sign owned by a benefic or Moon in conjunction of a benefic placed in 2nd or 4th indicates gain of a horse for conveyance purposes and as a mark of honour.

If at the same time, lord of 11th is in 4th, the native will have paraphernalia.

Honour –Y- Gain of white Umbrella as a mark of honour would result if lord of 7th is posited in a benefic sign, conjunct or aspected by a benefic.

If lord of 7th is posited in a malefic sign conjunct or aspected by a malefic, opposite results are indicate.

Wealth –Y- If lords of 9th, Ascendant and 7th are posited in 9th or 11th, conjunct or aspected by a benefic, the native will become very wealthy.

Self-made Man –Y- Whilst lords of 9 and 6 exchange signs, lord of 11th is placed in 9th, the native will be self-made man enjoying power, pelf and luck.


P- In the major period of benefic(s) in conjunction of lord of 4th, there will be increased prosperity and happiness.

P- In the Major period of Malefic(s) in conjunction of lord of 4th, adverse effects will be suffered.

P- Jupiter or Mercury in exaltation or friendly sign in the 9th, whilst dispositor thereof is fairly strong, the native will not only be charitably inclined but will also become head of public institutions run for public benefit.

P- Jupiter and Venus in Mercury signs, whilst lord of 9th is posited in a sign owned by a benefic or is hemmed in between benefic, same results will occur.

P- Even a benefic in 9th placed on malefic navamsa and Malefic Sastiamsa will incline the native towards unrighteous ways.

Pure Heart- Lord of 9th, significator for 9th and the 9th bhava – Madhya (9th house cusp-Nirayaya). If all these are on benefic classifications or associated or aspected by benefic, the native will be charitably inclined and have a pure heart.

Paternal prosperity- Full paternal prosperity and happiness from father is assured if lord of 9th is a benefic, or there is a benefic posited in 9th and the significator for 9th is conjunctor aspected by a benefic.

Same results as above will occur if the 9th happens to be a benefic sign with a benefic posited therein.

Death of father- A malefic in 9th conjunct with another Malefic or both the lord of 9th and the significator for 9th are conjunct with a malefic, death of father is likely in sub period of Malefic posited in 9th.

(i) Malefic lord of 9th or (ii) Significator for 9th placed on malefic or inimical navamsa and in conjunction of Saturn or Gulika will cause death of father; in their Major period.


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