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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 96


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Father Conduct-

Y- If lords of 4th and 6th are posited in 9th, the native’s father should be presumed to have had contacts with a number of girl friends.

Death of Uncle- If Mar is posited in 5th or 10th from Ascendant aspected by a malefic, death of maternal uncle is indicated.

Death of Mother- If Moon is conjunct Mars, and posited in 5th or 10th from Ascendant aspected by a Malefic, death of Mother is indicated.

Father’s death

Y-1- Sun, Mars and Saturn (all together) stand in 1st or 5th or 9th or 12th house, death of father should be predicted.

Y-2- Un-aspected by benefic, if Saturn and Mars are in the 9th of Sun, death of father is indicated.

Y-3- The placement of Sun and Saturn in 12th house, whilst a weak Moon is standing in 7th indicates immediate death of father; if there is a benefic aspect, death in 3rd year should be inferred.

Y-4- Ketu in Ascendant, 4th, 5th or 9th is good in regard to longevity of father. Ketu in other signs with malefic aspect indicates very poor longevity.

Y-5- Death of father in childhood is indicated if Mars is in 7th and Saturn is in 10th in enemy sign and on Shudhamsa. (Shudhamsa is the name of one of the 300 sub-divisions).

P- General- The father of the native should he presumed to have been away from the place of birth of the native if Sun were in a movable sign aspected by Mars and Birth has occurred during day time;

Saturn, Mars and Rahu together in a movable sign indicate the same result.

Death of Mother

Y-1- A Malefic placed in enemy sign in the 8th, from Moon with malefic aspect indicates death of Mother in childhood, whilst father was away.

Y-2- Malefic on either side of Ascendant or Moon, whilst a malefic is standing in 7th or 8th denotes death of Mother and child.

Y-3- A strong malefic in 4th from Ascendant whilst the Ascendant is also occupied by a malefic, indicates death of Mother. Instead of Ascendant, the second malefic may be in a quadrant.

Y-4- Birth at night coupled with stay of Saturn in 5th or 9th from Moon or Venus also indicates death of Mother.

Y-5- Whilst Sun is in 8th of Moon, if the Ascendant is hemmed in between Mars and Saturn, Mothers death is indicated.


Y- If the lords of Ascendant, 4th and 9th are conjunct or aspected by lord of 10th, happiness in many directions, luck, bodily comforts and high charities re indicated.

Y- If the lord of 9th is exalted in conjunction with lords of 10th and 2nd and if a malefic is aspecting them; in the Major period of the malefic, there will be highly auspicious effects.


Y-1- If lord of 4th is in 9th whilst Venus and Jupiter are in signs owned by benefic and lord of 9th is posited in trines or 4th or 8th, the native will possess gold and precious stones.

Y-2- The native will enjoy full prosperity if Venus, Moon and Mercury are in Jupiter signs or quadrants.

Y-3- Ancestral property- Ancestral property and patrimony are assured if lord of 9th is strong, Moon is in 9th from Ascendant and Jupiter is in the 9th of Moon.

Y-4- Father penniless- Moon and Mars together in 2nd or 9th, whilst lord of 9th is debilitated, indicates that the native’s father was penniless.

Y-5- Prosperity and Longevity- Good prosperity and full span of life is assured for a native with Venus in 4th, whilst lord of 9th is in extreme exaltation and 9th is occupied by Jupiter.

Y-6- Father’s prosperity- Father’s prosperity is assured if lord of 9th is in quadrant aspected by both Sun and Jupiter.

Y-7- Reputed father- Lord’s of 9th in 9th, dispositor-thereof in 2nd indicates that the native’s father is reputed.

Y-8- Influential father- Sun in extreme exaltation either-in company of lords of Ascendant and 10th or lords of Ascendant and 10th are placed in 11th, the native’s father’s will be a favourite of King or Govt.

Y-9- Respect to father- Sun in quadrant or trines with a benefic in 9th there from whilst Jupiter is in Ascendant, the native will adore his father.

Y-10- Exchange of signs between lords of 9th and 11th indicates that the native will enjoy prosperity throughout life.

Y-11- Exchange of signs between lords of 6th and 9th indicates that all the paternal property would be lost and that thereafter the native would become inimical to his father.


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