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Judgement of Twelve House

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Now let us consider what is to be deduced from the various houses/bhava.

Effects of the First House                     

Indications of the First House: The First house basically represents Physique, appearance, intellect, complexion, vigour, weakness, joy and sorrow and innate nature. All these are to be considered from it.

The first Brava detailed significations and significations are: (1) Physical appearance or Body image (2) limbs (3) happiness and misery (4) old age (5) knowledge (6) birth potential (7) fame or constitution (8) dream (9) strength or natural vitality (10) dignity (11) politics (12) longevity (13) tranquility or peace of mind (14) age (15) hair (16) complexion (17) pride (18) livelihood (19) gambling as profession (20) natural general state of health and stigma (21) honour (22) Skin (23) sleep (24) proficiency (25) embezzlement (26) nature to insult and take revenge (27) freedom from sickness (28) detachment or renunciation (29) nature of individual (30) nature of work or agency (31) perseverance in cattle breeding (32) loss of sense of decorum and (33) Defamation by his own people i.e. clan or associates.

Significations- The body, its hue (colour and skin texture of person’s face), its form, its characteristics, fame, qualities, happiness or unhappiness, residence abroad, splendor, strength and weakness are the main significations, so say the wise astrologers, of the 1st house.

Rising sign- The more auspicious the rising sign is, at a person’s birth, the longer will the native lives; the more will be command the respect of the rulers and the happiness and satisfaction be the result in his life time. And if the rising sign is also aspected by its lord, he will be a master of riches, quite a genius and a great asset to his family.

Rising Navamsa- An astrologer may declare the nature and peculiar features f a person from the lord of the rising Navamsa at his birth or from a powerful planet occupying the Ascendant. His hue should be guessed from the lord of Navamsa occupied by the Moon.

(All good and evil in the life of the person is to be ascertained through the Ascendant).

Size of Head –

Y-1- Sun conjunct Dragon’s Head in Ascendant denotes that.

E- The size of head of the native will be less than average, but his stature will be tall with long teeth and horse-like neck or bent neck.

Y-2- If the sign in the Lagna is of two hours duration, not when it is half of it.

E- The head of a native is big.

Physical well-being and comforts –

Y-1- If the Ascendant Lord is together with a malefic or is situated in the 6th or 8th or 12th house.
E- He deprives the native of physical well-being and comforts.

Y-2- But if he is placed in a Kendra or a trikona (angle or trine), it indicates that.

E- The native will always enjoy bodily comforts.

Y-3- If the Ascendant lord were in combustion, in enemy’s sign or in his sign of debilitation.
E- It causes diseases.

N- Benefic being placed in an angle or trine from the Ascendant have been known to be destroyer of all diseases. Ascendant’s angles i.e. 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house or trine 5th, 9th house containing a benefi, is a powerful remedy for all problems related to health.

(The basic rule of Predictive Astrology is that the Lord of any Bhava or House, when placed in the 6th or 8th or 12th house, it destroys the effects of the said house. The placement of the Ascendant Lord in these evil houses does indicate suffering or losses pertaining to the individual’s body, since the Ascendant is related to the whole body. When, the Ascendant is combined with a malefic planet also, the losses will be two folded. The Ascendant signifies the complete nativity in everyway and sense. Therefore along with the body, the native will have to suffer losses in respect of wealth, reputation, personality etc. The angles (1-4-7-10) and the Trines (5-9) in a horoscope have been regarded as auspicious or best houses. Therefore, the placement of the Ascendant Lord in these houses will be auspicious and beneficial for the body and rest of things; also, the placement of a benefic in an angle or a trine will be beneficial to the native.

If a planet is in combustion, in enemy’s sign or in his debilitation sign, it will destroy the effects pertaining to those houses which are his own houses and the house in which he is placed, will also suffer loss of its effects. On the contrary, a planet situated in his exaltation sign is considered beneficial and auspicious).

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