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Judgement of Twelve House: Foreign country or not

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Y-1- When a moveable sign is the Ascendant and its lord is in a moveable Signs and aspected by planets occupying moveable signs.

E- The person born will have his fortune in a foreign country.

Y-2- When an immoveable sign is the Ascendant and its lord is also in an immoveable sign, and aspected by planets occupying immoveable sign.

E- The person will remain in his own country, and will be lucky, prosperous and possessed of abundant wealth.

Y-3- When the lord of the 12th house from that occupied by the lord of the Ascendant is the latter’s enemy or is in depression or weak.

E- The person born goes to a foreign country.

Y-4- (If the (Vyayash) referred to above be aspected by Venus in the capacity of a friend.

E- He will abide permanently there.

Y-5- His residence will be in a small township, if the same (Vyayash) be eclipsed by the Sun.

Y-6- If the (Vyayash) be possessed of strength, the house will be in a wealthy municipality.

Y-7- If the sign in the Ascendant is a moveable one or if the lord of the Ascendant is located in a moveable sign.

E- The native is mostly on the move.

Y-8- In case the Ascendant contains a moveable sign or if the Navamsa in the Ascendant belongs to a moveable sign.

E- The man is on the move mostly in life.

Y-9- If the Ascendant belongs to movable sign, its lord is a planet of fast movement and is aspected by a fast moving planet.

E- The native moves in foreign lands.

Y-10a- If the Lagna is a fixed sign and is associated with planets of slow motion (e.g. Jupiter).

E- The native remains in his own country in a wealthy and lucky condition.

Y-10b- In case the Lagna is under the influence of both movable and slow planets.

E- The native gets luck and fame through bad means by moving to different territories.

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