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Today's Astral Energy and the thought of the day!

The astrological read of TODAY'S ENERGY based on my analysis of MOON and THE MOVEMENTS/ANGLES of planets - September , 27 ,12 Though you will be have the focus but will face difficulties in balancing things in the areas of partnership . open enemies , spouse and issues relating to abroad - their will be hurdles. Caution in dealing with property .
Thought Of The Day - 27/09/12 - One in life can have an ANT like approach - struggle with whatever comes in your front - look busy and effectively achieve less or we could be a BIRD which flies sits on a tree to OBSERVE and then again takes a bigger picture by FLYING in the SKY to have a better view and then HUNT / ACT for its living . We can be like an ANT struggling with everything that comes in front or be like bird that EVALUATES the BIGGER PICTURE before ACTING.

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