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Judgement of Twelve House: Fame & Wealth

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Y-1- When the Ascendant lord, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus are in an angle or trine.

E- The native will be long-lived, wealthy, intelligent and favourite of the Government officials.

Y-2- The Ascendant lord when placed in a movable sign and having the asapect of a benefic planet confers on.

E- The native fame, wealth, abundant pleasures and comforts of the body.

Y-3- If Mercury, Jupiter or Venus are situated in the Ascendant, together with the Moon or if they are in an angle from the Ascendant.

E- The native is endowed with royal marks.

Y-4- If Mercury, Jupiter or Venus be in 4th, 7th, 10th house from Ascendant or be in association with Moon in Ascendant.

E- The  native will enjoy royal fortunes.

Y-5- If the Sun is located in the “Dev Lok” division & the lord of the Ascendant is strong, the lord of the 9th house is in its sign of exaltation.

E- The native becomes famous and fortunate.

Y-6- If the lord of the Lagna is (a) very strong (b) is in the varga of benefic planets (c) is exalted (d) is with a friendly planet (e) is in the Navamsa sign belonging to itself (f) is associated with a benefic, (g) is with the lord of a angle.

E- The native has best of affluence, fame, wealth, grains, and prosperity.

Y-7- If at a person’s birth the lord of the rising sign is, in great strength in the house of a benefic planet occupy a Angle or Trine position from the Ascendant and be aspected by or associated with auspicious planets.

E- The fame of the person born will extend up to the four oceans.

Y-8- If lord of Ascendant is in quadrant trine/exaltation or friendly house.

E- The native will possess fame.

In Good books of high officials

Y-9- A benefic in Ascendant and another benefic in quadrant whilst the lord of 9th and 10th are united in a sign.

E- Indicates that the native will become a favourite of the King/high officials.


Y-1- When the Ascendant is aspected by its lord.

E- The person born will be either a king or his favourite, wealthy and well off.

N-1- If the Ascendant be aspected by an auspicious planet, all will be auspicious.

N-2- If by an evil planet, everything will turn out to be evil.

Charity - If Jupiter is in Aries, Cancer, Scorpio or Capricorn or Ascendant or 7th, the native will be a respected citizen besides being charitably inclined.


Y-1- Whilst lord of Ascendant is placed in Ascendant or 4th, the lord of 9th is placed in 9th or Ascendant conjunct or aspected by both Venus and Jupiter.

E- The native will always he enjoying all kinds of prosperity.

Y-2- If malefic do not occupy quadrant/trines/2nd houses, whereas lord of Ascendant and Venus are posted in 4th house and/or 8th house.

E- The native will be charitable and prosperous, enjoying longevity unto 100 years, free from sickness.

N- Further, during sub-periods of lord of Ascendant and Venus, he will enjoy happiness in many ways.

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