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Judgement of Twelve House: High academic achievements

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Y- In company of lord of 9th, if lord of Ascendant is in quadrant aspected by lord of 5th.
E- The native will attain high academic qualifications and be lucky and prosperous throughout.

Misery –
Y- When there is a benefic planet in the 1st house, but a malefic one in the 2nd as well as in a Angle, and when the lord of the Ascendant has attained the Uttamamsa.
E- The person born suffers misery in early life, however is happy thereafter.

Physical Happiness –

Y-1- The native will enjoy bodily happiness, if lord of Ascendant happens to be a benefic or a benefic placed in or aspects the Ascendant or lord of Ascendant is staying in quadrants/trines/exaltation/friendly house.

Y-2- If lord of Ascendant is conjunct with a malefic and is posited in 6/8/12th house, there will be no bodily happiness.

Y-3- If lord of 6th is in Ascendant in company of a benefic or aspected by a benefic, the native will prefer a sort of semi-secluded life, not very social and without a circle of friends.

Y-4 If lord of 8th is in Ascendant in company of a benefic or aspected by a benefic, the native will be weak physically.

Y-5- If lord of 12th is in Ascendant in company of a benefic or aspected by a benefic, the native will be sickly.

Note: On the strength of the benefic aspect or conjunction referred here will depend, the quantum of effects of the yoga.

Y-6- If weak lord of Ascendant is standing in quadrants or trine, whilst the native will be free from sickness, he will enjoy moderately, but will be temperamentally unbalanced frequently.

Y-7- Bodily happiness is assured, if Moon is powerful in the horoscope whilst the lord of Ascendant is; conjunct with a benefic and there is a benefic in Ascendant or benefic aspect on Ascendant.

Y-8- If the Ascendant, lord thereof and Moon are all benefic, good bodily happiness, good body and bodily features good looks and happiness in all directions are assured.

No Bodily happiness- The native will have no bodily happiness if lord of Ascendant is posted in 6/8/12th house in company of a malefic or with lord of 6th/7th house.

Bodily comforts- When the lord of the Ascendant is in an auspicious sign and is possessed of strength, the person born will be in a good status having a command of all bodily comforts.

When the planet in the Ascendant is in depression or inimical Navamsa and happens to be the lord of a evil house (Dusthhana), the person born will lack bodily comforts.

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