Judgement of Twelve House: Financial Prosperity

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Y-1- If lord of Ascendant is conjunct with a benefic or occupying the deep exaltation degree which happens to be in a quadrant/trine or with benefic aspect/conjunction of lord of 10th or in own house, which happens to be a quadrant/trine:

E- Good luck; reputation; financial prosperity and enjoyments of high order.


Y-1- If lord of Ascendant is in quadrant/trine with aspect or conjunction of a benefic; falling connection with a benefic, the lord of Ascendant should be posited in a sign owned by benefic, which happens to be a quadrant/trine:

E- Reputation; never hears anything adverse about his character.

Y-2- If lord or Ascendant is very strong with aspect of a benefic and is posited in a quadrant.

E- The native will enjoy world-wide reputation, kingly paraphernalia, possess many praiseworthy qualities and full span of life.

N- Malefic Yoga’s affecting longevity will get nullified.

Y-3- If lord of Ascendant is strong and/or Jupiter is in quadrants of Ascendant:

E - The native will have enjoyments and happiness.

C - If lord of Ascendant is conjunct/aspected by a benefic.

E - The native will have wife, children, friends and happiness.

Kingly Status

Y-1- If lord of Ascendant has vargotham amsa, exalted navamsa or navamsa in own house and has in addition aspect or conjunction of a benefic.

E- The native will enjoy happiness comparable to that of a King (Raja Samaana Bhoga).

Reputation & Prosperity

Y- If lord of Ascendant is in exaltation signs aspected by a benefic whilst a benefic is occupying the Ascendant or is conjunct with Moon.

E- The native will enjoy prosperity and enjoy life in various directions.
Bodily Comforts & Prosperity

Y- If lord of Ascendant is in a quadrant/trine/exalted/friendly sign or is aspected by both Jupiter and Venus.

E- The native will enjoy bodily Comforts and all kinds of prosperity.

All round Prosperity

Y- If Mars and Moon are posted in Ascendant, whilst Mars happens to be lord of Ascendant and Sun, Moon, Venus, and Saturn are posted in friendly signs.

E- There will be fame, luck & growing prosperity.

N- Benefic in Ascendant, whilst the lord of Ascendant is aspecting the Ascendant indicate daily growth of prosperity and happiness (Nitvam Bahu Mangalani). Planets under this classification “Chara” (Moveable) are Moon, Venus, and Mercury; Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are `Sthira-‘fixed).

Long lived children & prosperity

Y- Lord of Ascendant/Jupiter/Venus is quadrant indicates that

E- The children of the native will be long-lived and that the native will enjoy wealth and be in good looks of Government.

Happy life

Y-1- A native having (a) Lord of Ascendant in quadrant from Ascendant or Moon and in the visible half of horizon between rising degree and setting degree via 10th house) or (b) lord of 9th in 10th in company of lord of Ascendant-

E- Will lead a very happy life throughout.

Y-2- When the Ascendant is auspicious and is aspected by benefic planets, provided there is no malefic planet placed in or aspect the Ascendant.

E- A person will be happy from his childhood.

N- But if several malefic planets afflict the Ascendant by their occupation or aspect, the person born will be unhappy throughout life.

Y-3- If, at the time of his birth, Venus has attained Devalokamssa, the lord of the Ascendant as Gopuramsa and benefic planets aspect the rising sign i.e. Ascendant.

E- A person will be happy in the middle and concluding portions of his life.

Y-4- When the lord of the Ascendant occupies a benefic sign and is aspected by a benefic planet or has attained a Gopuramsa.

E- The person born will be happy after his 16th year.

Y-5- When the planet owning the Navamsa, occupied by the lord of the Ascendant is in a Angle, a Trine or exaltation, or is in the 11th house possessed of strength.

E- The person born will be happy after the first 30 years of his life. 

Y-6- When the Ascendant is aspected by two or more benefic planets.

E- The person born is happy.

N- When it is aspected by all the benefic planets, he will be king.

N- When there are three benefic planets in the Ascendant the effect on the person born is that he will make a good king.

N- If there were three malefic planets in the Ascendant, he will be unhappy.

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