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How to Avoid the Distractions in life!

How to Avoid the Distractions in life!:

Distractions are a part of our daily life. We all face them either at our personal life or at our work place as well. There is actually no way that you can avoid them, but you will have to face them on a regular basis.

We all realize this thing that we start doing some work, but just because we faced some distractions, we stopped doing the same and the work remained unfinished at the end of the day. On the other hand some people get things done properly.

Well, I am sure that we won’t find a single person in this world, who can claim that he is the lucky one who never faced any distraction in his life.

Let me tell you something about the types of distractions as well. In my opinion there can be of two types of distraction in our life, one is like some kind of background noises, or an unexpected visitors either at your home or at your work place, while the other kind of distractions are like your mood is off, or you are too busy with your work and did not getting the time to complete other works, or similar types of complex distractions. Well, honestly there is one more type of complex distraction and this is caused by your colleague or friends who always try to distract you from achieving the goal of your life.

Dealing with the first types of distractions are quite easy, but dealing with both the complex types of distractions are quite tough and need patience to fight against them. Not many people are so good in dealing with those distractions.

How Distractions can Stop You
Let me give you a real life example. One of my friends Rhonda once decided to start a blog. She got inspiration after reading many blogs of mine, as well as from some other bloggers as well. Shortly she discovered that she don’t have the enough skills to develop a blog.

She discussed with me about how to manage a blog, and I most possibly gave her all the tips required to manage running a great blog. Frankly, I did even purchased a domain name for her, and set the web hosting for her. Not only that, I even helped her to set up the WordPress blog on her domain name, and helped her to chose the best possible looking simple template for her blog too.
I did even help her to write a few posts for her blog. I gave her idea about how she can create content for her blog in future as well. I was happy that she was near enough to achieve the desire of her.

Here comes the role of distractions, which stopped her to achieve the goal. She was actually surrounded by some negative people and they use to make fun of her for her efforts on blog. Even her husband was among one of them, who use to make fun of her. For a surprise, these distractions prevent her to create new blog posts, and out of sudden, she just lost her sleep at night as well.

All these things created big problem for her and finally on a bright day she decided to quit the blogging world. Unfortunately, we lost a blooming blogger that day.

I was forced to close her blog permanently on that particular day.

The Fact behind these Distractions

Well, what do you think, who was the culprit in the case of Rhonda?

Many of you will say she herself, and few of you will point towards the distractions which forced her to achieve the goals which she decided.

Frankly speaking the subconscious mind of Rhonda was facing a huge problem. This problem was actually created by some of her friends who were making fun of her, and those also include the husband of her. Along with that she also lacks the skills required to run a blog, but then this distraction can be conquered by her in my opinion with experiences.

Well, in my honest opinion, any one, who has the will power to defeat the distractions of his/her life, would have learned the missing skills, and can also give proper reply to all those people who were making fun of them.

Other Factors of Distractions
We normally use to face this in our daily life. Mood swing is one of the major factors of distractions.

Less self confidence also causes the distractions to stop you to achieve the goal which you set for yourself.

Some negative thinking people are also there, who always try to distract you from your work.
Sometimes, love affairs too prevent you to distract from your work. Mostly, dangerous for teenagers, as one sided loves distract them from their studies.

How to Get Rid of the Distractions in Life?

Self Confidence

Well, in my opinion self confidence is the key behind defeating distractions in our daily life. Those who are not aware about how to gain confidence must read the article written by Divya on 11 ways to gain confidence or 7 ways to build your confidence written by me only.
One you are confident enough about your strength and weaknesses, you can always avoid distractions in your life, be it your personal or professional life.

Set Small Goals

Depending on your own strengths and weakness, you can set small-small goals for yourself on daily basis. Try to note down them and tick them off once you achieve the same.
Well in my case, if I use to submit the weekly reports for my clients on every Friday, then I always set the goal to prepare the reports by the end of the Thursday only. Once, the reports are ready I tick them off, and after a final check I usually send them to clients on Friday morning.
Normal perception is that goals are something which can take years to achieve, but in my opinion a goal can be any achievements, which you can set and achieve.

Be Brave or Strong

Normally, the reason why a distraction distracts us from achieving the goal is that we are not strong enough to protest them.
Once you decided that I am brave enough or strong enough to defeat the distractions, no one will be able to stop you to achieve the goals of your life.
Once you recognized your inner strength, your subconscious mind will never think about the options which can stop you to achieve your goals. Like in the case of Rhonda, her subconscious mind would have told her about the tips which I gave her, not about the fun which her husband and friends made of her.
When you don’t have the option of quitting the task, you must be able to finish is within the timeframe.

Be a Rock, Not a Tree

Frankly speaking I think that politeness is good, but up to an extent only. You must need to become a rock, rather than becoming a tree. Frankly any wind can blow away the tree, but would not be able to blow away the rock.
In our life as well, there are many external factors like work, friends, colleagues, love, etc. which can blow away from your place, but if you become a rock, you will definitely take control of your life.
My dear friends always remember one thing, don’t allow anyone else to handle the remote control of your own life, let it be in your hand only and managed by you only.

Social Media & Mobile Phone

Well, sometimes, social media and mobile phones also play the role of distractions in our life. Well in my opinion we should always try not to become addicted to them, like in many cases, these days youths are addicted to Facebook or Twitter, or in some cases use to chat for unlimited time on the mobile phone with the help of the texts.

With the help of the strong will power you can easily defeat the distractions to prevent you to achieve the goals of your life.

I hope these are the small tips which can help you to avoid the distractions in your life. How did you like the article? Please do share your views in the form of comments.

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