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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 43


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Pisces Ascendant – Sign in Houses

Pisces Ascendant. People with this Ascendant are generally wealthy; honourable, famous, self made, and prone to do well to others. They earn respect from the, government of the day. This is when Jupiter is strong. If Jupiter is afflicted along with the 10th house and its lord, such people are dishonoured by the government and suffer at the hands of government officials. They oppose the govt. of the day. Such people suffer from stomach troubles and have occasional trouble in the region of their feet.

Aries the Second House. If there is the sign Aries in the second house, the lord of the second house becomes the lord of the 9th house as well. If Mars is strong in the horoscope the native gets wealth beyond his expectations. The officials, of the govt are also particularly helpful to him, in his acquisition of wealth. On the contrary, if Mars is weak, in association with or under the aspect of malefic planets, the native loses wealth more as ordained by fate than can be justified by the circumstances of his case. His wealth is lost unexpectedly. If the wife of the native has a younger brother, that younger brother (9th house) is instrumental to the loss of his wealth. If Mars is in its sign of debilitation and there is no benefic influence on the second house and Mars, the elder brother of the mother of the native is short lived, for the 2nd house being 11th from the 4th represents the elder brother of the mother of the native.

Taurus in the Third House. When the sign Taurus falls in the 3rd house, Venus becomes the lord of he 3rd and the 8th houses, both representing “Longevity”. For that reason strong Venus confers good Longevity on the native. A weak Venus for the same reason would indicate short life to the native unless other factors of longevity are very strong. If Venus is strong in the horoscope, it indicates, as a female lord of the 3rd house, the existence of younger sisters of the native in good number. Such a person is fond of luxurious life and to that end he may risk his life. If Venus the lord of the 3rd and the 8th house is in the fifth house, it indicates the pursuit of the occult, the hidden, and the abstruse, mainly through the intellectual research.

Gemini in the Fourth House. When Gemini falls in the 4th house, Mercury becomes the lord of the 4th house and that of the 7th. If Mercury is very weak and heavily afflicted, the father of the native dies while the native is very young, particularly when the 4th house and Mercury are aspected by Mars. The reason is that Mercury becomes the lord of the 8th (Longevity) house from that of the father (9th) and being prone to suffer easily and quickly, it indicates early loss of the longevity of father. If Mercury is strong the native owns considerable landed property. If Mercury is conjoined to Venus and Moon, and all the three are under strong malefic influence, by association or aspect, the mother of the native is likely to go mad. A native with weak and afflicted Mercury suffers emotionally because of some conduct of his wife.

Cancer in the Fifth House. Moon lord of the 5th house in a strong position i.e., away from the Sun and un-afflicted by malefic planets, assures a good rise for the son of the native. In case however, Moon is weak it causes such diseases to the son as cough, pneumonia and other troubles in the chest. A strong Moon gives good memory and high intelligence.

Leo in the Sixth House. If the Sun is strong by house and sign position, it denotes good status of the younger brother of the mother of the native. His enemies are formidable and mighty. If the lord of the 6th house is weak, in the 8th house it gives disease etc. in its period.

Virgo in the Seventh House. In a male chart, if both Mercury and Venus are under the influence, by association or aspect, of separative planets: Sun, Saturn and Rahu (influence of any two of them will do) there are strong chances for separation taking place between wife and the husband, soon after the marriage, for the reason already stated viz the nature of Mercury to give quick results. If Mercury is strong the wife is educated and accomplished and is very much respected in society. The native himself too is popular particularly in literary matters, as Mercury becomes for him, the lord of the 4th house and the house 4th to 4th, (7th house).

Libra in the Eighth House. Venus becomes the lord of the 3rd and the 8th houses. Both are houses of longevity. Hence a strong Venus is conducive to longevity. The nature of influence on the 8th house and Venus denotes the mode of death of the native. A weak and afflicted Venus brings about disgrace through friends and younger brothers.

Scorpio in the Ninth House. Mars becomes the lord of the 9th and the 2nd house. If it is strong it gives much wealth. One is lucky and speaks in religious tones. His wife has younger brothers. If Mars and Jupiter are linked by mutual aspect, association etc., the native becomes both lucky and spiritual.

Sagittarius in the Tenth House. Jupiter becomes the lord of the 10th angle and the first trine. It, therefore, becomes a Raja Yoga planet. A strong Jupiter would therefore, confer honour, favour from govt., longevity wealth etc on the native. The native is able to stand on his own legs and earns much fame by dint of his own labours and wisdom.

Capricorn in the Eleventh House. Saturn becomes the lord of the 11th and the 12th houses. In such cases the elder brother of the native is generally of harsh speech unless Saturn has on it some good aspect. If Saturn is strong the native has many elder sisters. He stands to gain from landed property. If one of the contrary Saturn is weak the native suffers financially at the hands of his elder brothers or elder sister.

Aquarius in the Twelfth House. Saturn becomes the lord of the house of speech of the elder brother of the native. As such that brother is likely to be harsh in his speech, unless of course this defect is removed by some benefic influence on Saturn.


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