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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 44


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Pure Pisces Native

He is essentially emotional, intuitional and expansive, going to extremes of elation and depression. He is the most sensitive of all the Water signs, reflecting what he sees, taking the shape into which he is poured. This is noticeable in the way he depends on others for “shaping” or support. It can now be seen that such impressionability is very dangerous. At its best, it gives an ability to receive from unknown sources and without rational thought, though little use can be made of such gifts if the mind has not been trained to use them. Every great painter, poet, musician or artist of any sort knows that his best work has been done in moments of inspiration. The sign Pisces will be found to be prominent in the charts of such people.

This applies also to workers in material ways such as scientists who, in a dream or in waking moments will get the solution of a problem which has eluded them.

A further extension of this power to take an impression, to take the shape of the containing vessel, to hide the self behind a veil will be seen in the power of the medium to become controlled, to surrender her personality, to talk with another voice. It is also seen when the clever actor hides his own self to take the character of the part he plays.

The further sacrifice of self leads to devoted selfless service for others. This is especially so in the “behind-the-scenes” healing work of true nursing of the sick, when taken as a vocation.

The call of the intangible brings the Piscean into touch with all that is mystical, beautiful, not of this earth. About such things, more practical people may use Neptune and Watery phrases as “up in the clouds,” “smoke dreams,” “unattainable Utopia,” “muddled vagueness,” “ideas of sloppy sentimentality,” “bubble schemes,” but the Piscean must be allowed to make heaven on earth in his own way and no other.

In love he will be intensely emotional, lost in an ecstatic dream (and so not very clear-minded about it). He will be a poetical, lyrical lover but not very practical about the financial necessities of marriage.

Overstress or misuse of these traits brings a great change in the impressionable Pisceans.

Clouds may obscure the vision as a fog does, and much confusion of thought and muddled behaviour may occur. Such cloudiness is deceptive, hence treachery or underhanded dealing may result. The desire to rise from material trammels may result in nothing but escapism from responsibilities. “Fishes” can develop slippery ways. An old phrase is that this is the sign of “one’s own undoing” and it is true that hiding place and seclusion can come to the Piscean as imprisonment in actual fact, or as a withdrawal into the prison of self through pitying self rather than other or through the escapism of drugs or drink. He is caught in a net of his own weaving.

Inhibition of his natural traits will be caused by subjection to a material outlook, and an over-orderly existence. Reaction will be worry, and a complex of inadequacy.

As a child the Piscean will be gentle, soft, cuddlesome, and dainty. Being over-emotional and over-sensitive, allowance should be made for this. He is not the type for rough games, but should swim early and like to handle a boat. He should not be reproved if he tells long stories of his dreams. On the other hand, since he has to live in a hard world, he should be encouraged to write these down in the hope that his vivid imagination may be trained to be of use later on if he wishes to be a writer.

Physical Characteristics

Feet noticeable-either very dainty or beautiful or the “sloppy” feet of the washer-woman type. Eyes slightly protuberant, like a fish, but often with a liquid beauty. Mouth often like a codfish mouth. In the very slack type, it often is open. The figure loses its shape early and in women there is much glandular development. The chin is sometimes indeterminate and weak, but in those whose artistic development is strong, it is particularly long and the nose is large.


The sensitiveness of the sign causes many of the diseases, digestive and nervous, which are due to this over-impressionability. Poisons and drugs affect easily.

Way of living

The Piscean is at his best in any sphere where his natural urges can be expressed.

He is therefore happy when he has a “stronger vessel” in which to pour himself, such as an understanding partner or member of the family, who will look after the material worries of life while he can devote himself to art, music, poetry, imaginative writing. The connection with feet is shown in the love of dancing. This may be developed as a profession. So close is the connection that more practical Pisceans have been known to invent flooring materials for the feet to walk on, and to become chiropodists and boot makers, repairers or sellers. The sea has a constant rhythm and this is a characteristic of poetry, music and dancing, which are all Piscean.

Media as a profession is truly Piscean, using every characteristic of impressionability and non-materiality; and with the less worthy, the ability to pretend.

Ministers of religion are often strongly Piscean, using the kindly sympathetic side of the sign and the strong desire to “help the under-dog.”

Nursing the sick is again deeply sympathetic, connected with healing and carried on in the seclusion of hospital life.

All occupations to do with the sea attract the Piscean, whether to do with shipping or fish. All trades to do with liquids, from the wine trade to that of a laundry, are congenial to him, also businesses to do with oil.

On the stage, he excels as a character actor, so easily taking the shape of the one who he impersonates.

He is at his best when he follows his instincts. In a modern way of expression, it is to be realized that he is deeply in touch with his own unconscious, and with the whole wide realm of the vaster unconscious from which he gains his inspirations. He easily contacts the unconscious of another, hence his success in telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometric, and kindred abilities.

His fluidity allows him to change his ways frequently and his multiplicity gives him a wide choice in his manner of life.


These should be rhythmic, artistic, by watery, not too energetic, changing from gay to reflective. They should appeal to the emotions rather than the reason.

Pisces Ascendant – Benefic & Malefic

Benefic- Moon and Mars

Malefic- Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn

Mars and Jupiter, if conjunct, become Yoga Karakas.

Mars, by himself, does not become a Yoga Karaka.

Saturn, Venus, Sun or Mercury, if they become Maraka, cause death.


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