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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 24


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Libra Ascendant – Signs in Houses

This is one of the best Ascendants to possess. The reason therefore is that the natural planets like Saturn become the best friends of the Ascendant in addition to the natural benefic planets who are of course already disposed to do well. The natives of this Ascendant are generally handsome, luxury loving and given to vice. On the other hand, if Venus the lord of this Ascendant is very strong and is under the influence of Jupiter and Mercury, the natives of this Ascendant are very long lived, fond of truth and devoted to religion. If Venus is heavily afflicted they are short lived for the obvious reason that Venus who is lord of the Ascendant as well as the 8th house represents “Longivity” par excellence and as such its affliction naturally detracts from “Longivity”. The nature of the influence on Venus in such cases indicates the mode of death. For example if the 1st and 8th houses and Venus are under the influence of Mars, death is by accident or injury, such as by fire, by fall or by bullet.

Scorpio in the Second House. If Scorpio falls in the second house, and Mars is strong, the native becomes rich, has a long-living wife, is a man of prowess possesses logical speech, gains from his in-laws and is particularly happy in the period of his youth. If on the other hand, Mars is weak and afflicted, by malefic planets either by association or by aspect, the man’s financial losses result from business and also as a result of the wrong advice etc. of his wife. His wife is short lived. The nature of influence being received by Mars should be carefully studied, in order to ascertain the mode of death of his wife. Such a person also suffers in his youth.

Sagittarius in the Third House. Jupiter becomes the lord of two houses that are evil, viz the 3rd and the 6th. Weakness of Jupiter bestows wealth; Jupiter being lord of the house of friends, (3rd) denotes the acquisition of friends, moral in nature. It’s location in the house of morality, therefore, indicates that the person will develop contacts with highly spiritual people.

Capricorn in the Fourth House. When Capricorn is in the 4th house, Saturn becomes the lord of a Kendra (4th) and a trine (5th). Hence Saturn becomes a Raja Yoga karaka i.e., a planet of affluence and power. If Saturn is strong it confers much wealth property, position, promotion honour etc. The native is devoted to the general public, and fond of amusements. If Saturn is weak the native meets sorrow at the hands of his son. His mother has harsh speech unless Saturn is well aspected. If Saturn has on it the influence of Rahu, the native is selfish.

Aquarius in the Fifth House. Saturn in such a case becomes a yoga karaka as it owns then the 5th house (a trine) and the 4th house (a Kendra). A strong Saturn ensures comforts through the native’s own son. The native is also likely to gain property through his son. If Saturn is weak and afflicted by association or aspect, the native is forced to live away from his place of birth most of his life time. He is of mediocre intelligence, and has not much wealth.

Pisces in the Sixth House. The weakness of Jupiter is a desirable feature here, for Jupiter assumes the lord-ship of two evil houses viz. the 3rd and the sixth. A strong Jupiter shows the existence of and benefit from younger brothers and uncles. But the relation or link by association or aspect of Jupiter with the lord of the second and the 11th houses creates financial stringency and debt.

Aries in the Seventh House. Mars becomes the lord of the 7th and the 2nd houses. A strong Mars denotes long life for partner in life i.e. wife or husband as the case may be. On the contrary if Mars is weak, the wife or husband gets short life. Since the sign Aries i.e. the first sign of the zodiac falls in the 7th house the house of the partner in life, it is easy to see that in the event of any house and its lord being weak and afflicted there are greater chances for the wife or the husband to suffer from trouble in the limb of the body denoted by the sign or house afflicted, as all the relevant factors denoting the limb would be weak and afflicted. Mars is double markesha as it is lord of two Maraka houses viz the 2nd and the 7th and as such its weakness particularly in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses would lead to much physical trouble in its Dasa and bhukti.

Taurus in the Eighth House. Venus becomes the lord of the 1st and the 8th house. If Venus is strong it bestows long life on the native. If it is weak, and afflicted it makes the native short lived. The nature of influence exerted on the 1st, 8th house and on Venus denotes the mode of death of the native. The sub-period of Venus does not give bad effects because of the simultaneous lordship of the Ascendant by Venus.

Gemini in the Ninth House. One of the epithets of Mercury is “Vishnu”. When, therefore, Mercury is the lord of the 9th house, it becomes saturated with such high qualities of the 9th house as morality, spirituality, service etc. Hence when Mercury is located in the 1st house, or is linked to the lord of the 1st house it makes the native spiritually inclined, self sacrificing and unselfish. If Rahu or Ketu is in the 9th house and Sun or Moon is in the Ascendant, then a strong Mercury brings sudden and unexpected gains such as an out of turn promotion, lottery, prize etc., for the reason that Mercury who by nature tends to give quick results gives such results all the more being lord of the 9th house and acting for Rahu or Ketu (suddenness) with reference to two Ascendants, If Venus is weak and afflicted, it causes not only Set backs in career but is also dangerous to the life prospects of the elder sisters and brothers of the mother of the native for whom the 2nd house stands.

Cancer in the Tenth House. Moon becomes the lord of the 10th house. If it is in the 4th house i.e. Capricorn, it boosts the 10th house by aspect and takes one to high status, ruling powers and honour etc.

Leo in the Eleventh House. A strong Sun in this: case indicates the likelihood of much gain from the govt. for which the planet Sun stands. The elder brother of the native would rise in status and his mother would be normally long lived. If Sun is weak and afflicted by malefic planets either by association or by aspect, and the planet Jupiter is also weak and afflicted the native is likely to be denied elder brothers. It also indicates the likelihood of some stomach trouble to the wife of the native.

Virgo and the Twelfth House. Mercury becomes the lord of the 12th and the 9th houses. Since the other sign of the lord of the 12th house falls in this case in the 9th house, the results of the 9th house would be experienced and as such Mercury would, if it is strong, prove very beneficial in its effects. If Mercury is weak one suffers financially through one’s father, and the govt, of the day. He is also unlucky i.e. has to suffer setbacks in his career unexpectedly.


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