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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 25


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Pure Libra Native

He is companionable and easy to be with, because he himself wants company and wants to create an atmosphere of pleasant delight. “He” will have a pleasantly furnished home and “she” will wear pretty clothes and usually be “easy on the eye” and be welcoming and happy. His love of the other is more as a complement to himself than to satisfy any deep emotion and his marriages are not always successful for this reason. “The other” is a necessary part of the furnishings to complete the harmony, which must be obtained. The Libra native is unhappy and nervous if in ugly or dirty or inadequate or uncongenial surroundings. He is usually tactful in his dealings with others and likes to bring people together for some desirable end. Unless of the completely vapid “chocolate-box” type, he is usually intelligent and says, “I think” rather than “I feel.” He has been called “Lazy Libra.” Another phrase which has stuck is “Lazy Libra loathes a duster,” but this Cardinal sign is not really lazy, being far too interested in getting what it wants, especially if this can be through “the other” or with a partner. The customary pose is that of languor, but it is only the beauty of calm restfulness till the next occupation begins.

In love he is charming, longing to attract; in love with love itself, rarely quarrelling, since that would “upset the balance.”

Overstress or misuse of these traits can mean a discontent with real life which, in its very nature, can never be completely harmonious. Also a fatal tendency to “sit on the fence.” The constant “seeing both sides” leads to indecisiveness and vacillations. The Libran finds it very hard to say “No” and then suffers regret. He tries too hard to please too many people, and fails.

Inhibition of his natural traits will be caused if subjected to loneliness or to ugly depressing surroundings. Resnetful “Air” becomes inactive.

As a child the Libran attracts because he is so pretty, yielding and easy to train to charming manners. He is rarely rough or rude. He is perhaps the most popular of all children since he is so naturally sweet and lovable. He is very ready to be friendly and is thought a credit to his parents because of his good looks.

Physical Characteristics

There is usually a regularity of the features that is pleasing and beautiful. The figure will be well proportioned, the colour good, the eyes gentle. The most characteristic feature is the spontaneous smile which comes so readily to eyes and mouth. “She” may be of the extremely feminine dimpled type; “he” may be so good-looking that he is almost effeminate. The voice is usually softly modulated and often a little drawling.


Usually healthy, but inclined to headaches, and kidney trouble.

Way to living

The Libran is at his best in any sphere where his natural urges can be reasonably expressed. He is therefore better in clean, beautiful surroundings which satisfy his idea of harmony. He is better at the learned professions than at anything rough, or at artistic pursuits. If in trade, the objects made or sold should be beautiful or for the obtaining of beauty. His tactfulness makes him a good diplomat or “contact” man of any kind. He is better with a partner than by himself.


Any lazy happy occupation, Sunbathing, chatting with a friend from the arm-chair, reading in comfort, having beauty treatments, Painting, writing, making lovely clothes, dancing.

Libra Ascendant – Benefic & Malefic

Benefic- Mercury and Saturn

Malefic- Sun, Mars and Jupiter

Saturn can independently confer Raja Yoga, depending on his strength.

Moon and Mercury, if conjunct, become Raja yoga Karakas.

Mars, in spite of lordship over 2nd and 7th, does not himself cause Maraka evil.

Jupiter and Venus will cause Maraka.

Planets for Libra Ascendant – Karaka and Maraka

Sun- Being lord of 11th it is bad for this Ascendant, but bad only for health. So far as wealth is concerned, a strong Sun will give much income. A weak Sun on the other hand will have less income and even losses as also bad health.

Moon- Being a natural benefic lord of 10th an angle, Moon has the defect of losing her benefic nature. In order that Moon may give good results in the financial sphere it should be strong.

Mars- As a malefic lord of seventh house Mars ceases to be malefic. If under benefic influence and strong it gives good results in the financial field. If Mars is placed in bad houses like sixth, 8th etc. It being lord of two Maraka houses can cause severe physical trouble.

Mercury- As lord of the 12th house it would give the results of the 9th house and hence the results would be good. For luck, career and Governmental favour. If weak it can suddenly give set back in these things.

Jupiter- Being lord of two bad houses it gives bad results. But good according to Bhavarth Ratnakar with which we agree, that for a person born in Libra a powerful Rajyoga is caused in 8th house, with Saturn in the 9th and Mars and Mercury in the 11th house.

Venus- Its Mooltrikona sign falls in Ascendant. Hence a strong Venus will give long life, honour, wealth etc. If it is weak it will give short life, disease, foreign travel etc.

Saturn- It becomes lord of Angle and Trine. Hence is best planet for this Ascendant. The only condition is that it should not be weak.


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