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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 21


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Pure Virgo Native

He is essentially a worker, and often as a server of others. He does not want to take the lead, preferring to play the role of Martha, even if it is wearisome. The constant attention to detail makes a most careful worker where observation and exactitude matter. It brings personal neatness and precision. With the practicality of Earth, sensible necessary tasks are enjoyed and not shirked, and with the adaptability of Mutability, the constant change of detail in work is enjoyed. The desire for purity leads to an interest in hygiene and cleanliness while the correlation with inviolability leads to a desire to be happy within the home or the work-place, so long as others do not intrude too casually and without invitation. Many Virgos intensely dislike too close a proximity with others or to be touched too much. There is the same mental emphasis as in Gemini but the Earthiness makes it have a less light and airy touch. Virgo tends to neatness in everything. His handwriting will be precise and his letters tidily written.

In love he will be cool and retiring and virginal. This can mean a charming modesty of behaviour or an over-sensitive untouchability. Sexually, he is interested and inquisitive and yet not eager to lose the virginal attitude and to partake fully of life.

Overstress or misuse of these traits can alter the pleasant reserve to a stand-offish attitude, which friends cannot break through, and from which they get little response, so they tend to go to more entertaining companions and the Virgo is then likely to complain of solitariness. An exaggerated attention to detail means that no detail is ever overlooked, so a pernickety, fault-finding attitude ensues and a constant interference with the less tidy and less strictly hygienic ways of others, often very well meant but highly irritating. Too much “keeping-oneself-to-oneself” can seem inhospoitable.

Inhibition of his natural traits will be caused by inattention to his wishes and by a demand for impossible emotional response, resulting in nerviness, irritability and resentfulness.

As a child the Virgo will be dainty, lively, busy, ready to do little tasks. A little shy and not pushful. At school, he will work well and with tidy, neat ways. At home, he should be given opportunities of using his hands, such as in carving, gardening and general making of things. He will be more popular in adult life if he can be taught not to be too tidy and too fussy.

Physical Characteristicvs

Sometimes a widow’s peak. Sometimes a limpo (Vulcan, the lame god, is connected with this sign). Quiet eyes. Like Gemini, keeps youthful appearance.


These are liable to be intestinal and are often caused by worry, this being over-concern with matters of detail. Faulty intestinal action can bring rheumatism and gout.

Way of living

The Virgo is at his best in any sphere where his natural urges can be expressed.

He likes to see that many tiresome details are meticulously attended to, especially in the sphere of cleanliness. He likes productive, practical work, however detailed it is and he is better as the power behind the throne “than on the throne itself. Hence, he is excellent as the trusted secretary looking after every detail, or as a public health officer seeing to the many hygienic necessities of towns, schools, etc. As a craftsman he excels in making small objects and working out detailed plans of manufacture.


These should be busy, practical, intelligent, varied. All hobbies that mean detailed constructive work, writing, gardening, careful collection of arrangement of data about any chosen interest, Quiet reading, Activities in clubs or societies which meet for study or criticism. The better type of Virgo will rarely live without including in his scheme, some way of being of service to others in a quiet, unassuming way.

Virgo Ascendant – Benefic & malefic

Benefic- Venus becomes a definite benefic, if posited in Taurus

Malefic- Moon, Mars and Jupiter

Mercury (connected to Venus) becomes a Yoga Maraka.

Sun never becomes a Maraka for this Ascendant.

Mars and others, if they become Maraka, will inflict death.


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