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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 20


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Virgo described: The sign Virgo has been spoken of as Parvatiya or hill restorer and is strong in the day. It rises with its head and has a medium sized body. It is biped and resides in the South. It has grains and fire in its hands. It is of Vaishya Varna (race) and is variegated. Its element is air;

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, and its symbol is a virgin with sheaves of grain in her hands. Virgo is an Earth sign, methodical and improving.

The planet Mercury, the planet of motion, inclines the natives of this sign to a state of constant activity. Tremendous energy is directed towards doing and accomplishing. While other signs are dreaming up of things to do, Virgo native are busy doing them.

Virgo native value work and the work ethic highly. They are meticulously organized and prize efficiency. Something about their nature enables them to attend to the smallest of details. Their analytical minds work round the clock to bring order to the chaos of day-to-day life. Nothing escapes their microscopic analysis and they seldom tolerate shoddy workmanship.

But while Virgo native may be excellent at performing on the job, their outlook may become focused only on their work, making them oblivious to the pleasures of leisure. Not being able to see the forest through the trees is another common Virgo shortcoming. They become so focused on the intricacies of detail that sometimes they lose sight of the big picture. Many Virgo native need to learn to be more tolerant of others who are not as exacting, or do not have as high standards, as they do.

Despite their apparent outward coolness, Virgo native are kind, devoted, and loyal to those who can see past the efficient exterior. They tend to be loving parents and their devotion to duty makes them confident and responsible members of any family.

Virgo Sign in the Ascendant

If the sixth sign (Virgo) is in the ascendant, the native is one who talks softly and clearly and is attached to generosity, service, and affection; a compassionate man addicted to music and clever in litigation, poetry, courtesy, and sweetness;

One whose body has the gracefulness, configuration, and spirit of a maiden’s; a proud man who enjoys wealth acquired by others; a well behaved pennon who wanders in foreign countries and has two natures; a man with few children who is inwardly a cheat and who desires glory;

A lover who desires strength, pleasing objects, and glory; a handsome and lucky pennon whose shoulders and sides droop; an honest man with good righteousness (dharma) who is beloved among the elders; a pure man whose family does what is hated by others;

One who is opposed by evil together with ignoble men, but who is much praised by his nobly acting relatives; one who sires girls and is afflicted by wind-diseases; a man whose anger is increased by his hatred of his vile enemies;

One who is stimulated even among virtuous ladies, and who makes an effort in many activities; a man who dies because of bile (-diseases), fire, burning, fevers, thieves, or swords, or because of quadrupeds, or because of poisons.

Virgo Ascendant – Sign in Houses

If the people born in this ascendant have their Mercury strong, they are very wise, honoured, with attractive appearance, with some practical art, fond of music etc. If on the other hand their Mercury is weak, they suffer from diseases of the belly and the intestines, are afflicted with skin troubles and suffer physically in early life.

Libra in the Second House. If Libra falls in the second house, Venus becomes the lord of the 9th house as well. Such a person gets financial wind falls. He is also benefited financially through the favour of the govt., and its officials. If Venus happens to be in Libra itself, along with Ketu, the yoga makes the native very rich, of cultured speech and of good features.

Scorpio in the Third House. If Mars is strong it bestows much longevity on the native as it then becomes lord of two houses, each of which represents longevity. But a strong Mars gives very little wealth as it enhances or boosts up poverty represented by the 8th house, and the one 8th to 8th i.e. the 3rd, Mars in Gemini in the 10th house gives vices in youth and also gives violent mind in that period of one’s life.

Sagittarius in the Fourth House. Jupiter becomes lord of the 4th and the 7th houses, a strong Jupiter makes one possess a wise, sober, philosophical and moral mind. His mother is long-lived. He gets conveyances such as car etc. He gets good amenities of life and peace of mind for Jupiter the significator of comforts and peace himself becomes the lord of the house of comforts (4th). A weak and afflicted Jupiter creates the defect of the ownership of two angles as a result of which it ceases to be a natural benefic and suffers much, particularly if it is situated in such evil houses as the 2nd, 6th, 8th or the 12th, when it brings about much physical trouble to the native in its sub periods.

Capricorn in the Fifth House. If Saturn is strong the native is likely to have many daughters. The son of the native is likely to have a harsh tongue unless Saturn has on it benefic aspect. If Saturn is weak and afflicted the son of the native proves a hurdle in the way of the native.

Aquarius in the Sixth House. If Rahu also happens to be in the 6th house, Saturn brings some chronic disease to the native particularly, when Mercury lord of the Ascendant too is weak. In such a case the adverse results for the body are sometimes due to the curse of the “beloved”, arising out of the rejection of her claims to love. The 5th is the house of the “Lady love” in a male horoscope and hence Saturn lord of the 6th house represents her adverse speech. (Curse).

Pisces in the Seventh House. In female nativities, Jupiter lord of the 7th house assumes a very important and significant role. For example a strong aspect of Mars on Jupiter can kill the husband soon, and a strong aspect of Saturn and Rahu etc. can bring about the separation from her husband. In such nativities Jupiter suffers from the defect of ownership of two angles in the horoscope. Hence a weak Jupiter situated in the 8th, 12th, 2nd or the 6th house (bad houses from the point of view of health) gives much physical trouble in its main and sub ruling periods, If Jupiter is strong the native is quite rich and leads a comfortable life, as it then becomes the lord of both the houses of comfort giz, the 4th and the 4th to the 4th.

Aries in the Eighth House. Mars becomes the lord of the 3rd and the 8th house. Both are houses of longevity. Hence if Mars is strong the native is long lived. The nature of the influence exerted on the 8th house and Mars denotes the mode of death of the native. If Mars is located in the 10th house one commits much sin, particularly in youth.

Taurus in Ninth House. Venus becomes the lord of the 9th and the 2nd house. Both of these are benefic houses. Hence if Venus is strong in the horoscope it gives much wealth in its Dasa and bhukti. It also makes a person handsome and in the good books of the govt. of the day. If on the other hand, Venus is weak and afflicted it denotes loss of wealth, set backs in career and reverses in dealings with the govt. The native is also likely to suffer financially at the hands of his brother in-law i.e. the younger brother of his wife.

Gemini in the Tenth House. Mercury becomes the lord of the 1st and the 10th houses. It is, therefore, highly beneficial. If strong it confers ruling powers, honour, wealth and status in its Dasa and bhukti and engages one in good charitable deeds. A strong Mercury also ensures early wealth to the father of the native.

Cancer in the Eleventh House. If Moon the lord of the 11th house is strong the native has very good income and he has quite a number of elder sisters. The reason is that the 11th house stands for the elder co-born of the native and Moon a female planet would represent the elder sisters of the native. The fact that Moon is the lord of the 11th house also indicates that the native is ambitious, provided of course if the Moon is strong. A weak Moon reduces considerably the number of the elder sisters to the native. It also denotes short life to the mother of the native, for the reason that 11th house being 8th from the 4th represents the longevity of the mother, more particularly when the lordship of that house goes to Moon significator of mother herself.

Leo in the Twelfth House. If Sun is strong it would give good results in regard to finance, power etc. in spite of its lordship over the 12th house. The native would be spendthrift. If Sun is weak and afflicted by Saturn and Rahu, the native may lose his eye sight.


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