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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 47


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effects of the Sixth House

The significations and significators of the 6th house are: (1) Disease (2) obstacle (3) fighting in combat (4) maternal uncle (5) cold and phlegm (6) swelling in the body (7) cruel actions (8) insanity (9) a boil (10) enmity (11) miserliness (12) sickness (13) venereal wound (14) cooked rice (15) weakness (16) debt (17) reproach (18) enemy’s satisfaction (19) consumption (20) heat (21) a wound (22) mental worry (23) intense anguish (24) enmity with many people (25) incessant eye trouble (26) receiving alms (27) untimely meals (28) a fall from a boat (29) trouble and fear from one’s benefactors (30) gain (31) exertion (32) poison (33) a severe colic or gout (34) fetters (35) guarding of one’s own credit (36) urinary trouble (37) dysentery (38) the six flavours (39) severe reproach (40) service (41) theft (42) calamity (43) prison house and (44) misunderstandings with brothers and the like & dislikes.

Let us now discuss according to Sage Parasara, the effects produced by the 6th House, which are the diseases and ulcers in the body etc.

Notes: From the 6th house diseases, obstacles, fighting, swelling in some part of the body, abscesses, ulcers, wounds, enemies, enmity, debt, loss, TB or consumption, mental tension, chronic eye disease, poisoning, colic or pain in the stomach, diseases of the urinary tract, diarrhea etc., are to be considered. The 6th Lord is a representative of injury or disease. The 6th Lord gives disease or injury to the organ or limb, related to the sign in the sixth house.

Y-1- Ulcers, wounds- In the event of the 6th Lord being in his own house (the 6th House), in the Ascendant or in the 8th House, the native will get ulcers in that limb of the body, which is related to the sign placed in the 6th house.

Y-2- Relatives affected- The significators of a relative or the Lords of such Houses combining with the 6th Lord and being placed in the 6th or the 8th House, ulcer is to be predicted to the concerned relatives e.g.; father etc.

a. If the Sun is the Lord of such a house, is placed in the 6th or the 8th house, ulcer or such affliction is to be predicted in the head;

b. If this condition, applies in the case of the Moon, is in the mouth;

c. If that of Mars, is in the neck;

d. If that of Mercury is in the novel;

e. If that of Jupiter, is in the nose;

f. If that of Venus, is in the eyes;

g. If that of Saturn, is in the foot;

h. If those of Rahu and Ketu, is in the stomach.

N-1- Suppose the Ascendant is Aries, where the 4th Lord is the Moon, then if the 4th Lord is together with Mercury, or if the Moon is placed in the 6th House, or if the 6th Lord and the Moon are placed together in the 8th House, then the native’s mother will have ulcer or wound etc. Since the 4th House is the representative of the mother.

N-2- If the Sun is the 6th Lord, and is together with the 6th Lord or is placed in the 6th House, or together with the 6th Lord placed in the 8th House, then the ulcer will be in the head. If the Moon is there in the situations of the Sun, then the ulcer will be the mouth. The clue is that the planet will give ulcer in these situations to the limbs represented by them.


Y-1- If the Ascendant Lord is in Mars’s signs (Aries and Scorpio) or in Mercury’s signs (Gemini and Virgo) and is aspected by Mercury, there will be ulcer on the face.

N- The significator of ulcers or broken limbs belongs to Mars. In the basic Horoscope of Kalpursha, Mercury is the 6th Lord, therefore Mercury has the natural attributes of the 6th House, thus on the basis of Natural Horoscope Mercury is the important factor for ulcer, he is ulcer causing planet.

The combination of Mars and Mercury is the greatest factor of giving ulcer in the Predictive Astrology. Therefore, their conjunction or any kind of relationship between Mars and Mercury has the potential for giving injury or wound.

Note: This combination proves to be most malicious and evil causing, in the case of Gemini Ascendant, where Mars is the Lord of the place of injury or the 6th House. (a) If Mars is situated in the sign Gemini and aspects Mercury, the native gets repeated injury in his head, hands, shoulders collarbone, neck nose etc. (b) If Mars is placed in the 4th House in the sign of Mercury, Virgo then the native will be more frequently subjected to accident by a conveyance as the 4th House is related to conveyance and the 6th House is already related to injury etc.

When Aries is the Ascendant, the Mars and Mercury can have the combination in the four signs, which may cause occurrence of death by injury etc; because for this Ascendant Mars will become both the Ascendant Lord and also the 8th Lord i.e., the Lord of the House of Death. If the Ascendant Lord Mars is placed in a sign of Mercury and is aspected by Mercury, the native will have ulcer on his face.

In both Aries and Gemini Ascendants, because of the relation of Mars and Mercury in their signs, the combination makes the native to engage frequently in litigation and makes him violence loving.

Y-2a- If, being Ascendant Lords Mars or Mercury are in conjunction with the Moon, Rahu and Saturn, leprosy or chronic eczema, skin tumour or melanoma is to be indicated.

b- If the Ascendant Lord is not there in the Ascendant and the Moon and Rahu are situated there, then the indication should be of white Leprosy.

Y- It should be of black and blood red leprosy if Rahu is replaced with Saturn and Mars respectively.


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