Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 46


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Plants in 5th House

Y-1- The following are the effects of planets posited in 5th:

Sun- Suffers serious sorrows in childhood; Mediocre financial status; poor enjoyments; like company of those young in age; will have one son; wealth earned by himself; hard hearted but with wavering Mentality; professions involving Much labour.

Moon- Full Moon. Good financial status; happiness in many ways; loss of Mother in early age; happiness concerning children.

Weak Malefic Moon. Bereft of happiness concerning Mother and children.

Mars- Suffers sorrow due to loss of children.

Mars in 5th from Moon: High devotion.

Mars in exaltation: ability to argue; successful; very miserly; will have one son.

Mercury- Happy with wife and children; prosperity; good looking broad face; devotion to Preceptor and Brahmins; neat and tidy.

Jupiter- Prosperous, with family and children; lustrous body; pleasant to look at; does good to all.

Venus- Prosperous, with family and children; loved by his relations; very wealthy; praiseworthy habits; assumes positions like, head of a society; well wisher; loved by beautiful Women.

Saturn- In 5th in enemy house: Poor financial status; bereft of sons; suffers sorrows.

Exalted in 5th, own/friendly house moderate financial status; moderate happiness and sons.

Rahu- In 5th posted in Cancer, or Leo: Bereft of sons and almost always angry.

In other signs: Wanders in various places; adopts a son from a low family; ill dressed.

Ketu- Proficiency in writing, astronomy/Mathematics; evil thoughts always; quarrelsome; does harm to his father.

P- If the significator for children, Jupiter is in quadrant or trine, there will be growth of family.

Y-2- If Jupiter or lord of 5th or both

a. stand in 6/8/12th house, there will be loss of children.

b. stand in debilitation, still worse results will occur.

c. in conjunction with lord of 9th connotes very auspicious results.

d. in conjunction with lord of 7th indicates that the native will be wielding authority.

e. in conjunction with Sun and Saturn, obstacles first and success later is indicated.

f. in conjunction with Sun and Jupiter-More sons.

g. in conjunction with Jupiter and weak Moon or feminine planets indicates girl issues.

h. in conjunction with Mars/Ketu-loss of children, in general.

Conjunction with Mars also indicates sorrow due to loss of son.

i. In conjunction with Malefic- Malefic results generally

j. in conjunction with Venus-Contentment.


Y-1- Jupiter in 5th indicates; counseling ability on the part of native.

Whilst Mercury alone in 5th house denotes enthusiasm on the part of native in matters pertaining to learning or studies.

Fifth house lord in various houses

Should the 5th Lord occupy the Ascendant, the native will be Scholarly, be blessed with progeny happiness, be miserly, crooked and stealer of other’s wealth.

Notes: Let us take – Aries Ascendant the 5th Lord, placed in the Ascendant, will be exalted. For this Ascendant the 5th Lord will be the Sun. The Sun gives the world energy, light and gives creative power. Hence miserliness cannot be attributed to it.

Libra Ascendant Saturn, the 5th Lord, being placed in the Ascendant, will be in his sign of exaltation. Then, there may be miserliness along with crookedness in the native.

Similar effect may be visible in the Cancer Ascendant as well, because Mars, the 5th Lord, being placed in the Ascendant, will be in his debilitation sign.

In Virgo Ascendant Saturn will be the 5th and the 6th Lord, when placed in the Ascendant he will give disease also.

This combination inspires the native towards teaching line.

If the 5th Lord occupies the 2nd House the native will have the blessing of having many sons and wealth. He will be supporter of his family, honourable, be attached to his wife and be famous in the world.

For Taurus and Scorpio Ascendants, the Lordship of these two houses (the 2nd the 5th House) will remain respectively with Mercury and Jupiter. Hence for these Ascendants the effects will especially evident.

When the Ascendant is Virgo the 5th Lord Saturn, being placed in the 2nd House, will be in his sign of exaltation, but being the Lord of the 6th House, the house of disputes and fights, will raise disputes and quarrels in the family and ultimately he will be responsible for separating the native from his family, and will cause loss of wealth by division.

In case of Sagittarius Ascendant the 5th Lord Mars, being the Lord of the 12th House also will be in his sign of exaltation in the 2nd House. The native will earn much wealth from foreign countries and the effects described will be pre-eminently seen.

There will be reverse situation in the Aquarius Ascendant because the 5th Lord Mercury, being the 8th Lord, will be in his sign of debilitation in the 2nd House. Then Mercury will cause loss of wealth and paternal property and will make the native addicted to vices and earn wealth through legal means. This native may be short-lived also because Mercury is the significator of age also.

In all Ascendant the native will be prompted to study Economics or Mathematics, since the 2nd House is the House of Wealth and Statistics.

In case the 5th Lord is situated in the 3rd House, the native will be dear to his brother, be a tale bearer and miserly and is always interested in his own work.

If the 5th Lord occupies the 4th House the native will be happy, having the blessing of maternal happiness, wealth and intelligence and be a king or a minister or a preceptor.

Should the 5th Lord be placed in the 5th House and be in conjunction with a benefic, the native will be blessed with sons, he will have no issues, but will be virtuous and dear to friends in case the 5th Lord in the 5th Houses in together with a malefic.

In the event of the 5th Lord being relegated to the 6th House, the natives sons will be equal to his enemies or he will die or the native will acquire an adopted or purchased son.

If the 5th Lord is situated in the 7th House, the native will be tolerant of all religions and very religious, endowed with progeny happiness and be helpful to others.

In the event of the 5th Lord being relegated to be the 8th House, the native will have less happiness from progeny, will be troubled by cough and pulmonary or respiratory diseases, be given to anger and be devoid of happiness.

Should the 5th Lord be placed in the 9th House the native will be prince or equal to prince, be an illustrious author and be illustrious in his family.

Should the 5th Lord occupy the 10th House the native will be blessed with Raja yoga (governmental favour and various pleasures and be very illustrious.

In case the 5th Lord occupied the 11th House, the native will be learned, be dear to the people, be an illustrious author, be very skilful and be endowed with many sons and wealth.

In the event of the 5th Lord having fallen in the 12th House, the native is bereft of the happiness of having his own sons. He will have an adopted or purchased son.


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