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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 12


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Asana Roga – Fistula/Fissure-

(i) If lord of Ascendant is united with Mars and Mercury and they are all placed together in Gemini or Cancer or

(ii) Lord of Ascendant is conjunct with Mars aspected by Mercury.

The native will suffer from Asana roga, a disease affecting the buttocks and end of Vertebral column, whereby the native would be finding difficulty in sitting comfortably – Fistula/Fissure etc).


Y-1- Whilst the lord of Ascendant is in 3/6/812th house, the Ascendant is occupied by Rahu/Ketu.

E- The native will suffer from itches/boils etc.

Y-2- Moon and Rahu in Ascendant in the above yoga.

E- Signifies deformity in limbs, in Major/sub period of Moon or Rahu.

Y-3- Conjunction of lord of 6th house with Rahu/Ketu.

E- Signifies sufferings from boils etc.

Y-4- If Mars is the lord of Lagna and is situated in the Lagna and malefic influence, it either by association or by aspect.

E- The native gets head injury through stone or the sword.

Y-5- If Saturn is similarly situated i.e. if Saturn is in the Lagna under the influence by association or aspect of malefic planets.

E- The injury comes through nervous trouble, fire, weapons or a fall.

Loss of Life in battle- Mars in 8th conjunct/aspected by Saturn indicates loss of life in battle.

Loss of life in battle is indicated if Ascendant happens to be Leo, Aquarius or Capricorn whilst
Rahu is in a Saturn sign and Saturn in Leo.

Cord coiled at birth- If Saturn or Mars is placed in Aries or Taurus or Leo Ascendant then the child will be born with cord coiled around it neck or body.

The body will be like the sign whose Navamsa is rising, in the Ascendant.

The twins- When the Sun is situated in a quadruped sign and the other planets are in dual signs with strength, the child, will be born as one of the twins.

(The quadruped signs are Aries, Taurus, Leo and the first half of Capricorn and the second part Sagittarius and the signs having dual nature are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. The planets situated in signs having such nature get the event repeated. Mercury is of great importance in this context because he represents more in numbers).

Twins- Twins are indicated if Rahu is in Ascendant aspected by Mars and Saturn whilst lord of Ascendant is conjunct with Gulika.

Twins/triplets- Lord of Ascendant and 3rd aspected by Rahu indicates that the native is one of the twins born.

The native should be taken as one of the twins or triplets, if Rahu is in Ascendant and the lord of Ascendant is in 10th with a Malefic, whilst 4 other planets forming a four (Chatur) Graha Yoga are placed together in any sign.

Shaven head- Sun with Rahu/Ketu in 9th indicates that the native will be put to such shame that he would be subjected to have his hair on head removed or shaven off completely. (In the good old days, a man used to be put to shame, by shaving off all hair on his head).


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