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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 14


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planets in 1st house

The following are the effects produced by Planets posited in the first house (Ascendant):

Sun- In the Ascendant house but below the horizon; quick in picking up education; moneyed; craving for girls; inclined to be engaged in inferior professions; bereft of house; lacking in perseverance, funky and unsteady mentally; bereft of wife and children.

Moon- Almost always in bitter terms with public; sickly throughout life; moderately wealthy; beautiful hair; enjoyments of a high order. If Moon is debilitated or conjunct with a malefic: Poor quality of food and drinks.

Mars- Dental troubles; lean body; highly bilious and phlegmatic; dark blood; fickle Minded; cruel in his actions; engaged in daring professions; not well-dressed; almost always without much happiness in life; sinful.

Mercury- Broad-built body; dark wheat complexion; broad-Minded; ability in writing; sweet in talk; speaks truth; knowledge of scriptures; helpful to relatives; liked by public.

Jupiter- Deep knowledge in various scriptures; happy; charitable; respected by many; has many good deeds to his credit.

Venus- Charitable; respected by many; proficient in various arts done by hands; his looks and deeds attract young Women.

Saturn- In debilitation or enemy sign: A person of mediocre status; bereft of happiness; rheumatic pains; dull in activities; surfers poverty.

Rahu- Sickly throughout; utters lies; sinful; quarrelsome; haughty and deceitful; ill-dressed; questionable gains; very courageous.

Ketu- Oversized stomach; bereft of Mother; his dynasty or family will cease with him; sufferings from heart-diseases & sorrow thereby.

Ascendant on First house lord in various houses:

If the Ascendant Lord is placed in the Ascendant itself, the native will get physical comforts and physical prowess. He will be thoughtful intelligent, fickle minded, will have two wives and will have sexual relations with other women then his own wife.

When the Lord of the Ascendant has been placed in the 2nd House, the native will be gainful, learned, happy, good natured, religious minded, honourable will have many wives and good qualities.

Should the Ascendant Lord be placed in the 3rd House, the native will be equal to lion in valour, will have all kinds of wealth, will be honourable, will have two wives and be intelligent and happy.

Notes: In case the Ascendant is Gemini and the Ascendant Lord has gone in the Third House, the native becomes ascetic towards earning money from the age of 40 or 45. His vitality and strength are decayed. In Aquarius Ascendant also when the Ascendant Lord occupies the Third House Saturn will be in his debilitation sign and opposite effects will be seen.

Should the Ascendant Lord in the 4th House the native will be blessed with paternal and maternal happiness, many brothers and will be lascivious, virtuous and charming.

Note: The auspicious effects that have been given will not be visible when the Ascendant are Aries and Capricorn. Because for these Ascendants the Ascendant Lord will be in his sign of debilitation when placed in the 4th House.

In case the Ascendant Lord has gone into the 5th House, the native will have mediocre happiness through his sons, the first born, will not live, he will be honourable, wrathful and favourite to a king.

Notes: These are found to be tr5ue generally in the case of Taurus and Cancer Ascendants because in these Ascendants the Ascendant Lord being placed in the 5th House falls in his sign of debilitation.

In Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces Ascendants this effect has been found in those natives in whose horoscopes there was malefic influence of any kind on the 5th House.

In the case of Sagittarius and Pisces Ascendants even the slightest malefic influence gives with certainty the above mentioned effects with regard to progeny. The reason being, when Jupiter is situated in the 5th House two factors related to progeny (the fifth House and the significator of the 5th House) join hands together.

Notes: Therefore, even the least malefic influence on the 5th House causes harm to these two factors.

In the event of the Ascendant Lord having fallen in the 6th House, the native is deprived of bodily pleasures. If he (the Ascendant Lord) is under the influence of a malefic and has no benefic aspect on him, he will be troubled by an enemy.

If the Ascendant Lord is a malefic and he occupies the 7th House the natives wife will not live. If he (the Ascendant Lord) is a benefic planet, the native is an aimless wanderer, penurious, of ascetic disposition or becomes a king.

Should the Ascendant Lord occupy the 8th House, the native will be Siddha Vidya Visharada (having the knowledge of occult powers), sickly, thievish, extremely wrathful, a gambler and given to traversing others wives.

If the Ascendant Lord is situated in the 9th House the native will be fortunate, dear to the people, devotee of Lord Vishnu, skillful eloquent speaker and will be endowed with wife, sons and wealth.

Should the Ascendant Lord be situated in the 10th House, the native will be endowed with paternal happiness, will enjoy royal favour, fame among men and will undoubtedly have self earned wealth.

In case the Ascendant Lord has been placed in the 11th House, the native will always have gains, good qualities, fame and many wives.

In the event of the Ascendant Lord being placed in the 12th House, the native will be benefic of bodily pleasures. If the 12th House is devoid of the conjunction of or the aspect of a benefic planet, he will unfruitfully spend his wealth and will be given to much anger.


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