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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 15


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effects of the Second House

The Second House: The Second House is basically for the assessment of wealth, grains (food etc.) family, enemies, metals, precious stones etc.

The second Bhava detailed significations and significator are: (1) speech (2) wealth (3) faith in sacred tradition (4) supporting others (5) nails (6) enjoyment (7) truth and false hood (8) tongue (9) eyes (10) clothes (11) diamond (12) copper (13) gems (14) pearl (15) determination (16) incense (17) family relationship (18) trade (19) softness of speech (20) liberality (21) effort to acquire wealth (22) friendship (23) friend (24) splendor (25) miserliness in spending money (26) pleasant oratorical ability (27) scholarship (28) gold (29) silver (30) corn (31) modesty (32) setting nose (33) firmness of mind (34) a close dependent (35) cycle of life and death (36) living power and (37) finance.

General- Wealth, visual power, eases of learning, speech, household and food these, the astrologers recognize as regularly derivable from the 2nd house.

Now let us know the effects of the house of wealth, (the Second House).

Y- When the lord of the House of Wealth is placed in the 2nd House or in a Kendra or Trikona house (angle or trine), it is known to be promoter of wealth while his occupation of the Trik Houses (6/ 8/ 12th house) will cause loss of wealth. A benefic in the 2nd House is the giver of wealth, while a malefic in it is the destroyer of wealth.

N-1- (But if the Lords of these evil houses (6/ 8/ 12th) are placed in any of these houses i.e. in evil houses, then they are highly beneficial, because if the Lords of the evil houses are situated in their own or other evil houses, they will causes loss to the evil effects related to their respective Bhavas or Houses, and the loss of evil effects (or inauspiciousness) means that only auspicious effects has been left: “Negative is destroyed, thus positive is gained”).

The native in whose birth chart, Jupiter the significator of wealth is situated in the House of Wealth (the 2nd Houses) or he is together with Mars will be wealthy.

N-2- (It invariably said that, Jupiter is a destroyer of its significations when place in it’s one’s own House, especially in those houses, where he is the natural significator. This situation is possible only when that Lagna or Ascendant is Scorpio or Aquarius. Therefore, for other Lagnas or Ascendants the statement given in `Chamatakar Chintamani’ and `Bhava Kutuhala’ may not be taken as true; though Sage Parasara does not have this concept as stated above when placed in the House of Wealth also).


Y-1- The Lord of the House of Wealth, when placed in the House of profit (the 11th House) and the Lord of the House of Profit occupying the House of Wealth or these two being placed together in a Kendra or a trikona (angle or trine), the native will possess wealth.

N-1- (In a birth chart the 2nd and the 11th House are significator of wealth. The 11th is the House of profits, gains and ambitions while the 2nd House signifies the accumulation of wealth gained through profits and gains. If the significator of profit is situated in the House of wealth (the 2nd House) it means that the profit has gone into saving and the person whose profit has become saving will certainly be wealthy.

In the second case, when the Lord of the House of wealth (the 2nd House) is placed in the House of profit (the 11th House), it signifies that wealth has gone into profit that is saved money has been invested further in a profitable ventures or it has gone into such investment in which gain is a certainty. If there is an exchange between the Lords of the two houses, this relationship is there between two Houses of Value. Wealth or gain is the common characteristic of both the Houses, thus beneficial to native to be wealthy).

N-2- Financial status of a native, has to be decided, first with reference to the planet posited in 2nd, next the aspect thereto, then the lord of 2nd and lastly Jupiter, the significator for the 2nd house.

Y-2- When the lord of the House of wealth is placed in a Kendra (angle) and from him the Lord of the Houses of profit (the 11th House) is placed in a trikona (trine) or Jupiter is together with Venus or is aspected by Venus, gain of wealth in full measure should be understood.

Y-3- If at least one out of the lords of Ascendant, 2nd or 11th is without malefic aspect/conjunction and placed in quadrant/trine/exaltation/own house etc., the native will become rich.

Y-4- If Mercury happens to be lord of 2nd conjunct or aspected by Ketu, the native will possess Gold and precious stones, according to Kerala Shastra.

Y-5- The native will be very rich if lord of 2nd and Jupiter are both in own house/exaltation which happen to be quadrant/trine in conjunction of benefic.

Y-6- If there is exchange of signs between lords of 2 & 11th house and if the sign exchanged happens to be exaltation or friendly signs, good wealth is assured.

Y-7- If lord of 2 is occupying the deep exaltation degree conjunct or aspected by Jupiter; the native will possess a thousand rupees and be a proud Man.

Y-8- If lords of Ascendant, 2nd and 11th house stand in 1st, 2nd and 11th house respectively, good wealth is indicated.

Y-9- Jupiter in 2nd whilst Venus/Mercury aspect lord of 2nd (who is otherwise strong) indicates that the native will possess good wealth.

Malefic aspect thereto causes cancellation of Yoga.

Y-10- If lords of Ascendant and 2nd are strong and occupy quadrants/trines, whilst both the Ascendant and 2nd are aspected by benefic, the native will earn wealth from his community.

Y-11- If lord of 2nd is strong and is in 2nd whilst a strong benefic is posited in 11th house there will be good gains.

Y-12- If lords of Ascendant and 2nd are in quadrants which happen to be exaltation/own/friendly houses for them, good gains are indicated.

Y-13- The larger the number of strong planets in association with lord of 2nd/9th, the greater will be the gain of wealth.

Y-14- If Jupiter with lordship over Ascendant is standing in the 3rd in company of Mars, the native will become wealthy.

Y-15- Exchange of signs between lords of 2nd and 11th or if both the lords of 2nd and 11th occupy quadrants, the native will be wealthy and possess cattle wealth.

Y-16- If lords of 2nd and 12th, houses combine and occupy quadrant or trine coupled with exaltation / friendly house, the native will possess a house and will be handling much cash.

Y-17- Lords of 2 & 11 in 6/8/12 whilst Mars is in 11 and Rahu in 2nd, indicates that even a poor Man will acquire wealth gradually.

(This sloka has not been verified in practical life).

Y-18- Jupiter in 11th, Venus in 2nd whilst a benefic is in 12th indicates that the native will earn well and will give away most of his wealth in charity.


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