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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 18


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Pecuniary loss

Y-1- When the planet occupying the 2nd house is aspected by a malefic planet, who is unfriendly to the lord of that house or in depression or eclipsed by the Sun’s rays, the person born will suffer pecuniary loss during the Dasa of that planet.

Y-2- The same thing happens i.e. loss when the said planet in question, is in its transit, through the zodiac, becomes powerful for doing evil.

Y-3- If the lord of the 2nd bhava be in the 12th or the 6th, or the lord of the 12th is in the 2nd and the planet owning the 11th occupy the 6th, the 8th or the 12th, house the effect will be loss of wealth.

Y-4- When Jupiter is in the 12th house and the lord of the 2nd house is without strength and the Ascendant is not aspected by benefic planets, the astrologer should predict loss of wealth.

Y-5- When the lord of the 2nd house is eclipsed by the Sun’s rays and in depression and in a malefic 60th portion of a sign, the person born will become plunged in debt.

Life long poverty- If both lords of 2nd and 11th occupy their respective debilitation signs conjunct with Malefic, the native will suffer poverty throughout life and will earn his livelihood through begging.

Behaviour- Malefic in 2nd whilst lord of 2nd is conjunct with malefic indicates that the native will be uttering lies, suffer wind disorders, poor health and be stingy.

Y Government-punishment

Y-1- If the Lords of the Houses of Wealth and Profit (the 2nd and 11th Houses) are placed in the 6th or 8th or 12th Houses and Mars is placed in the Houses of Profit (the 11th House) and Rahu in the House of Wealth (the 2nd House) there will be loss of wealth due to royal (or governmental) punishment.

N-1- (Mars is a malefic planet and does not have consideration of fair or foul means. Mars is the significator is the thief also, hence the native may try to gain by saving income tax payment to government, when in 11th house of profit, which when deducted by said authority the native will be punished.

Rahu is also a planet of Scarcity, poverty. Further Rahu is also the significator of heretics (unorthodox opinions), gambling, lies and resort of the illegal activities, when he is placed in the House of Wealth or the 2nd House, the native’s earnings will have connection with such unscrupulous and criminal actions as gambling etc. and association with anti social elements/activities for which the native will be punished as and when caught).

Imprisonment- Y-1- Rahu in company of lords of Ascendant and 2nd, standing in 6/9/12th house indicates one who suffers from the degradation of imprisonment.

Y-2- Rahu and lord of 2nd standing in 6/9/12 is said to prove the same result.

Expenses on religious grounds Y- When Jupiter is placed in the House of Profit (the 11th House), Venus in that of Wealth (the 2nd House) and the Lord of the House of Wealth are combined with benefic planet, and the House of Expenses (the 12th House) is occupied by a benefic planet, will cause the expenses on religious festivities/grounds. Normally a benefic planet when placed in the 12th House, money in spent in religious deeds.


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