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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 17


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Y-1- If lord of 2nd, house is in quadrants, whereas Jupiter is in own house or exaltation, the native will earn many thousand rupees and be otherwise happy.

Y-2- While lords of 2 and 11th house exchange signs, if lord of 9th is in 2nd house the native will possess a lakh of rupees.

Financial gains When? Y-1- The native will enjoy good income or earn wealth during the Major periods of planets aspecting the 2nd, posted in 2nd and lord of 2nd house, but particularly, when the Major period lord is connected with Jupiter in transit.

Y-2- In other words, the period when Jupiter is conjunct/aspects the Major period lord (who is aspecting 2nd or posted therein or happens to be lord of 2nd) bring in greater income for the native.

Gains where? Y-1- Income recurred to as above will arise from outside the birth place, if lord of Ascendant is posited in a moveable sign or a moveable planet happens to be the lord of Major period.

Y-2- If the planets are fixed (instead of moveable), income will arise from within the country. Even the Major period of lord of 2nd placed in 6/8/12th house with depositor thereof in exaltation/own house/friendly sign, confers financial prosperity.

Income Y- If the lord of 2nd planet posited in 2nd, planet aspecting 2nd and the significator for the 2nd (Jupiter)-all the four planets, if strong there will be great income.

N-1- From the nature and the direction of the sign occupied by lords of 2nd and 11th house the source and type of income could be deciphered. Delineation of the type and source of income could be accurately done, when the said two planets signs or are posited in quadrants.

Heavy gains Y- Lord of 2nd in quadrant with lord of 11th in trine thereto, whilst the latter is aspected by or conjunct with both Venus and Jupiter indicates heavy gains. (If lord of 11th is conjunct Jupiter and aspected by Venus or vice-versa will do).

Gains from enemies- Lord of 2 standing in 6th in company of lord of 11th will give rise to heavy financial gains through enemy.

Poverty/Wealth- Y-1- If Mercury and lords of 5th and Ascendant are placed in 3/6/8/12th house (individually or serially in one or more signs) whilst Jupiter is in 6/8/12th house, there will be poverty.

Y-2- However, the native will have wealth, if these four planets are in quadrant/trine.

Heavy Expenses Y-1- If lords of 2nd and 12th exchange signs, whilst lord of 11th is posited in 6/8/12th house, the native would be called upon to make very heavy expenses.

Y-2- If lord of 2nd is weak. Jupiter is in 12th house, whilst there is benefic aspect on Ascendant there will be minor gains but heavy expenses.

Low Income Y-1- If lord of 2nd is in 6th or 12th house, whilst lord of 12th is occupying a malefic sign with malefic aspect, little income is indicated.

Poverty/Wealth Y-1- Sun in 2nd aspected by Saturn denote poverty.

Y-2- Sun in 2nd without Saturn’s aspect denotes wealth.


Y-1- The native would be a poor man, if a Malefic occupies the 2nd house, whilst lord of 2nd house is weak and lord of 11th is in 12th house.

Y-2- If both lords of 2nd and 11th are conjunct with malefic, right from birth, native would be poor.

Y-3- When the Lord of the House of wealth is placed in the sixth House and the Lord of the House of profit is also placed there and the Houses of wealth and profit are also occupied by malefic or are aspected by malefic, the native will be poor.

Y-4- When the Lord of the House of wealth and profit are combust, and are associated with malefic planets, the native will be penurious right from his birth and will have to beg even for his food.

N-1- (The situation of the Lords of the Houses of Wealth and Profit, which stand for value, in the House of Enemies (the 6th House) means the loss or destruction of the Lords of the Houses of wealth because the 6th House is the House of scarcity, debt, loss, struggle, penury, and other people.

Thus the native is put in tight corner on the financial plane, his money is spent and wasted away in litigation or disease or has been invested in such trade or profession, which are recurring continuous losses. Consequently poverty has made her way in his life. Such person can make investment only when these houses have some relation with the Lord of the 10th House.

The combustion of the Lords of the Houses of Wealth and Profit means the deterioration of the natural resources/properties of these planets. Such planets are capable of destroying wealth right from inception. The situation of malefic planets with them or the aspects of malefic planets on them will certainly make the native bereft of wealth and will make him beg including food).


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