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Planets, Signs and Houses: Essential Principle for Judgement of Horoscopy, Chapter IV, Part - 11


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Misc. Yogas

Y- If the lord of the 6th house is located in the Ascendant in the sign of Mercury and the lord of the Ascendant occupies the sign of Mercury.

E- The man along with his wife is impotent.

Y- In the said yoga, if Saturn and Mars take part then.

E- The male himself only will be impotent.

Y- The following are the 6 yogas that give birth to impotent persons.

(a) When Sun and Moon aspect each other.

(b) When Saturn and Mercury occupy dual signs.

(c) When Saturn occupying an odd sign aspects the Sun or when Saturn is in dual sign & aspects the Sun.

(d) When Moon is located in odd sign in the Ascendant and is aspected by Mars located in a dual sign.

(e) When Moon & Mercury is occupying a even and odd sign respectively, & when the Moon & the Ascendant are aspected by Mars.

(f) When the lord of the Lagna is with Mercury.

Y- If the lords of the 10th & 9th houses are located in one of the bad houses: 6th, 8th or 12th and the lord of the Ascendant is strong, the boy even if born in a high family is without the ceremonies such as `seemant’ (a sanskara i.e. ceremony performed during the pregnancy of a woman).

Y- In case there is a malefic planet or a malefic sign in the 11th house, the boy even if he be the first born is with a sanskara such as is performed during pregnancy.

Delivery Room

If the Lagna is Leo the delivery room has two doors. If Virgo is the Lagna the birth takes place in a low class house.

The direction of the door is:

(i) The direction of the lord of the Navamsa in the Lagna.

(ii) That of the lord of the 5th house.

(iii) That of the strongest planet.

(iv) In the direction of the planet in the angle.

(v) In that of the lord of the drekkana in the Lagna.

Y- The ladies attending at the time of delivery should be determined from the planets located in the 2nd 12th and the 10th houses.

If in one of these houses there is Saturn the woman belongs to the shudra class.

If it is the Sun, she belongs to the kshatriya (warrior) class.

If there is Rahu or Ketu, the attending woman belongs to a low class.

Other planets there denote the attending woman as belonging to the class of the planet concerned.

The women attending should also be determined from the planets in the 2nd, 12th & the 4th house.

The caste etc should be determined from the planets in association with the lords of the houses (mentioned above).

As against the opinion of some, who consider that it should be considered from the planets in these houses, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in these houses denote the women attending delivery as belonging to the Brahmin class.

Y- In case these planets are occupying the Navamsa of a malefic planet the women will be widows.

If Rahu or Ketu arer located in a bad Navamsa then the woman would still be of the high class, but widow.

In case of Saturn there the woman would be of black colour & a hunch back.

The number of the attending women should be determined from the number of planets involved.

The number is many if many planets are located in one sign.

Lamp etc.

(Now a days from the lamps of old times we should take the power of bulbs in delivery places).

If the Ascendant is a movable sign, the lamp will be moving by being taken from place to place. If Lagna is fixed the lamp is stable.

If it is a common sign the lamp would be in the hand. The number of lamps at birth should be declared by the number of planets in the Lagna.

The condition of oil should be told from the Moon while the wick of the lamp should be told by the condition of the Lagna. Thus opine some.

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