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Planets, Signs and Houses: Essential Principle for Judgement of Horoscopy, Chapter IV, Part - 9


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Evil Houses, Evil Planets & Evil Lords

1. 6th, 8th and 12th are evil houses. Their lords are known as malefic or evil lords. Although 3rd and 11th are not evil houses but their lords are also considered as evil lords. Out of the above, the lord of 8th is the worst malefic.

2. Lords of 6th, 8th and 12th occupying 6th, 8th or 12th produce, good results. When the above lords occupy any of these houses, they give rise to Harsha, Sarala and Vimala Yogas. Another yoga produced by the placement of these lords is called Vipreet A Rajyoga. 6th Lord in 6th produce Harsha Yoga only but when placed in 8th or 12th it produces two yogas Harsha and Vipreeta Rajyoga. The lords of 8th and 12th do likewise. An evil lord is placed better in an evil house other than his own.

3. When a planet owns one good and the other a bad house and occupies the good house owned by him, he will give good results only. His lordship of the bad house in such a case goes to the background.

But in case he occupies the bad house owned by him, then he will tend to give mixed results but the results of his Mooltrikona house will predominate.

For example in the case of Aries Ascendant, Jupiter is lord of 9th and 12th. If he occupies the 9th, his 12th house lordship will be eliminated. But if he occupies the 12th, even then the 9th being his Mooltrikona, its results will outweigh the bad effects of 12th house.

12th lord placed in 12th gives beneficial effects. So also when 8th lord is in 8th and 6th lord in 6th, the results will be good.

4. When a planet owning two houses, one good and the other bad, exchanges their house positions with that of another. In such a case, the following position will arise:

(a) When the exchange is with an evil lord as evil lord, the evil effects of both will vanish due to Vipreet a Rajayoga.

(b) When the exchange is with a good house lord as a good lord, his evil lordship will be eliminated. For example Jupiter as lord of 6th and 9th for Cancer Ascendant may have an exchange with Saturn lord of 7th and 8th. When Jupiter is placed in Capricorns Rasi and Saturn is in Pisces, it will become an exchange of houses by the lords of 7th and 9th. But when Jupiter is in Aquarius and Saturn in Sagittarius, it will be the exchange of houses betweens lords of 6th and 8th and it will also bring good results.

The position of luminaries is, however, different. For Aquarius Ascendant the Moon as lord of 6th will show good result in 6th, 8th or 12th and if it exchanges house position with any of the evil lords, it will give good otherwise not.

5. The Majority view is that a malefic must be in a fall to produce good effects. The only exception is of Saturn. A week Saturn will cause much misery whereas a strong Saturn will give less or misery.

For any sign, one of the trika lords will be a malefic. A trika lord when he owns the 3rd or 11th as well becomes highly malefic.

Such a planet’s debilitation or fall can spare the native from great harm.

6. A planet to be called a malefic should own one of the trika houses and the 3rd or 11th as well. If such a planet occupies 3rd or 11th or his own house, he will not give the effect of the lordship of the trika house. But this position is not applicable to the Moon. The Moon owning a trika house not his own will give rise to two yogas. On the other hand a planet owning the 3rd or 11th and a trika house, his placement in the trika will not be good.

For example 3rd lord in 6th hi8s own house gives enmity with a younger brother. When placed in 8th or 12th, even own house may cause the death of younger brother.

Similarly, the 11th lord in 6th own house will cause enmity with elder brother and in 8th or 12th even own house will cause loss of elder brother. Therefore, malefic lord of 3rd or 11th house is the best in the 3rd or 11th itself. When the lord of a Trika-sthana owns a trine, he becomes a benefic to the Lagna concerned provided he occupies his own house. On this principle, the following planets are considered benefic for the Ascendants noted below:

For Aries Ascendant – Jupiter

For Taurus Ascendant – Saturn

For Gemini Ascendant – Saturn & Venus

For Cancer Ascendant – Jupiter

For Leo Ascendant – Jupiter

For Virgo Ascendant – Saturn

For Libra Ascendant – Mercury

For Sagittarius Ascendants – Mars

For Capricorn Ascendant – Mercury

For Aquarius Ascendant – Mercury

For Pisces Ascendant – There is no such planet who owns a trine as well as a trik ahouse.

In other words in the case of lords of Trines, the effect of their Trika lordship will be felt in a small measure as the bad effect cannot be completely eliminated.

7. Maharishi Parasara is of the view that of lord of 12th is a neutral planet. Apart from its Maraka power its general effect will be as under:

i) If any of the planets owning 12th, owns another good house his Dasa will be beneficial e.g. Mercury for Libra Ascendant owns 9th and 12th, its Dasa will be good. But when the other house is a bad one, the planet becomes a malefic and its Dasa will be inauspicious.

ii) Lord of 12th would bring about the expenditure etc. through the Bhava in which it is placed. For example, when placed in 5th, expenditure on children, loss iin gambling or speculation will take place.

8. It is accepted by all that the Moon, Jupiter and Venus when placed in 12th forming own house give rise to accumulation of wealth. Another view is that Lord of 12th placed in 8th gives accumulation of wealth. Maharishi Parashar has equated the lords of 12th and 2nd and has described them as neutrals. According to him, the lord of 2nd or 12th gives effect according to their placement as under:

(1) In a Trine – Good result.

(2) Being a natural Benefic in 3, 6 or 11 – Good results.

(3) Being a natural malefic in 3, 6 or 11 – Bad results.

(4) Being a natural benefic in 1, 4, 7, or 10 – Bad results.

(5) Being a natural malefic in 1, 4, 7, or 10 – Ordinary results.

(6) In 8th house – Bad results.

It may be noted that lord of 2nd in 8th house is of course very bad but lord of 12th, placed in 8th is not a bad position deserving condemnation.


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