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Traits and characteristics of Moon

Traits and characteristics of Moon

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

What a cooling-effect the Moon has on the eyes and on the body! According, therefore, to the science of “Symbology” Moon has been held in astrology as a watery planet, for water in its normal condition is cold. When, therefore, Moon, in combination with other “Watery” planets such as Venus and the lords of the 4th, 8th and the 12th house throws it’s influence on the Ascendant and it’s lord, it induces the native to engage himself in such “Watery” vocations as the Navy, soda water factory, canal department, etc.

This planet is friend to all and enemy to none. If Moon is strong in the horoscope and is intimately linked to the lord of the 4th house and the house no. 4, It shows that the native is popular with the masses and that he has resort to politics and other public activities.

As this planet is enemy to none and is treated as queen i.e. next in status to the king, it is a mother too. We should, therefore, always consider the longevity etc. of the mother and other matters relating to the mother by a study of this important planet, in company with the other factors of the horoscope that also stand for the mother i.e., the 4th house and its lord.

The holy Vedas have declared in regard to Moon that “Chandramah Manso Jatah” that is to say that Moon was born out of the emotional part of the “Virat Purusha” In examining, therefore, the nature of the emotions of a man through his horoscope, we should not only study and examine the 4th house and it’s lord, but should also thoroughly examine Moon for this purpose. For example, you will always notice that people in whose horoscope, the 4th house and its lord along with the Moon is influenced (by association or aspect) by Saturn-the morose planet, they are melancholy, sad, and dispassionate people. Such yoga always exists in the birth charts of real sanyasis.

If Moon herself becomes the lord of the 4th house, it is evident that she would represent the emotional content of a man par excellence. If such a Moon is situated in any of the bad (Trik) houses and Rahu throws it’s influence on both the 4th house as well as the lord thereof i.e. the Moon, the native is likely to suffer from some phobia, as Moon is very much “Afraid” of this dark shadowy planet. Such a person may suffer from such diseases as epilepsy, hysteria, swoons etc.

In the “Kala Purusha” Time personified, with its limbs denoted by the houses and the signs) the planet Moon is the lord of the 4th part. It represents the lungs. When, therefore, Moon is herself the lord of the 4th house and is under the malefic influence of Mars, Saturn etc. and the 4th house too is under similar malefic influence, it hints at the existence in the body of the native of such troubles as T.B. of the lungs, pleurisy, pneumonia etc.

The planet Moon is “Liquid” in nature nature as already stated. It is the fastest moving planet. It also gives life and nourishment. The blood in the human body is almost an exact parallel in as much as blood too is liquid, fast moving and life giving. Thus if, Moon in any horoscope is the lord of the Ascendant or the lord of the 4th house and is badly situated, and under purely malefic influence, it denotes that the native is most likely to suffer from the diseases of the blood, such as blood pressure, anaemia etc.

Like the Sun, Moon, too is a light, though a lesser one. On the basis of the “Symbology” already stated this planet too represents an eye-here the left eye, the right one being represented by the Sun.

The planet Moon is so important that it serves as an ascendant by itself. The ascendant, as already stated, represents the very start of life i.e., the infant stage. Moon thus stands for the infant stage of life in all horoscopes. Horoscopes where Moon is extremely weak and afflicted, it denotes serious trouble to the native in his infancy. Thus if Moon as the lord of Ascendant in any horoscope or together with the lord of the Ascendant in any horoscope is weak and afflicted, it denotes that the native is not destined to live long.

Since Moon represents the emotions and desires of man, it locates the preferences and proclivities of a man in the house in which Moon is located, particularly when Moon is the lord of the 4th house. For example, if Moon is located in the sign Virgo in the 6th house, it indicates that the native is very fond of putting in his work labour or that he is fond of sports or in case she is there with Rahu one is fond of foreign elements such as foreign communities, and castes other than these of his community.

The letters “Ya” “Ra” “La” “Va” “Sha” “Sa”, and “Ha” are all pronounced from a place below the neck. This is a place that is comparatively innermost, except the one for the vowels-represented by the Sun. The mind being next to the soul, these letters are very appropriately represented by the Moon which is next to the Sun, in importance.


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