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Traits and characteristics of Mercury

Traits and characteristics of Mercury

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

The planet Mercury in Indian astrology is often mentioned as “Vishnu”, or by such epithets as denotes that protecting and merciful deity, Mercury taken by itself, therefore, represents, such traits as a charitable disposition, and a selfless person that is ever prepared to come to the rescue of the oppressed and the needy. In cases, therefore, when Mercury becomes the lord of the 9th house and has an intimate link with the 1st house, it makes the native a selfless person devoted to the public cause.

Mercury lord of the 7th house in a nativity is responsible as a major factor, to bring about early marriage, provided, of course, it is not under the influence (by association or aspect) of malefic planets and provided also that the other factors of marriage viz the 7th house and Venus (for male nativities) and the 7th house and Jupiter (for female nativities) are not afflicted.

If Mercury is lord of the 2nd house (This happens when Taurus or Leo is the ascendant) and is found to be under the “Separative” influence or Rahu, Sun or Saturn, who are afflicting the second house as well the forced to live for some time in a hostel, gurukul etc, away from his parents, for the purpose of the prosecution of his studies. This is because both the second house and the planet Mercury represent the period of academic career relating to boyhood, and Sun etc are Separative in nature.

Mercury stands for “Skin” of the body, more particularly in cases when it is (a) the lord of the Ascendant proper, or in the Sun Ascendant or in the Moon Lagna. In any of these positions, if Mercury is afflicted by planets that are the significators of “Disease”, i.e. by Saturn or Rahu, one suffers from skin trouble such as Leucoderma etc., etc.

Mercury lord of Virgo ascendant if afflicted by “Separative” influence of Saturn or Rahu, brings about “Displacement” (i.e., separation from the normal position) of intestines denoted by the sign no: six in the ascendant. Similarly the same planet as lord of Gemini ascendant, if afflicted by malefic influence, causes trouble in the respiratory system, in the form of “Asthma” etc, of brings about trouble to “Arms” denoted by the sign no: 3 in the ascendant.

Mercury, Saturn and Rahu are of “Long” stature. In cases where a majority of these planets influence, through association or aspect, the factors that stand for the body as a whole i.e., the ascendant proper, the Moon ascendant and the Sun ascendant, and their lords, they impart this trait of theirs, to the body and make it “Long” in stature, in comparison, for example, to the influence of Mars on these bodily factors, when the body becomes “Short” in stature.

If Mercury for people with Taurus ascendants is very strong, it makes them orators, for Mercury the significator of “Speech” himself becomes the lord of the houses of speech in such cases and through its strength brings about excellence of speech called by the name of “Oratory”.

If the sign Gemini and Mercury, of people born with Gemini ascendant are afflicted by Mars and Ketu, they are most likely to have a rather severe injury on the head in early life. The reason is that Mars is “Significator” of Injuries, violence and cruelty. In such cases he has the added qualities of injuries etc by virtue of his becoming lord of the two houses of injury viz the 6th house and the house sixth to sixth i.e., the 11th. If along with Mercury, the planets Venus and Moon are also under malefic influence of Gemini nativities, the native is likely to suffer from some mental ailment, such as lunacy etc.

When both the lord of the second house and Mercury are strong and are associated with the ascendant, one is conversant with the science of Astrology. The rationale seems to be that the planet Mercury is the significator of Astrology and the second house too relates to that science, being the knowledge about the heavenly bodies, the second house being, 5th (knowledge) from the 10th (Skies).

Mercury is considered to be eunuch and impotent in astrology. Saturn is another planet that is also considered as “Impotent”. When, therefore, both Mercury and Saturn happen to throw their influence on the 7th house, its lord and the planet Venus, and there is no other influence on the 7th house etc, the native becomes impotent.

Mercury gets strong by its location in the first house as this planet gets “Directional” strength in that house.

The planet Mercury denotes the five letters of the “TA” varga, T being pronounced as in the phrase “Tit for Tat”.

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