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Traits and characteristics of Sun

Traits and characteristics of Sun

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

That the Sun gives us heat, the experience of everyone of us, including the blind, the deaf and the dumb. This perhaps makes us realize, what the Sun stands for and exerts an influence of “Heat”, Mars, and Ketu are also planets of “Heat”. When, we find in a birth chart Mars, Sun and Ketu throwing their combined influence on say the first house we say that the body of the person concerned is likely to be exposed to the dangers of “Fire” and that he is likely to take up an avocation that involves the constant use of “FIRE” I some shape or the other, such avocations could be with fire security, and electricity department, the radio, the furnace, the boiler, the artillery and the like.

The Sun gives us light. This is another very common experience. Light, in other words is very intimately connected with the Sun. “AS ABOVE SO BELOW” is the key rule for interpretation. Accordingly in the human body the part, or the limb that is most intimately connected with “LIGHT” will be the limb represented by the Sun in the human body. Eye being such a part, in the birth chart the eye will be represented by the planet Sun. If, therefore, when you find the Sun placed in the houses of the eye that is the house no: two or the house no: 12, in an inimical sign, and under the influence of malefic planets, Mars, Saturn Ketu, Rahu, etc., it creates a defect in the human eye and when the influence is severe, it may denote even total blindness. On the same analogy, if the planet Sun is situated in the 8th house in an inimical sign and is influenced badly, by association or aspect, by the malefic planets, the father of the native may have eye trouble, and in cases where the said influence on the Sun so situated is very severe, he may even become blind. The reason is that the 8th house is the 12th house of the “FATHER” in any horoscope and as such represents the eye of the father. The affliction of Sun as an eye, therefore, in the home for an eye, would afflict the eye concerned.

The Sun is King among the planets. This is quite evident from the simple fact that all planets revolve round it, like the laymen revolving round the VIPs. Applying the “Key” “As Above So Below”, we can say that amongst the people on earth too the king, or the government, or the head of a state, or the head of a family, or the head of an institution etc. are all represented by the Sun. In the horoscope if the planet Sun happens to be the Lord of the 9th or the 10th house and is strong by house position, aspect etc. it indicates that the person concerned is most likely to rise to a position of authority, such as that of a king or a ruler or a governor, or a president or some high official of the government concerned.

The Sun is very huge in it shapes too. Because of its importance and hugeness, it makes the house over which it has lordship important. For example, if the Sun is lord of the second house in a horoscope, and is strong it gives much wealth, in comparison with a case where any other planet is lord of the same house and is also strong. If the Sun is lord of the third house and is strong, it denotes the existence of highly placed friends … for which the third house stands. If it is strong in the horoscope as lord of the 4th house, it denotes the acquisition of a house that is quite wide in area and admits plenty of light into it. It also indicates; inter alia, that the chest of the person to whom the horoscope belongs is, wide. If it is strong as the lord of the 5th: house it indicates that: the status of the son of the native will be quite high in life and that he will be brave. If it is strong as the lord of the 6th house, it indicates the existence of mighty enemies that he will have to contend with, and that the younger brothers of his mother (Represented by the 6th house) will rise to very good position in life. If it is strong as the lord of the 7th house in a horoscope it denotes that he will marry high and his wife may be a queen or one from highly aristocratic family. If Sun is lord of the 8th house in a birth chart and is also strong it ensures good “Longevity” for the native. If it is strong as lord of the 9th house in a birth chart, it is indicative of the high ruling powers that he will posses in life. It also indicates that the person concerned will be very much spiritually inclined. If it is strong as the lord of the 10th house it indicates that the native will undertake big business in and will also do considerable charitable and good work. If it is the lord of the 11th house and is also strong it gives high class gains and even a kingdom, depending of course on its strength. If it is strong as the lord of the 12th house, it will separate the native from the traits of the house which it may occupy. For example, if such a Sun influences both the 7th house and it’s lord it indicates separation of the native from his wife, or the husband, as the case may be. Similarly if such a Sun influences both the lord of the 5th house and Jupiter it indicates the possibility of his being separated from his Son. If it is lord of the first house and is strong, it of the general status of the native and may course raises indicate his becoming a president or a king etc.

The second house, represents the period of boyhood and education. If Sun represents this house by becoming its lord, and is also strong, It indicates the acquisition of education of a high class provided of course if the planet Mercury-the significator of Education also is strong.

The Sun through its rays nourishes all life vegetables, animals and men. Life is simply not possible with-out the Sun. Sun is, therefore, our protector and nourishes. In the world, therefore, he is likened to “Father” for on earth a father has the same functions as the Sun has in the heavens. That is why Astrology enjoins that we should always study the position of Sun before arriving at any judgement in regard to the father of a native in his horoscope. For a complete judgement in this regard, however, we have also to take into consideration the position strength etc. of the 9th house and it’s lord.

The Sun is the “Prop” and the basic support of every thing in this world. Analogically the bones in the human system serve as the “Prop” of the body. Astrology has therefore, represented the bones in the human body by the planet Sun. If, therefore, Sun as the lord of the first house in any birth chart is very weak, it would mean that the element prevalent in the body and represented by the Sun would suffer in life. Bones are such an element, that serve as the prop of the body as a whole (Ascendant). Hence in such as a case the man is likely to have his bones broken or get some other disease of the bones.

The Sun is the lord of the sign no. 5. In the conception of the “Kala Purusha” the 5th limb is the belly. Hence if in a horoscope, the 5th house, its lord, the sign no. 5 and its lord viz the Sun are all afflicted by malefic influence, of a lasting nature such as that of Rahu or Saturn, one suffers for long from pains in the belly, such as colic pains or ulcer in the stomach.

The Sun is verily soul of the whole universe. The holy Vedas declare so. (Surya Atma Jagtahtasthushashcha) Hence whenever we have to ponder over a problem or rather a thing that is basic, fundamental, vital, innermost, subtle etc., we have to take the Sun as its representative and consider the Sun’s positions to arrive at a right conclusion. For example we know that in the alphabet of all the languages, all the world over, and in the Sanskrit language in particular, the vowels are considered the soul of the consonants, for the reason that the consonants can not be pronounced without the help of the vowels. In allotting a planet to the vowels we are easily guided by this fact. We, therefore, at once say that the vowels are represented by the Sun-the soul of the universe and therefore of the Alphabet.


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