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Today's Astral Energy

The energy in the DAY TODAY - astrologically July, 25, 12 - Agitation will be the KEY - areas will be communications, finance and job.

Yesterday again I MET A PERSON who was very agitated with the marriage he is in - he wanted to get away from his wife - wanted a corner in the home - wanted peace - was willing to give all his money but wanted PEACE and no negativity from his SPOUSE - the STRESS with HIM and with others is - THE DESIRE OF THE WIFE FOR THE HUSBAND PLAYING A ROLE - the youngsters say - wish we married a GIRL from the VILLAGE - someone who loved them - GAVE THEM FOOD - all this is leading to a restless / stressful minds - NO PEACE & YOU ARE IN PAST / FUTURE - KEY learning i would say is TO MAKE YOUR MIND CALM - EVEN FOOD CANNOT BE ENJOYED IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CALM MIND - today the MIND is working on DEFICIENT MECHANISM - WE NEED TO GET OURSELVES AWAY FROM EXTERNAL STIMULUS leading to WANTS - GREED - DELUSION - ANGER - FEAR - MORE - END OF ALL THIS SI STRESS . HAPPINESS IN NOT EXTERNAL - IT IS INTERNAL AND YOU MUST WORK IN KEEPING YOUR MIND CALM - THE YOGA TO PARTICIPATE IS TO KEEP GRIEF AWAY - ATTITUDE COMES FROM DESIRES AND TO REPEAT ARE EXTERNAL - be in the present - enjoy the work - enjoy the objects of desire - enjoy - DO NOT WORSHIP YOUR DESIRES - DO NOT MAKE THE OBJECT YOUR MASTER - PEACE & HAPPINESS IN INTERNAL AND BE INDEPENDENT INTERNALLY - if you can do this you will be master of ENJOYMENT - become a wealth creator and not a wealth chaser. Prosperity will chase you - your merit is to be CALM AND KNOWING YOUR JOB/BEING IN THE PRESENT. SORRY FOR THE TYPOS. Manage your DESIRES by managing your THOUGHTS.

Shanker Adawal

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