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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal


Aries described: The sign Aries has blood-red complexion, huge bulky body is a quadruped sign and is strong during night. It resides in the east, is of royal caste and wanders in hills. It has the predominance of Rajaguna, rises with its back and is fiery; its lord is Mars.

Aries is ruled by Mars, and its symbol is the Ram. Aries is a Fire sign, impulsive and energetic.

Aries is the first sign of Zodiac, and thus, it represents new beginnings. Arian’s are typically full of creative energy, enthusiasm, and a great inner drive to prove themselves. They express themselves through action and are constantly seeking experiences that give them the opportunity to prove they are the best.

There is little timidity in people under this sign-like the Ram, Aries native are confident doers who often forge ahead confidently, regardless of the consequences. This impulsiveness can sometimes lead to problems when they leap before they look. They are not afraid to take risks or to gamble to have their way. If they can temper their impulsive drives, Aries native can accomplish much and be successful leaders. They constantly seek to be the best at whatever they do nto would rather have fame and fortune than material wealth.

Aries native crave independence and often seek positions of authority. Optimism runs through their veins and it is hard to discourage them from tasks they have begun (However, they are notorious for not finishing what they start). Their high-spirits are very contagious and are never daunted by fear of failure.

As friends Aries native are high-spirited and generous, though sometimes they must control their competitive impulses and how they affect those around them. They must learn to temper their aggressiveness and use reason and diplomacy when dealing with others.

Aries sign in the ascendant

If Aries is strong and in the ascendant, the native is a man of fierce anger; a greedy person with little character who travels in foreign countries; a weak man who has little happiness and speaks in a blundering fashion.

One whose body is afflicted by (illness connected with) bile and wind and by diseases of the eye; a man clever in business whose righteousness (dharma) is corrupted by temptation; a jealous person who causes destruction among others possessions; one who is cowardly, despondent, fickle, and stupid.

A man who is parted from his father and mother or from his brother; one who walks swiftly and is gluttonous; a man with few children whose character is opposed by his brothers and friends; one who possesses various moneys.

A famous person whose wealth is secure and immense; one with bad relatives; a man of good conduct whose nails are ugly and whose enemies are conquered; one who gets a lame and rude wife who comes from a bad family or who desires her own people.

A man whose wealth is increased by the commission of evil deeds, and whose happiness is enjoyed by diminishing and wasting (that wealth); one who dies because of blood, fire, and sword, or from the breaking of his body, or because of diseases arising from poison and bile.

Note- Thus, by means of the twelve portions (bhaga) when they are in the ascendant- (the Dvadash amsa) which are like the twelve signs and are such things as of water, of wood, movable, or fixed – as by means of the distinctions caused by the lords of the signs and the signs themselves, are to be described (the natures) of men.

Whatever sign is joined with its lord or with a planet which has its exaltation in it, or is aspected (by such a planet), or is strong on its own, that sign is said to have the greatest influence, having regard for its place; the opposite of this (is said) by others.


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