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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Aries Ascendant and Sign in Houses

If the Ascendant. i.e. the first house certains the sign Aries, the person born has the traits and characteristics of the planet Mars. The native has active habits and has a fair amount of anger in him. Since in this case the planet Mars assumes the lordship of both houses that represent “Longevity”, and death, it will indicate the native’s mode of death through the nature of the planet or planets that may be influencing Mars, For the same reason the planet Mars assumes great importance for longevity as well. In other words the stronger Mars is in the nativity the more long lived the native would be. Similarly if Mars is very weak it denotes that the native is not destined to live long. The lordship of the 8th house by Mars makes the native prone to a sinful life unless Mars has the relieving aspect etc. of some benefic planet. Sinful life is more likely if Mars has influence on the 4th house and its lord as well.

Taurus in the Second House. If Taurus is in the second house, and Venus is strong, one gains financially to a considerable extent from business or trade as well as from the side of his in-laws. If Venus is weak and is situated in the 6th or 8th house it gives much physical trouble in it’s Dasa or in it’s sub-ruling period, as it then acts as “Maraka”. If Venus is strong one has an attractive face, for Venus as the lord of the second house one has an attractive face, for Venus as the lord of the second house doubly represents the face, firstly as the lord of the second house, and then as the significator of handsomeness. If Venus is heavily afflicted, the native has a short lived wife, for the reason, that Venus the significator of “Wife” has himself the lordship of the two houses that represent the longevity of wife, viz the 7th house and the house 8th from 7th (i.e. second). The mode of death of wife should, in such cases be determined from the nature of the influence being exerted on Venus and on the longevity houses of wife, (second and seventh).

Gemini in the Third House. If Gemini falls in the 3rd house, the native is fond of putting much labour in his work. He is generally fond of sports also, particularly if Mercury is linked to the 6th house. When Mercury is strong the native possesses younger sisters in good numbers for Mercury as an independent planet represents the female sex. If Mercury is weak and associated, with and aspected by malefic planets, particularly if it is so in the 5th house, the native becomes a millionaire, provided the 3rd house, the 6th house and Mercury have no benefic influence on them by association or aspect. In such a case one can easily see that Mercury would be adversely situated from both of its signs. From Gemini it would be third and from Virgo it will be in the 12th house. Thus it would do much harm to both the 3rd and 6th house. Now since the 3rd house. Now since the 3rd house denotes dire poverty (being 8th from the 8th) and the 6th denotes want, debts etc, Mercury would then represent the destruction of “poverty and “want”, which is an indirect way of saying that the native will be rich. This is a “Vipreet Raja Yoga” i.e. yoga of affluence through the destruction of negtative forces. Since the 3rd house being 8th from the 8th represents the 8th house i.e. the longevity of the native, the affliction of the 3rd house and Mercury in a severe manner, indicates the strong possibility of the life of the native being cut short suddenly i.e. prematurely. In this connection it would be remembered that Mercury like it’s mother Moon is known to act in a sudden manner causing “Arishta”.

Cancer in the Fourth House. If the sign Cancer falls in the 4th house, Moon the significator of mind herself becomes the lord of the house of mind. Hence Moon lord of the 4th house will locate, the nature of the main desire of the native in the house in which she is situated, if the Moon is in the house of finance, the native will be after wealth, if she is in the 3rd house, he will be very much fond of friends, and their company. If she is located in the 5th she will be indicative of the fondness of the native for his children. If she is in the 6th house one is fond of mixing with foreign people. If Moon is weak and afflicted she will bring about diseases of the chest. The mother of the native may also suffer from diseases of the chest for the 4th house the Ascendant of the mother will have in it the sign no. 4 representing the chest. If Moon is afflicted by Rahu along with the 4th house one suffers from fits and swoons. If Moon is located in the 8th house and Rahu afflicts the 4th house and Moon, the native may suffer from epilepsy, for Moon is mortally afraid of Rahu and in such a condition the phobia called epilepsy is created.

Leo in the Fifth House. The Sun becomes the lord of both the sign no. 5 as well as the house no. 5. Hence if the Sun is weak and afflicted by malefic planets it causes trouble in the region of the heart and the belly. If the Sun is afflicted by Rahu and the lord of the sign occupied by Rahu it is likely to cause heart trouble particularly. Rahu, it must be remembered, is a planet notorious for its sudden effects which we always noticed in the case of heart attack.

Virgo in the Sixth House. The situation of Mercury in Scorpio or Leo under the influence whether by association or by aspect of natural malefic planets and without the influence of natural benefic planets, causes “Vipreet Raja Yoga” which makes one very rich. Weak Mercury is not conducive to the life of the younger brothers and sisters of the mother of native. The association or link of Mercury coupled with the affliction of the 6th house by such disease causing factors as Saturn and Rahu, causes such troubles of the intestines as Hernia, typhoid; appendicitis etc.

Libra in the Seventh House. Venus the significator of wife also becomes the lord of the house of wife. Hence all influences on Venus and the 7th house are very telling in effect on wife. If Venus and the 7th house are strong and well aspected the wife is long living, highly polished, beautiful, graceful and accomplished in arts etc. If on the other hand, Venus and the 7th house are weak and afflicted, she is short lived, ugly etc. It would be seen that Venus being the lord of the 7th house and of house 8th from the 7th, represents par excellence, the longevity of wife and as such benefic influence on Venus would naturally be conducive to the longevity of wife. If Venus is located in the 5th house or the 12th house, it would create a link between the 7th house and other houses of sex and enjoinments and as such would make the native ridden with sex. If the birth chart belongs to a lady and Venus and Saturn are very strong, her husband becomes lucky and rich, for both Venus and Saturn are Raja Yoga karakas for Libra which falls in the house of husband.

Scorpio in the Eighth House. Mars becomes the lord of both the 8th house and sign no. 8. If there is malefic influence on the 7th house and on Mars and native suffers from trouble in the scrotum or from such diseases as relate to the area in question (8th). A strong Mars is of course conducive to longevity as the 1st and the 8th houses over which Mars has lordship are houses of longevity. If a strong aspects both the ascendant and the 8th house one is liable to commit violent crimes, for the 8th house is as much the life of “others” as it is of “self”. It has besides a strong link with the house of self viz. the Ist.

Sagittarius in the Ninth House. Jupiter becomes the lord of the 9th and the 12th houses. Since the 12th house gives the results of the house in which the other sign of the lord of the 12th house falls, the natives in this case will experience the effects of the 9th house. He would therefore be lucky and religious. The native will spend much on religious acts. A strong Jupiter not only indicates that the wife of the native (or the husband of the native) has younger brothers; it also confers wealth on the native. A strong Jupiter in Ascendant makes one highly religious.

Capricorn in the Tenth House. Saturn becomes the lord of the 10th and the 11th houses. Accordingly to the basic traits laid down by Maharshi Parashar, Saturn ceases to be a malefic by owning the 10th Kendra, but since it owns the 11th house at the same time, it becomes a malefic planet again. The 11th house is 6th from the 6th i.e. the house of disease. Saturn is significator of disease. Hence the house which is influenced by Saturn and by such other factors of disease as Mer5cury lord of the 6th house and Rahu will be afflicted with disease.

Aquarius in the Eleventh House. Saturn becomes the lord of the 10th and the 11th houses. It acts adversely in health matters. It is, however, somewhat good so far as finances are concerned. If Saturn is strong one works for his elder brother. One also benefits from landed property.

Pisces in the Twelfth House. Jupiter becomes the lord of the 12th and the 9th houses. Since the lord of the 12th house gives the effects of the other house over which it has lordship, Jupiter in this case would give the effects of the 9th house the best of the trines. As such the effects of Jupiter are bound to be excellent. If Jupiter is linked to the Ascendant one is actively associated with religion and the religious life. If on the other hand Jupiter is weak and afflicted the native suffers at the hands of the govt, and its officials. Jupiter as lord of the sign Pisces located in the 12th house becomes a good representative of the feet of the native. If the 12th house and Jupiter are under the influence of malefic planets, like Mars and Ketu, the native suffers from disease or trouble in his feet.


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