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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 12


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Pure Gemini Native

He is intelligent, quick-witted, lively and intensely versatile. He is “Jack-of-all-trades,” but especially the trades or professions which mean plenty of movement both of mind and body. He is chatty, intelligent, witty, inquisitive, somewhat nervously “on-the-go” most of the time.

It has been suggested that, if he had an animal symbol, it should be the monkey with its chattering, imitative nature and its constant jumping from place to place.

In love he is coolly affectionate, very expressive but rarely deeply held. He is too versatile to enjoy only one chosen love, and will go true of the type, by running after two at a time. He frequently marries twice.

Overstress or misuse of these traits will mean diffuseness, lack of continuity, heartlessness, undependability, lack of perseverance, failure through divided objectives.

Mental agility without sound education may produce the slick, “smart-cunning” type. The phrase, “fingers in too many pies” is applicable.

Inhibition of his natural traits will be caused if subjected to lack of change, bringing boredom.

As a child the Gemini native will be intensely lively, amusing in his talk, quickly picking up any new ideas, easy to teach if only his attention can be held. Through he must be kept quiet sometimes, it will not do to be over-insistent that he should stop fidgeting or that one thing at a time should be patiently done.

Physical Characteristics

Long arms; sloping shoulders; quickly darting, restless eyes; slender build; springing walk; alert expression; youthful appearance all through life.


Nervous complaints, Diseases of the respiratory system, Psychological troubles, such as general debility through circumstances which are too confining-air must move.

Way of living

The Gemini native is at his best in any sphere where his natural urges can be expressed. He is therefore better in a non-static job where he can “blow in and out” at a moment’s notice. He is better at doing mental rather than heavy manual work, but good at lighter manual work where dexterity of touch is required, especially if this requires thought as well. He is the typical Fleet Street reporter, off to another assignment as soon as one is dealt with, or the commercial traveler. His communicatory ways have full scope either in learning, teaching or lecturing.

In adult life, he will go on studying new subjects for the enjoyment of using his brain. Any literary work suits him. He can usually draw or paint, often using both hands for it. Communicatory again are the go-between, the agent, the middleman.


These should be widely varied and mentally interesting. Games should be dexterous rather than boisterous. The agility of foot, hand, eye and brain which combine in the fencer is very Gemini native.

The Gemini native will like to drop in on his friends for a chat, phone them or write them, or go for walks with them.

Gemini Ascendant – Benefic & Malefic

Benefic- Venus

Malefic- Sun, Mars and Jupiter

If Saturn and Jupiter are connected with, each other, the results are the same as for Aries Ascendant i.e. Bad.

According to Sage Parasara:

Sun, Moon and Mars are Malefic for Gemini Ascendant.

Venus alone is a benefic.

Venus and Mercury if conjunct in 9th, confer Rajayoga.

If Saturn and Jupiter conjoin, the effects are the same as those for Aries Ascendant, namely, union of lords of 9 and 10th house, will be a waste.


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