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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 11


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Gemini Ascendant and Sign in Houses

People with Gemini as their ascendant. Are generally of an intellectual bent of mind unless Mercury in their horoscope is very weak. If Mercury of such people is under the separative influence of such planets as Saturn, Rahu or Sun, they are separated from their country or place of birth and have to live away from it most of their life. If Moon too is under the separative influence the mother of such people is generally short lived. If the horoscope belongs to a govt. servant, his life is subject to very frequent transfers from station to station. If there is the association of Mercury and Moon in the 4th house and there is no malefic influence on these planets the person takes part in politics and public affairs.

In the case of this ascendant, if Mercury, Moon and Venus are all under malefic influence, there is every possibility of the native turning mad, for in that event all the relative factors concerned in lunacy viz. the lord of the Ascendant, the lord of the 5th house, Mercury and Moon are all affected. If this Ascendant together with the planet Mercury is afflicted by malefic, such as Mars then the younger brothers of the mother, of the native are short lived for the reason that the planet Mercury is the significator of uncles and is also the lord of the 8th house from the 6th the house of uncles and as such represents their longevity. For people born in this Ascendant Mars becomes the lord of the 6th house which is a house of injury and violence. Mars also becomes the lord of the 11th house which being 6th to 6th (Bhavat Bhavam) also stands for injuries and violence. Mars for such people is, as it were, saturated with violence. If, therefore, such a Mars is located in Gemini in the Ascendant and also aspects Moon then the mind of the native becomes very violent indeed. Such a man may become a thief, a murderer or a dacoit. The situation of Mars in the Ascendant in such cases indicates the great likelihood of the man receiving an injury in the head, particularly when Mercury too is afflicted by Mars. If Ketu joins Mars it is evident that the injury will be more serious.

Cancer in the Second House. If Moon as lord of the second house is strong, one gets riches and ruling powers, the second house being a house of “ruling powers” and Moon being a royal planet. The number of elder sisters to the mother of the native is considerable as the female planet Moon is strong as the lord of the second house which being 11th from the 4th represents that relation. If Moon is weak the native is poor and is opposed to his family.

Leo in The Third House. Sun is the lord of the sign Leo. Sun is a male planet, Hence if Sun is strong particularly by the aspect of Jupiter the native would possess a good number of younger brothers, and the younger brother is blood and in the good books of the govt. If the Sun is located in the 10th or the 11th house, the native becomes much ambitious, and develops contacts with the VIP’s.

Virgo in the Fourth House. Mercury becomes the lord of the 1st and the 4th house, when Virgo falls in the 4th house. Hence if Mercury is strong the native is highly intellectual, wealthy, popular and acquainted with many languages. His mother is long lived and he possesses conveyances and other items of comfort. If on the other hand Mercury is weak and afflicted, he is sorrowful, poor, foolish, with very little education, and opposed to the public. If Moon and Venus are conjoined to Mercury and all the three are weak and afflicted he may develop lunacy.

Libra in the Fifth House. Venus becomes the lord of the 5th and the 12th house. If Venus is strong it bestows much wealth on the native, for the reason already stated namely the lord of the 12th house gives the effects of the house in which it’s other sign falls. Here the other sign of Venus falls in the 5th house whose effects are always good, it being a trine house. If Venus happens to fall in the 7th house, the native is over sexed for the reason that the planet Venus in such a case comes to the 7th house as the lord of the 12th house and the 5th house, both of which are houses of sex in some shape or other. A strong Venus gives many female issues. If Venus is weak it detracts from the longevity of the son. We can study the manner of death of the son by studying the nature of the influence being received by the planet Venus and the 5th and the 12th houses. Since Saturn is a strong Yoga Karaka for the Libra ascendant it is clear that if the planet Saturn is strong, it would indicate that the son of the native is likely to rise high in life.

Scorpio and the Sixth House. Mars becomes the lord of the 11th and the 6th houses. Mars in himself is a planet that loves violence. His lordship of the house of violence viz. the 6th makes Mars still more violent. A further measure of violence is added to Mars by virtue of his ownership of the 11th house, which being 6th from the 6th again represents violence. If by chance Ketu also occupies the 6th or the 11th house, Mars becomes violent to the extreme degree, for it then represents the violent nature of Ketu as well. It is thus clear that the extent to which the 1st and the 4th houses, and their lords are under the influence of such a Mars, to that extent there will be violence in the nature of the native. We can thus see, for example, that if such a Mars occupies the sign Gemini in first house, and the lord of the 4th house and Moon are aspected by Mars, it will impart violent character to the Ascendant, the 4th house and the Moon, and as such will make the native a robber or a murderer.

Sagittarius in the Seventh House. If the birth chart belongs to a lady, Jupiter would be double representative of husband, firstly as lord of the 7th house and secondly as significator of husband. It is clear that any malefic influence of Jupiter would be felt simultaneously by two representative factors of the husband who will consequently suffer in the matter of health and finance. A strong and well aspected Jupiter, on the contrary would cause long life to the husband as well as prosperity to him. In a male horoscope a strong Jupiter would indicate a long living wife, if Venus also is strong. If Jupiter is weak it gives its bad effects in regard to it’s ownership of two angles. A weak Jupiter located in such bad houses, as the 2nd, the 6th, the 8th or the 12th cause’s serious disease in its Dasa and bhukti. If the horoscopes belongs to a male and Jupiter is strong, the native is in the very good books of the govt., and enjoys ruling powers, for Jupiter-the significator of “favour from Govt.” himself becomes the lord of two houses i.e. 10th and the 10th to 10th-each of which represents the govt.

Capricorn in the Eighth House. Saturn becomes the lord of the 8th and the 9th houses. Although on the whole Saturn gives good results in its Dasa and bhukti due to the fact that it’s main sign falls in the best trine viz the 9th house, still it does not give excellent results as the simultaneous lordship of the worst house (8th) detracts to some extent from its capacity to do well. If Saturn is strong it gives long life to the native for two reasons. Firstly Saturn is lord of the house of longevity. Secondly it is significator of longevity.

Aquarius in the Ninth House. Saturn becomes the lord of the 8th and the 9th houses. The ninth is the best house, while the 8th is the worst. Since the Mooltrikona sign of Saturn falls in the 9th house it gives good result, on the whole, but only slightly so. If very strong Saturn gives rise in luck, it also gives fortune through foreign lands etc. I Saturn is weak and afflicted it may cause sudden danger to life.

Pisces in the Tenth House. Jupiter suffers from the defect of the ownership of two angles i.e., the 7th and the 10th. If Jupiter is weak and is located in the 2nd, 6th, 8th or 12th house it gives disease etc. in its Dasa and bhukti. If on the other hand Jupiter is strong it gives ruling powers, for it is not only a planet of “governmental favour” but in this case would become the lord of two houses each of which represents the government i.e. the 10th house and the house 10th to 10th (7th). A strong Jupiter would confer honour, ruling powers and wealth, longevity and philanthropic spirit on the native.

Aries in the Eleventh House. Mars becomes the lord of the 11th and the 6th house. This is like adding insult to injury. Mars by himself represents violence and injuries. By his becoming the lord of two houses of violence and injury viz. of the 11th and the 6th he would be saturated, as it were, with spirit of violence. If Mars happens to occupy the Ascendant and is also influencing Moon by association or aspect, “it would obviously infuse its violent and injurious traits into the self (Ascendant) and the mind (By influence on the 4th house and on Moon). Such being the case, if then Mars influences a particular house, its lord as well as its significator by aspect etc., it would make the person, do the harm to the prospects of the person represented by the house, which Mars may be influencing. If Mercury is located in the 11th house and Mars in the 8th, for Gemini nativities, one is likely to be a thief or a robber. Aries being in the house of the elder brother (11th), if a particular house and its lord are both afflicted in the horoscope, it would indicate trouble in the limb of the elder brother, the limb involved being represented by the number of the sign afflicted. For example Venus and Taurus afflicted would indicate trouble in his (elder brother’s) throat. Similarly Gemini and Mercury afflicted would mean disease in his respiratory canal. Cancer and Moon afflicted would mean some trouble in his lungs and so on.

Taurus in the, Twelfth House. Here also Venus being lord of the 12th house, would give the results of the house over which its other sign falls i.e. of the 5th house. The 5th house being a trine, Venus would prove nice in financial matters. Venus located in the 7th house would indicate that the native is ridden with sex, for the reason that the 12th house is the “house of enjoyments of the bed” and the 5th house is the house of “The lady love” and as such the link between the lords of the 5th and the 7th houses would bring in “Excess” of sex. If Venus is strong the native has preponderance of daughters. If Venus is weak and afflicted, the native suffers financially through some fault of his son and also suffers in financial matters through his own wrong judgement or assessment.


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