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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 23


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Essential Planetary Principles


Mars is the planet of focused force and outgoing impulse. Physical heat and action are more under the direct influence of Mars than of any other planet. He governs the sense of taste in the widest application. All the animal propensities, sensation, passion, desire and appetite come under the influence of Mars who rules over the animal nature of man.

Thus Mars becomes an evil influence in any nativity where the animal state is uncontrolled and results in misfortune and disaster, accident and fear, impulsive rashness and over-indulgence in sensation. In fact to control the animal passions and appetites is to control and guide the vibrations coming from the planet Mars.

In the outer world, Mars signifies soldiers, sailors, surgeons, butchers, barbers, carpenters, machinists; iron, steel, cutlery, weapons of war, sharp tools, fires, slaughter houses, mortuaries, brick and lime kilns.

Its colour is red. Its stones are ruby, blood and red jewels. According to Indian astrology it is Moonga. It also governs athletes and sports in so far as they express courage, enterprise, strength and dexterity.

Its additional significations are fickle mindedness, ferocity, youthful appearance, a square head, bilious nature of the body, gazing upwards, very lean loins, anger, cruelty, torturing, pick red, Rajoguna, moving in forests and woods, lordship over the South, quadruped, male, showiness, lean and emaciated body, strength during nights in the dark half, strength lying in fire, a burning house, a warm body, wearing garments made of barks and woody substances, aged four years, fearful aspect, bronze, brick, centre of skull, powder, waist-string made of gold, coral ornaments, red grains and pulses, thorny trees, mosquitoes, bugs, bones, sheep and wild animals.

Mars is the Chief Significator for brothers, sisters, lands, courage.

In consciousness Mars signifies courage, bravery, positive-ness, self balance, dignity, desire, passion, impulse, combativeness, anger.

In body it expresses the head externally, the nose and smell, the generative system in part, the gall bladder, fevers, high temperature, infectious diseases surgical operations, eruptions, burns, scalds, blood sheds, sharp pains.

Mars, “the stronghold of God” fights against evil, bestows on us a feeling of honesty, integrity and a feeling of moral courage, to defend our insight and our beliefs against people of different opinions. He propagates ideas of Truth and Light and defeats falsehood and darkness. In short at all times he stands for the Right. Mars brings us the fire of the Sun, and since, by means of fire, infinitely delicate instruments are made, he also furthers evolution.

Mental energy leads us to deeds and experience is the best teacher.

The Martian battle teaches us what we are worth, to what degrees our theories (Mercury) and our ideals (Venus) is not only a dream, but our inalienable passion.

The idea of propagation, inherent in Mars, becomes also physical propagation in the material world and thus Mars is the planet of passion, in contrast to Venus, the planet of ideal love.

A strongly posited Mars denotes a great longing for manifestation and creation. If Mars is weakly or inharmoniously placed this is perverted into despotism and egoism; the battle is fought for the sake of fighting and instruments ingeniously devised are used for destruction of what is good and useful.

The sign ruled by the positive side of Mars is Aries, the Ram, who opts to attack everyone who waylays his head; the pioneer fighter in the foremost ranks; the negative side of Mars manifests in Scorpio, the Sign of inner battle, of inner destruction and construction. The sign of exaltation is Capricorn ruled by the sacrificing planet Saturn and the sign of debilitation is Cancer, ruled by the ever changeable Moon.

Mars signifies intestine, rectum, excretory gland, bile, Tamoguna, bitter taste, a male, Kshatriya, southern direction.


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