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Planets, Signs and Houses: The Planets, Chapter II, Part - 22


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Mars is the first planet on the far side of Earth from the Sun, and so known as a “superior” planet. It has a very eccentric orbit, and can pass as close to the Sun as 208 million kilometers (129 million miles), or be as distant as 228 million kilometers (142 million miles). It circles the Sun once every 687 days.

The significations and significators belonging to Mars: (1) Prowess, (2) land (3) strength (4) carrying weapons or arms for the battle (5) Kingship (6) loss of virility (7) thief (8) battle (9) hostility (10) enemy (11) generosity (12) love for deep red colour things (13) owning a garden (14) sound of a trumpet (15) affection (16) quadruped (17) king (18) fool (19) anger (20) going to a foreign country (21) firmness (2) supporter (23) fire (24) controversy (25) bile (26) heat (27) wound (28) service under a ruler (29) day (30) sky (31) seeing (32) shortness (33) disease (34) fame (35) tin (36) sword (37) lance or spear (38) minister (39) fracture of a limb (40) jewel (41) praying to God Subrahmanya (42) youth (43) pungent (44) Durbar Hall (45) earthen pots (46) obstacles (47) flesh eater (48) calumniating others (49) victory over enemy (50) bitterness in taste (51) strong at the end of the night (52) gold (53) summer season (54) valour (55) enemy’s strength (56) profundity of character (57) strength (58) man (59) tendency (60) God Brahma (61) axe (62) forester (63) Village headman (64) state inspection (65) pain while passing urine (66) square (67) goldsmith (68) rogue (69) burnt place (70) good dinner (71) leanness (72) deft in archery (73) blood (74) copper (75) a beautiful cloth (76) facing South (77) inclining towards South (78) desire (79) anger (80) scandal (81) house (82) an army commander (83) Sataghni, a weapon (84) a tree (85) Sama Veda (86) brother (87) spade or hatchet (88) looking after the wild animals (89) independence (90) persistency (91) land (92) judge (93) serpent (94) world (95) speech (96) fickle mindedness (97) mounting a vehicle (98) sight of blood (99) coagulation of blood.

More detailed discussion on significations:

Mars: Combat, readiness, impulsiveness, incitement, provocation, vehemence, animosity, pugnacious-ness, will power, bravery, audacity, machismo, determination, drive, execution, initiate, conquest, invasion, penetration, incision, cut, chase, hunt, pursuit, attack, assault, seizure. It is heroism. It is activity, agitation, excitation, animation, ardour, zeal, fervor. It is virility, manliness, exercise, calisthenics, athletics, sports, physical build up, martial arts, resistance, stamina, strength, toughness, and of course, health and vitality. It is erection and vigour. Mars is the significator of hardness but unlike Saturn its solidity is fiery, made to intrude. Mars battles, fights and goes to war. It accepts no weakness, panic, stammer, delay, capitulation, cowardice and treason. It only knows of victory and what goes against it, Mars violently destroys without much ado. It is straight forward. It is reckless as a kamikaze. It is impulsive as a bullet, dagger, sword, knife, scalpel, and laser cutter of diamonds or dentist’s needle. It is a missile, a tank, an arrow, a boomerang. Mars is often ferocious, savage, impatient, unruly, out of control but not out of force and punch. It is violent, aggressive, short-tempered, rude, impudent, curses a lot and is anger itself. It destroys, dismembers, rapes, violates, operates on a tumour or wound, burns buses, murders, kidnaps, spits and slaps your face, gives spanks, kicks like a wild mustang, throws dishes at you and yells at the top of its lungs. It has to fight. If not it dies. It is brutish, senseless, accident-prone, cuts and wounds itself quite often. It looks for danger and finds it easily. And when it is in the midst of violence and trouble it becomes dangerous as a grizzly bear. Whatever smells of hot activity it will appreciate. Whatever needs a boost, a push, a lift over, a show of muscles and courage, an example of potency, it will gladly deliver. It is a believer in crudity and bluntness, not because of any philosophical or metaphysical reasons, but because it is not the sophisticate and delicate type. Unlike the Uranian who is also a violent and outspoken element, the Martian is more simple and primitive. It believes and relies therefore in courage, strength, physical prowess and animal perspicacity. If it lays a women, shoots an enemy, builds a tower or braves icy winds and snow, it is because it wants to prove to itself that it can do it, that it is not a weakling, that it is still fit and sound, that it can attack, win and dominate. In this sense Mars is the significator of vertical and perpendicular directions. However its objective is not so much to fecundate and create as to instill assertion and firmness. It is this animal instinct, necessary to evolution, that makes Mars the vivacious, lively and pressing agent of survival and qualification even more than Saturn that, although most self-protective and thoughtful, is really deep inside a death-wisher. But not Mars! Mars welcomes danger and difficulty, even opposition, in order to trample it down after! It is the seat of burning desires and appetites, of strong sexual feelings; yet, unlike the Moon, Mars does not wait and long passively under the stars, but rather forces issues and untrustingly goes after its meat like a jaguar. It rules over the muscles, the instincts and the will to power.


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