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Charms Talismans and Spells: Remedies through Gems, Chapter XXII, Part - 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. Agate: - A semi-pellucid in crystallized variety of quartz, of which there are many kinds. The same specimen presents various tints and the colours are delicately arranged in stripes or bands or blendid in clouds. The fortification agate or scotch pebble, the moss agate and the clouded agate are familiar varieties. This stone is cooling and allays fevers quenches thirst and quiets the pulse and heart throbs insure good health and a long and prosperous life. They are also said by the ancients to render their wearer invisible. Bound on the horns of oxen will give a good harvest.

2. Amber: - A yellowish translucent resin found as a fossil in alluvial soils or on the sea shore in many places. By friction it becomes strongly electric. It is considered excellent for the fires of the soul for the eyes and for glandular swellings of the throat and lungs. It insures the wearer good luck, and a very long enjoyment of the qualities which make the wearer attractive.

3. Amethyst: - This is a sure averter of drunkenness; it preserves from strong passions and brings peace of mind; it promotes chastity and will strengthen the will power. In battle it renders the wearer brave, far seeing and honourable.

4. Ammonite: - It is used in the religious ceremonies of the Hindus and is said it placed near the deathbed of one dying, to introduce his soul to the deities.

5. Beryl: - Used by the South sea islanders as a rain maker, and said to be equally efficacious in bringing drought on their enemies.

6. Bezoar or Beza: - A charm against plague and poison. To check whether the stone is not a counterfeit there are two infallible tests: one is to place it in the mouth, and dif it is genuine it will give a leap and fix itself on the palate; the other consists in placing the stone in a glass of water and if true bezoar the water will boil.

7. Bloodstone: - Gives courage success and wisdom in perilous undertakings. In the countries like West Indies it is used for the cure of wounds, being wetted in cold water, and in magical works it is used in incantations. A favourite stone, with the Gnostics, who is employed largely in the gems and talismans and also known as heliotrope.

8. Bufonite: - Cures the bite of the snake and other poisonous reptiles.

9. Carbuncle: - Correct evil results from mistaken friendship; it holds to the owner the passionate love of all those, whose love may be desired.

10. Carnelian: - Gives content and friendship. It promotes astral vision.

11. Cat’s eye: - A charm against witchcraft. It is lucky and possesses the virtue of enriching the wearer.

12. Chrysolite: - It cures madness and despair, banishes misfortune and gives hope.

13. Coral: - Guards against the evil. It is used in difficulties of the heart, lungs and in indigestion; it excites nerve power, brilliancy and gladness, and is a true health giver.

14. Crystal: - Brings calm, sweet sleep, and good dreams; it enables the inner soul to hear the silent voice of the oracle and to foretell future events.

15. Diamond: - Gives faith, purity, life, joy, innocence and repentance. Good for developing concentration and to promote spiritual ecstasy. Loses its brilliancy with the health of the wearer and only regains it when the owner recovers. Capable of detecting poisons by exhibiting a moisture or perspiration on its surface.

16. Emerald: - Gives faith; success in love, discovers false friends, promotes constancy of mind and warm true friendship, felicity in domestic life. It changes colour when false friends or false witnesses are near, and as a love token it registers the degree of love. If it is pale, then love is waning; if it loses colour entirely, the lover is false and the love gone for ever. Its soft green colour has a beneficial effect upon the wearer’s own eyes and is a good talisman for any eye trouble; but serpents are said to become blind if they even look at an emerald. If worn about the neck or finger is efficacious against fits and prevents convulsions in children.


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