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Charms Talismans and Spells: Remedies through Gems, Chapter XXII, Part - 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

17. Garnet: - Constancy and fidelity in every engagement; gives cheerfulness and the ability to hold one’s own in the world. If worn out of season promotes discord between lovers.

18. Hyacinth: - Worn on the neck or finger will preserve the wearer from infection even if he go into an infected place, gives honour, the support and esteem of superiors.

19. Jade: - A powerful bringer of luck. All Chinese have a great belief in its fortune-bestowing powers.

20. Jasper: - Courage, wisdim and firmness; success in dangerous enterprises.

21. Lodestone: - Will increase the mental powers and enables the wearer to foretell future events.

22. Malachite: - Brilliant success and happiness in every circumstance of life.

23. Moonstone: - Protects from harm and danger; very cooling in fever if applied to both temples. Good fortune in love matters.

24. Olivine: - Frees the mind from sadness and evil passions.

25. Onyx: - Disturbs the slumbers and the mind; gives frightful dreams.

26. Opal: - Denotes hope and good fortune; it sharpens the sight and strengthens the faith of the possessor. The fiery opal possesses the united virtues of all the gems into whose distinctive hues it is emblazoned: the ruby’s strength and courage; blue, the prosperity of the turquoise; green the emerald’s faithfulness, and so with the other colours. It has long been a superstition that the opel is an unlucky stone to wear but its original significance was good luck. It may safely be worn if it is the stone of the birth month or if one’s birthstone is worn at the same time. If these rules are not observed, it is fatal to love and will break friendship, also the female wearing it will bear no children.

27. Ophite: - Gives the power to see visions and hear the voices of the invisible.

28. Pearl: - Gives purity and innocence, also clearness to physical and mental sight. The pearl’s beauty depends much on the health of the wearer.

29. Peridot: - Cheers the mind, prevents irritability and removes depression.

30. Ruby: - Divine power, love, dignity, and royalty. Holds to the owner the love of those loved; corrects evils resulting from mistaken friendships; discovers poison; will quicken the blood and increase the will of the animal body and will give vivacity; will cause obstacles to melt away, and inspire with bravery and zeal. It will bring one’s due in money that has been misappropriated.

31. Sapphire: - Truth and constancy; denotes repentance; frees from enchantment; signifies piety and goodness; insures protection against many diseases, and will warn of hidden dangers. If the possessor wears it in any haunt of dissipation his actions will at one be know to the one he holds dearest.

32. Sardonyx: - Gives conjugal felicity; favours fortune. The woman whose stone it is and who neglects to wear it is doomed to a lonely existence.

33. Snakestone: - Renders its possessors invulnerable against the bite of snakes.

34. Stone of Memphis: - applied to any part of the body on which it is necessary for the surgeon to operate upon it preserves that part from any pain in the operation.

35. Tiger’s eye: - A lucky stone; it enriches the wearer.

36. Topaz: - Fidelity in friendship; prevents bad dreams; cheers the wearer; strengthens the intellect; brightens the wit; protects against the perils of the sea; will lose its colour in the presence of poisons; gives nerve strength, and helps the heart and digestion.

37. Turquoise: - Success, happiness, and many friends; prosperity in love, and obtains friends as is verified by the old saying: “he who possesses a turquoise will always be sure of friends.” If given by a lover, it will lose its colour, should the love wane or will change colour if danger threatens the wearer.

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