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Charms Talismans and Spells: Progeny, Chapter III, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

a. if that day the constellation is seventh from the native’s star;

b. if moon is eighty from the zodiac of the native in the transit;

c. if the native avoids Bharni, Kritika, Mrigshira, Aadra, Punarvasu, Ashlesha, Magha, Poorva Phalguni, Poorva Shada, Poorva Bhadra, Vishakha, Jyestha and Rewati then would be blessed with a lucky child who would live long because during the transit of these constellations our classics have prohibited sex for creation of progeny;

d. Shravan, Hast, Anuradha, Uttar Phalguni, Swati, Satbhisha, Dhanistha, Moola, Rohini, Uttar shada, Uttar Bhadra are considered best for progeny;

e. Chitra, Pushya and Ashwani are considered medium for creation of progeny.

14. If during Rewati constellation the bark of Peepal tree is tied on the waist of a lady then yoga for creation of progeny is made.

15. Take a spotless lemon in the morning and take out its juice. Keep the juice in front of Lord Krishna’s idol while adding salt to it. During night before going to bed the women should consume the whole juice. This remedy is done for male child and done only once in the whole life span.

16. Procure an idol of Gayatri Devi wearing white clothes and install it at a lonely place. Both husband and wife after taking bath and wearing clean clothes should recite Gayatri mantra with the rosary of sandal. The mantra should be samput with the word (yam) which is to be recited at the end of the each mantra. On Sunday one should take food of white articles like milk, curd, etc. Pranamyam is very favourable. One is blessed with a son.

Progeny as per vastu

It has been observed that vastu of the premises play an important role in creation of progeny. In this regard vastu of bed room is most important and it should be remedied at the earliest for creation of progeny. It has been observed that after vastu rectification the couple was blessed with a baby. The readers are advised to see whether there is any vastu dosha in their bedroom. Here we are giving some precautions to be observed for vastu of your home for progeny.

1. The very first thing the newly married couple should take into notice that they should not make their bedroom in the agenya direction (south east) direction. Child conceived in such a room may born as handicapped. It may be worth mentioning here that the bed in the bed room should not be in agneya direction. The native should choose the colour of his bed room as per his zodiac sign. The ishanaya (north east) direction of the room should be kept vacant. In addition the native should dress his bed as per the direction of zodiac sign in his natal chart. Here we would like to advice the native that if there is any misbalance in ishanaya direction of house and bed room then the native should get it remedied at the earliest. By observing these petty precautions the native will be blessed with a child.

2. If your body is watery then you are suggested that then you are suggested that you should the native should make the ageneya direction more strong in his bed room. Here he is advised to install a red coloured fluorescent lamp which should continue to glow. This would help the native in two manners, firstly he would rise in his work and secondly he would observe a tremendous change in his health.

3. If you have a double bed of modern style in your bed room then it is not good for marital relations and creation of progeny. It creates differences between the couple. Hence, it has been advised that the couple should use such a mattress on such bed which did not have any joint and the bed looks as a single piece.

4. If Sun is posited in 6th house of the chart then native should not keep any hole pierced for admitting light in the room or a ventilator. If Sun light enters the room from the western side of house then the male progeny will not service.


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